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  1. Yup. I like your meme (or whatever it’s called), kwb101.
  2. Thanks very much. I now see that I asked this exact question a year ago! The mind is clearly going!
  3. I have a question which I vaguely recall having been answered before, but cannot readily find the topic. My spouse and I will move from 3 to 4 star mariner status on day 3 or so of our next cruise. Will we be notified that it has taken place, and will that “promotion” be effective on the ship for purposes of discounts and the like? Thanks much.
  4. Ours is for 11 days, 2/17-2/28. I suppose that I would have figured out that initial cruises were for 7 days only (although that is subject to CDC amendment) had I bestirred myself to read the press release more carefully. In any event, thanks for this very helpful news. I think that at this point the wisest course of action for us is to await action by HAL. We have a HAL TA, and presumably will be informed at some point in time.
  5. We are in the same boat, having made full payment for a mid-February Caribbean cruise on board Nieuw Statendam. The "final" payment date is later this month, but the cost to cancel is roughly the same as the cost of insurance, and I guess that we will hang in there in case HAL cancels. Speaking of that, may I ask why you believe that your cruise will be canceled? I had thought that the CDC had lifted the ban.
  6. I appreciate the comments. What we feared (disliking a "large" ship) turned out to be the best ever. Undoubtedly, this was partly due to the fact that the ship is fairly new, and partly (well, more than partly) to our getting a good upsell to a Neptune, but mainly to the fact that the larger ship brought with it more venues and a more spacious feel in public areas. As to Amber Cove: we walked around the port area and returned. A taxi ride or tour is required to visit the nearest town, and from photos and other reports it appeared to us that Puerto Plata was much like other co
  7. My wife and I recently disembarked from the above cruise. In short – and to save you the trouble of reading what follows, we will state that the cruise was absolutely wonderful, and we would have to search for any negative points. The Ship. We had reservations about cruising on a ship as large as Nieuw Statendam, having in the past experienced Eurodam, Nieuw Amsterdam, and Zuiderdam. Quite frankly, those concerns were completely unjustified. We simply loved this ship – its décor, cleanliness, “newness,” the extra venues, and the fact that at no time did it seem crowded. Rather
  8. I always wear a coat and tie. We usually do the early seating. I wonder if the attire is a bit more formal at the late seating?
  9. Thanks for all the responses. They were a great help, and we will offer our two-cents’ worth when we return.
  10. We are 3-star mariners, and are scheduled to embark on the Nieuw Statendam for a 7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise on February 23. Primarily because we have not tried it in the past, we signed up for Club Orange. One of the inducements for doing so is the "priority embarkation" offered though this program - especially since we are not 4-star or higher (yet), and (sadly) are not staying in a Neptune suite. Earlier this week, we received the expected email from HAL as to the staggered boarding times. We are on the Gershwin deck (5) and are informed that our boarding time will be 2:30 PM.
  11. I have always found the HAL pools to be too cold for my old bones, but the temperature doesn’t seem to bother many others.
  12. We have enjoyed Lido Cabanas on the Eurodam and N.A., but obviously they are not available on Nieuw Statendam. Instead, we have booked a Port side Retreat Cabana for our late February cruise on N.S., again to keep out of the sun, and have a predictable place to sit. We also hope that the excellent service we have enjoyed on the other ships will happen on N.S. That said, it appears to me that the cabanas are on deck 12 and the pool is on deck 9 -- obviously some movement required to get from one to the other.
  13. I have what will probably be viewed as a terribly naive or asked-and-answered question, and will ask for your patience in advance. We have booked hotels, cars, and flights through such sites as Travelocity, and have also booked travel directly with the hotel, airline, or car rental company -- more or less seamlessly. We are 3-star mariners with HAL, and love the line. We booked our first cruise online directly with HAL, and were assigned a HAL TA for all of the others. Those agents have all been outstanding in terms of knowledge and responsiveness. I recently noted
  14. Most has been said already, but -- 1. Although the melee of scooters and the like is sometimes unnerving, I actually am heartened by the fact that older, less mobile folks still have the gumption to travel despite their physical limitations. We are still fortunate enough to walk about on our own, but I am not sure that I will have the nerve to travel when we are unable to move about with the assistance of other devices. In any event, there is hope for my future, as I see those so challenged living their lives and seemingly enjoying themselves despite their limitations. 2.
  15. Thanks much for the opinion. I suspect that 2020 will be "the year" for us.
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