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  1. Another reason this is a bad TA. She should have known from the start it was a category "H" and priced it accordingly.
  2. Cruising-along

    HAL Mariner Wine Packages Are No More?

    Ooh, I like the looks of Cellar #3!
  3. Cruising-along

    Please sell us on the Rotterdam

    We spent 38 days on the Rotterdam (July-August 2018) for the Voyage of the Vikings. It had been 12 years since we last sailed her to Egypt in 2006. I have to say this 38 days was the best we've ever had at sea. The ship and crew were absolutely wonderful. We had a Vista Suite and Open Dining. No problems, not one.
  4. Cruising-along

    Luggage Direct

    It was definitely Luggage Direct, we used the VIP option to have the bags delivered to our home. They say if your home is less than 40 miles it will take up to 4 hours. We're slightly more than 40 miles from SeaTac so it should have been within 6 hours and it was closer to 10 hours. That said, this was the first not so great experience we've had with Luggage Direct, and we've used them many times.
  5. Cruising-along

    Luggage Direct

    I'm quoting myself here, because since I wrote this in March we've used Luggage Direct again (late August). We're still fairly happy with the service except for one thing. This time they didn't deliver our luggage to our house until 11 pm the day we returned home. First it was going to be 8 pm which wasn't too bad, but it got later and later...and needless to say we were tired and jet-lagged. We plan to use them again, but I think if it looks like a late evening delivery we'll ask for a next-day delivery if possible instead of that night!
  6. Cruising-along

    Just for fun. Do you have any cruise traditions?

    On days we have an early excursion, we always get room service breakfast. Other days, DH always brings me a latte from Explorations Cafe I can drink while getting dressed for the day. (what a guy) 😍
  7. Cruising-along

    Does HAL offer a shuttle in Dublin, Ireland ?

    That sounds lovely.
  8. Cruising-along

    Does HAL offer a shuttle in Dublin, Ireland ?

    We were on the same cruise, really liked that excursion! ?What a fun night. Our guide on the bus was kind of strange though 😉
  9. Cruising-along

    New Internet Plans and Pricing

    We got ours for the entire cruise. I think there is a usage limit but we never hit the limit and used it a lot.
  10. Cruising-along

    New Internet Plans and Pricing

    We had the Surf Package for 38 days on the Voyage of the Vikings. It worked very well for us, and even seemed faster than previous experiences with by the minute plans. I guess it just depends on what ship, we were on the Rotterdam. We actually spent less money because the connection was so fast. We had no problems.
  11. Cruising-along

    Passport theft-warning

    We do the same. We've had too many close calls over the years (thankfully none were successful).
  12. Cruising-along

    Transferring Future Cruise to our Travel agent

    The only time limit is that you do it before final payment.
  13. Cruising-along

    Introduce ourselves!

    I think you're looking for the roll call for your cruise, here it is: Have a great cruise!
  14. Cruising-along

    Maps for shore excursions

    Years ago HAL always had great maps of each port. We still laugh about our day in Odessa, Ukraine. We DIY that day and were happy to get the map -- until we saw that all the signs were in Ukrainian. We still had a great day. Now that HAL doesn't have maps beyond the immediate dock area, I always print off a good walking map before we leave.
  15. Cruising-along

    What happened on CC - Sat. Nov. 3, 2018

    I too checked the announcements, the FB page, nada. Thanks for letting us know, I'm relieved it wasn't something wrong at my end.