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  1. Thanks for the above replies!
  2. We will be receiving a premium beverage package with our suite. Does this package cover drinks in Murano, The Porch and Coffees in Al Bacio? Thank you!
  3. Yes was aware of that. Thank you both for replies!
  4. So trying to stay positive that October Cruise will happen. I do have two questions about Day #1. first, does Oceania (Sirena) have their 4:00 pm tea on embarkation day and two, is the Thassotherapy (?) pool open for use while still in dockage. We always board early and like to get a start on the amenities. Thank you! 😀
  5. While on the topic of gratuities, our TA is giving us $450 on board credit. Can we use this to pay gratuities? Thought I once read that was not the case but would like to be able to do this if possible. Thanks!
  6. If you go on the Oceania Website and scroll all the way down till you see Company Information under that it lists Health Upgrades. Very interesting reading. They do mention reduced bookings but not the percentage. It was Very informational though. Happy Crusing!
  7. So we are booked for a May 2021 cruise On the Sirena and as a tall person I am wondering if anyone has some idea about the pool depth. We live in an active adult community and the pool depth is a disappointing 41/2 feet. Not a deal breaker but I am interested! Thank you!
  8. Happy July 4th! We have booked a cruise on the Sirena In April. We are taking care of our own air fare. We like to select our own seats and enjoy the most convenient flight times. You might feel different about this though. In any event, it’s great to have something to look forward to!
  9. Yum a sidecar sounds wonderful!
  10. Yes it’s 5:00 in South Carolina and we are having our glass of wine. I am daydreaming about our Sirena cruise next year (yes I need something to look forward to) and was wondering what specialty drink I would like if I was on a cruise. I love a green apple martini on a special occasion. What would you order?
  11. Yes I can hear you! Thank you all so much! This is the smallest ship we have been on. Sounds like it’s unnecessary. Appreciate your comments!
  12. Oops I meant Walkie Talkies.
  13. Hello. Wondering whether we can use our walk-in talkies when cruising to France and Spain next year on the Sirena. Thank you.
  14. Hello. My husband uses a c-pap at night. Does anyone know whether Sirena can supply extension cord and distilled water? Thank you!
  15. Perfect! Thank you Jancruz!
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