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  1. Didn't really find anything in my search to answer this question. If I purchase Arcade Credits and they aren't all used can I transfer them to OBC to use for other items like Ice Cream etc? I found a few opinions on the subject but no one mentioned that they had actually done this. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the responses, I feel a little better knowing this was resolved on the Oasis. I was able to at least have my OBC returned to cover the Black Friday purchases thanks to a Supervisor. Still no movement on repricing or getting my cabin returned. Just the promises of getting it changed back. Still won't give me that is writing though. I've read others having there price reinstated and getting cabins fixed so not sure why mine can't be. I'll just be patient for another short while.
  3. I could live with that but the few others I seen on various media have at least had theirs repriced. This is also affecting my onboard purchases as I used my OBC (which they also deleted) and now they want money to make up the difference or I lose them. If this was just GTY change it wouldn't be so bad. I'll give it a couple of days and call again at least to have them hold my onboard items until it gets hopefully gets fixed.
  4. I'm at wits end this morning. I have been on the phone for hours. Keep phoning back hoping to get someone who can actually help and not just say "Don't Worry". This morning out of the blue I received an update to my Allure TA booking for Nov20. I booked a guaranteed Central Park Cabin almost a year ago with a great discount and OBC. The last change I made was to but internet and soda package on Black Friday. Confirmation came back fine. Today for some reason the Reservation was completely changed. They moved me to GTY, removed all discounts and took away the OBC. Price was adjusted up by almos
  5. We used Joe Bananas (Actually we used their Italytoursharing dot com site) in May 2019 for 2 of our port tours. On tour sharing they had a number of choices and you could book and chose the maximum number of people you are wanting in your group. We chose 8 and then posted to our Cruise Critic and facebook group asking for other interested people. It was so popular that others in the group asked how to do it and we ended up with 3 or 4 vans full. The Rome tour included a Guide for the Vatican with Skip the line tickets. Our Driver Maxillian was fantastic and kept us amused for the day. He was a
  6. We did not have an M&M. We had a very large Book of Face group and made plans through that to meet just after muster for drinks and social time.
  7. Just asked my son and he said it depended on the game. The regular games were 1.00 and specialty like Air Hockey or the driving games were 2.00.
  8. We stayed one day in Barcelona and used a cab from the airport to the hotel just off Las Ramblas. 39 Euro. Cab to port on sail day was only 15 Euros They use 2 embark terminals so recheck you sail pass a day or 2 before so you don't go to the wrong one. Ports are great. Palma was nice to walk around in but I would have preferred 2 days in Rome instead. We had friends who went to the caves and said they were nice. Rome - Long drive - Soooo much to see and I really recommend a tour (We did private, Italy Tour Sharing) Unless you've been and know what your doing with
  9. We just got off Oasis on Sunday and everything is working onboard. Aqua Theater show was a go for our sea day. We were able to prepurchase Arcade credits through the cruise planner.
  10. We just had this schedule on our Oasis Cruise and it worked fine. We didn't spend an hour at any one activity so just went around and used them as we wanted. It only takes about 5 mins to climb each section the rock wall and after doing each section we headed out had a snack went to the next area once it opened. Same for the zipline did it a couple of times and moved on. There was a small line at the FlowRider so only went up twice before going into the hot tub. It all worked out quite well. I just posted a whole review under The Key Reviews.
  11. My Key Adventure - Oasis of the Seas May 5/19 - Western Mediterranean Our family has nothing but great things to say about "The Key". Right from the get-go it was totally worth it for us. When embarking in Barcelona we walked up to the first person we saw and indicated we had the Key. He directed us to a line at the end which was set up specifically for the key cruisers. As openings were available at the check-in agents we were directed to go. We were through security and check-in and on the ship in about 15 mins. We arrived at about 11:00 so just kept going and didn'
  12. We put in for a Jr Suite and Ultra Spacious Balcony about 5 weeks ago. Sail on May 5 Oasis of the Seas. The Suites have been sold out even though many cruisers cancelled because of the fated TA trip. Didn't expect anything from it but received confirmation yesterday that our Royal Up to Jr Suite was accepted. (6 days before sailing)
  13. I posted the update when we got it on the 12th. Just look back 2 pages. Didn't say much and another update will be coming on the 23rd. Our luggage tags are available.
  14. The Lastest Update. Mostly already what we know. ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, We’ve been hard at work getting Oasis of the Seas ready for your May 5th cruise. As promised, here is an update. Oasis of the Seas is crossing the Atlantic Ocean, making her way to Cadiz, Spain. While at sea, we continue t
  15. Just received this in my email. ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, We are looking forward to welcoming you aboard Oasis of the Seas on May 5th, when she sets sail from Barcelona for your Western Mediterranean cruise. While Oasis of the Seas was undergoing repairs to its propulsion system in the Bahamas, an accident occurred damaging the sh
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