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  1. These are our cruises that they cancelled when they decided to move Jewel to Haifa for the remainder of 2024. 😫
  2. The deployment schedule is more like a carrot at the end of the rope. As soon as we get close, they move it. 😝
  3. And after it’s offered for sale, still subject to change
  4. This made me so sad! Our bucket list cruise! Is there any expectation that Jewel with have a revenue, repositioning cruise from Amsterdam to Barcelona? There is an 11 day break between sailings (7/29 - 8/8).
  5. I had a chance this morning to search my notes regarding transportation from hotel in Ravenna to the port. This is the information someone in our cruise specific group posted. The information was from their hotel. This is from August 2022 so could have changed. We used #3 and, in October, 2022, he charged 10Euro per person. He arrived a bit early for the pickup and got us to the port very quickly. I would use him again. His phone number works via WhatsApp. 0) https://www.ravennaexperience.it/en_GB/activity/314509/servizio-di-transfer-tra-ravenna-e-porto-corsini1) Mr. Danilo Cimatti danilo.cimatti@gmail.com2) Mr. Altum Villare +39 370 324 1434 tekaritaxi23@libero.it3) Local bus line from Ravenna Railway Station to Porto Corsini (cruise docking): from there 15 minutes by foot and next 30 minutes ( selection #3, to date, no good)
  6. We were a group of 6 and I opted to schedule a private transfer from our BnB to the port. It was 10€ per person. Definitely best to book in advance. It seems that the hotels and BnBs all have a list of people they work with.
  7. This was an interesting idea so I had to look at it. I'm seeing the repo getting into Barcelona on the 23rd.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a shop at the port to buy wine?
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