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  1. Agree with others... way too early on the Sunday after turkey week. For me too early any day..
  2. We have done 35 cruises on Princess and this is the first time we have had issues. Like I said most likely will have to do at pier...
  3. They say they are but the email I received did not give me that feeling. I think they tried for a bit and decided “oh well they can take care of it at the pier.” Not happy about this at all..
  4. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. My husband did the same thing and still both phones have the wrong cruise on them. This is very frustrating because I have a feeling this will not get fixed until at the pier on cruise day. I know it is not a big deal but Not what I wanted to do that day!
  5. Well I just heard back from the IT dept via email. They said sorry we have not been able to fix this problem. Hope to get it done before your cruise but if not deal with it at the pier. Are you kidding me???!!! They also said done forget to download the MedallionClass™ app. What??? Not happy at all.....
  6. OP here. Just got off the phone with the MedallionClass APP help desk. They apologized and said that the IT dept is really busy since they had massive issues with peoples sign ins so I was bumped to later today. I am supposed to call back tomorrow if i do not hear from them by end of day today. She told me to just upload as much info as possible now like our pics etc. That was until i told her that only my name is on it and does not show my husbands. She said STOP and don't do anything until it is straightened out. So frustrating.....
  7. I can’t believe that we are the only ones that this has happened too!!
  8. I checked in for our Oct 14 cruise this past weekend. I then downloaded the MedallionClass™ app onto my phone. All good until I realized it has us sailing on the wrong date. My husband loaded the app onto his phone and same thing. Monday I called the app help desk and she said she has to have IT work in it and I would hear back today. That did not happen. Will call them again tomorrow. This is very frustrating as I cannot do anything else until this is fixed. Anyone else have this issue?
  9. This will all be interesting to tackle once my medallion class app gets corrected. It is saying that we are on a cruise that leaves Oct 24 when we are actually on a cruise that leaves Oct 14. Called the help # for the app and they said it must be a glitch and they will have to let IT handle it. Allow 2 days..... not holding my breath. This is odd since i checked in on the Princess.com website with no issues. Just having problems with the Medallion class app on both mine and my husbands phone. Will keep you all posted as to what happens.
  10. Can’t help you with your question. But I can tell you we loved Tenerife. We had our 2 week honeymoon there 35 years ago. I am sure a lot has changed.... Enjoy!!
  11. OP you could also contact Elliott.org and see if he and his team can help in any way. They are ombudsman’s and do a great job for people. They will want to hear what is going on, what you have done already and all your paperwork. They are big in having you do everything via email!!! I have used their site to contact 2 companies I had issues with. Both were resolved satisfactorily. They walk you thru how to contact the company and whom to contact etc. It is worth a shot.
  12. We were on the Escape last month and no towel animals. The CD said they were finished on all NCL ships.
  13. We were on the Escape on the 8/4 sailing and commented to each other about the jet ski excursions. The leader would zoom off and only the experienced ones would follow right behind him. The other ones trailed way far behind and often had issues. We only saw the leader come back to help once when the girls were yelling for help and waving their arms. I personally would not do this if I had not done this before. They bounced so hard that it hurt watching. So sad this happened...
  14. Yes we got to drive ourselves. I of course was the driver in our vehicle. Although there were many stops where you could swap drivers. I think the cost was about $100 for the vehicle, not per person. We thought it was worth every penny!!!
  15. We were there this past January and had a blast. Did not find any pushy or rude people. We booked the electric hummer island tour and it was awesome. The guides were great and very knowledgeable... I would like my own hummer!!
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