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  1. Good to hear that some are taking and wearing their Medallions! We wear our platinum ones and lately we have been the only ones at the Mariner's Brunch to do so.
  2. Absolutely, and 5 star is even better! Plus 50% specialty dining!
  3. Welcome to the 4 star level and congratulations! It is great to hear from someone who is happy with the rewards!!! Have a great cruise. We sailed a similar one in April and loved all the sea days!
  4. This will work if you leave Victoria early am. You need a reservation for the ferry as it could be busy and you might miss the ferry you plan on taking. You will want to be at Canada Place no later than 2 pm, as noted above. I would get a reservation for 9 am ferry out of Victoria, leaving your hotel no later than 8 am. Plan on an hour to drive into Vancouver. Enjoy Victoria, lots to see and do!
  5. At Johns Hopkins, do the ships go just to Jaw Point or beyond? In June it was to Jaw Point only. Most interested in the new dance company and your photos were great!
  6. I thought so. Considering the going price right now for an SS, your upsell offer is low, in total. Nevertheless, as many have noted, overall, high upsell pricing. HAL is, on some itineraries at least, really working hard to fill the ships. You may get another upsell offer. I am personally watching this cruise, as we do this one often. The pricing for inside and outside have been slashed lately. Maybe other categories, too. You really have to pay attention! Please come back and let know what happens!
  7. On Eurodam we thought the sideways cabin we had was quite good, actually. Small, yes. There was some real thought put into the layout. Very clever with every bit of space used. Two closets only and the shelves above the safe were not as wide as some. Good under bed storage drawers make up for that. Bathroom was the normal size. No sofa/loveseat, but a very usable rectangular table and one chair and stool: great for room service. These are good cabins if the price is right.
  8. Thank you, MouseBerry, for a lovely overview of your experience on the Rotterdam. I enjoy that ship, and know exactly what you mean! A most comfortable ship and it gives such a feeling of being at home on the sea. There are big differences between the R class and the larger HAL ships. I often think the latter are "better", but then I think about wandering around in the evening, both inside and out, and know the Rotterdam is and exquisitely enjoyable ship.
  9. Sounds like a lot for 16 nights. Not a smoking deal, yet. $238 vs 381 per diem. Is this consistent with what you've paid in the past for a Signature suite?
  10. Also, the ships we've been on this year had a special box at the Front Desk with the Hotel Director's photo (!) on it and different forms His personal mailbox, although the Front Desk people did collect the mail from it.
  11. Ummm......... DH usually takes 2 pairs of walking shoes, 1 pair of dress shoes and 1 pair of around the ships shoes. Less one pair if the cruise is only 14 days. Me, well, it depends. One pair of good heels, 2 pairs of walking shoes, 2 pairs of flats. If the cruise is over 21 days, I usually manage a pair of sandals, too. We both take light hotel slippers.
  12. On Vista ships we used to be able to access the small forward decks on 4 and 5 (overlooking the bow) from the the interior hallways. I am wondering if this access is still available at any time or has it changed to "crew only" or "scenic cruising only".
  13. Wonderful review! I hope you are now hooked on HAL and cruising and will have many more happy adventures.
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