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  1. The magic date for us will be when the Travel Advisory level now (no non-essential travel) goes to a level under which insurance companies can resume selling Travel Medical with no restrictions. I can't see travelling internationally without having full travel medical.
  2. Thank you for this comment! Can't see it happening, though, most pax like ports. In these interesting times, it seems a feasible alternative for the cruise lines to try this on a smaller ship, like the S or R class. Might make a good back-to-the-real-world cruise. After a while it could possibly be expanded to a include a port or two.
  3. Agree 100% with the quotation! He's really got that right. Excellent idea for the traybake. YUM! A cool day, rain this morning. By dinnertime it may warm up but a meal from the oven sounds good.
  4. We would be thrilled to do Vancouver -- Inside Passage -- Grenville Channel -- Tracy Arm -- Glacier Bay -- Hubbard and back to Vancouver.
  5. Good post! Agree totally. We are thinking Alaska might have to be it for a while. Homeport R/T, at any rate, so maybe Hawaii, too. Yes! We've sailed though Grenville Channel several times on HAL, many years ago. Beautiful scenery along Princess Royal Island, lots of humpbacks (breaching!). Thanks for posting this idea, as it is something we would jump at doing again! This would be an excellent addition to any Alaska "alternate" cruise.
  6. Certainly we would. Mexico is a prime example of this: we didn't get off once in 14 days except for San Diego and had a wonderful time. A trip of scenic cruising would be great. Thinking of how much we enjoy Glacier Bay day, seeing Hubbard Glacier and the inside passage - could be a lovely week of cruising.
  7. HAL would have to refund all you paid them, including FlightEase, since this would be their call. I expect ships won't be sailing until they get this figured out, post it on their websites and include it in pax's documentation. Without any problems herself, Mrs Banjo could possibly board and have a miserable time without you :) September is likely very iffy, a noted. I suppose it would depend where the cruise goes.
  8. Have had the same problem in the past many times. You just have to watch it, do the extra work to look under both Mariner numbers. Seems to pop up different like this once in a while, then corrects itself and then months on, it goes weird again.
  9. Excellent post. Thank you. From what I hear it has been 7 days a week work for some top Seattle people, just trying to get crew home and for those in other departments making decisions on the fly with changes daily upsetting all the work they put into it.
  10. From the sound of it here, BC and Alberta will want the border closed until much better numbers are coming out of the US. This is ultimately up to the Feds, however.
  11. Thanks. I see. HAL cancelled us on March 13, too. No word except the initial letter outlining the cancellation. Maybe another 45 days until refund, so I hear.........
  12. August 28? 2020? Is that what HAL's cancellation letter said in March?
  13. Wonderful post! Excellent overview. Your ideas are spot on. And, Dr Bonnie would be proud!
  14. Try a Moscato with your cake! Greetings from BC
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