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  1. One year ago today we had a big treat. Stromboli was putting on quite the show, and our captain sailed slowly in circles so we could all have time to see the show. I remember being on our balcony (and all our neighbors were too) for a couple hours that night.
  2. After talking it over with our PCC today we've cancelled our Zuiderdam cruise. He agreed with us that it's very likely we'd end up in a Vista Suite on the Volendam (had a Signature Suite booked on the Zuiderdam). That plus we prefer the larger ships now -- so we booked 25 days on the Westerdam to add to the 26 days we had booked already. We got the same cabin for the whole 51 days, so we're happy.
  3. Thank you, this is what worries us. We may look into sailing the Westerdam the whole time instead (we're already booked on the Westerdam Oct. 18 after the Zuiderdam sailing Sept. 23.
  4. Well hopefully ours didn't change than! We got the email and it only says we'll get our new booking number and confirmation by Nov. 30. Thanks!
  5. One year ago today we were in Valletta, Malta. It was an interesting day, besides getting in the middle of a terrific thunderstorm. How it rained!! We went to St. John's Cathedral, the Tarxian Prehistoric ruins, and then to Mdina where we got soaking wet. We dashed from store front to store front, and at one time there were a few dozen of us huddled inside a shop hoping for the rain to stop (it didn't). I had an umbrella, but it was useless because of the wind gusts. I wasn't able to get more than a couple photos in Mdina because of the weather, the last photo shows the water running off a building.
  6. Good morning, all! Another chocoholic here who thinks it should be every day. Our grandsons have a couple of MY stuffed animals (oh do they look old!!) plus the ones their mother had as a child. Every Christmas we line our staircase with stuffed bears that DH got each year from a client. There must be 15 of them. They're all dressed in clothes, it's quite a sight. @kazu do you know where we can find our itinerary changes? Wondering what inside info your roll call friend has 😉
  7. It would be an upgrade, which would work IF the ships had somewhere close to the same number of NS. Since Volendam has so few, I just hope they don't try to downgrade us to a Vista Suite. @AtlantaCruiser72 Do you think there's any possibility that HAL will cut off bookings now so we have somewhat more of a chance of getting what we want on the Volendam?
  8. Uggh is right 😞 I won't be sailing in a downgraded cabin either. We're booked on the Westerdam the day after we disembark the Zuiderdam, now I'm worrying about that one. If there are too many undesirable changes we may be cancelling 😞
  9. We have a Signature Suite with angled balcony booked on the Zuiderdam (spent awhile choosing that cabin), the Volendam doesn't have Signature Suites....wondering where we'll end up?
  10. I just got an email as well, our Zuiderdam September 23-October 17 voyage is changed to the Volendam. I'm not very happy with the change, but haven't seen what the itinerary will be, so will reserve judgement for now.
  11. Thank you for being flexible 🙂 I've condensed our 4 days in Israel to a few (hahaha!) photos here. In 2011 the Egypt cruises were being cancelled by all the lines, so our Celebrity cruise added the 2 days we would have been in Egypt to the 2 days in Israel. We saw a lot! We were cruising with my sister and BIL, lots of good memories. In order, (can anyone help me learn how to label each photo? I seem to always make a mess of it!) Northern Palace, Megiddo; Round altar, Megiddo; Baha'i Gardens; Sea of Galilee from Mount of Beatitudes; Jordan River; my sister and I wading in the Jordan River; Sea of Galilee; The Dead Sea (I'll spare you the photo of me floating). 😅 ; Garden of Gethsemane; and the Wailing Wall (we were there on a Holy Day).
  12. One year ago we were in Catania, Sicily. We went to Taormina and spent some time at the Roman Theater, getting gelato afterwards... just because....😄
  13. Good morning all and Go Navy! Great collection of days, and the wine sounds good too. I'm thinking pizza tonight... I've had only 1 black cat, he found us (all but one of our cats found us) 😉 and lived to be 17, died in 1999. Here's Ebony.
  14. Our cruise/land trip of 2011 I'm afraid is a bit mixed up in photo order -- I should have started posting those photos a few weeks ago because it started in mid October. We were in France (those photos I shared earlier), then Italy (Siena and Cinque Terre), then a Holy Lands cruise with Celebrity. So if it's ok, I'll try to "catch up" here in the next few days. We spent a little time in Siena so we could see the town where our daughter lived for one quarter of college. First photo is of Il Campo. Our time in Cinque Terre is quite a memory. We arrived at our hotel in Levanto only to find that they had no record of our booking (I had even reconfirmed before arriving). But they came through with flying colors, they gave us their 7-bedroom suite that included a conference room, laundry room and wrap-around balcony! I joked with the owner that it was too bad we were only staying one night, I don't think he shared my humor as evidenced by his tight little smile 😉 Sorry, the first photo is a panoramic of Il Campo so it looks all run together here!
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