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  1. Cruising-along

    VOV 2018 - L’anse Aux Meadows tour feedback

    We took the HAL tour as part of the VOV last summer. I agree with the others' comments, L'anse aux meadows is definitely very much worth seeing. My favorite part was the longhouses. Just fascinating. I'm pretty sure we looked into renting a car (I agree with OlsSalt that more time in each place would have been better). There must have been some reason we ended up with the tour, we would have preferred DIY.
  2. Cruising-along

    Man jumps off cruise ship for kicks

    OMG what a moron.
  3. Cruising-along

    Vista Suite or Balcony?

    All ships aren’t the same, our Vista Suite on the Rotterdam had the seating area by the balcony.
  4. Cruising-along

    Vista Suite or Balcony?

    There are times, such as on the Amsterdam or Rotterdam, if you want a verandah there's nothing between a Lanai cabin and a Vista Suite. (no regular balconies). In those times we've booked a Vista Suite just to have a balcony-- and the double Mariner points don't hurt either.
  5. Cruising-along

    Holland 22 day cruise

    The longest we had done was two 15-day back to back and then we took a 38-day cruise. Never got bored! We now are booked on 3 back-to-backs totaling over 60 days. And looking at a 51-day cruise for 2020. Short answer -- no, I don't know how anyone could get bored. Even if you aren't interested in the lectures, shows, demos, etc. there's always walking on the promenade deck, enjoying the amazing views. We do bring books, but there have been times I haven't even opened my book. Join the roll call for your cruise if you haven't already. It's great having familiar faces, and many roll calls do more than just a Meet & Greet.
  6. Cruising-along

    Nieuw Statendam Cabin Video Tour 7143

    Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. It's a good change IMO.
  7. Cruising-along

    Nieuw Statendam Cabin Video Tour 7143

    Great video! We're booked in 7191 for 40 days this fall. Cannot wait! BTW, I noticed that the robes are in the closet in a plastic bag. Is this something new since we cruised this past summer?
  8. Cruising-along

    New Internet rates

    If that works for you, good for you. Some of us prefer to use our port time doing other things and seeing what the area has to offer. Some of us have elderly parents and other relatives we want to be in touch with as much as possible. Others may own a business and need internet. There are a lot of reasons some of us get an internet package.
  9. Cruising-along

    Lido buffet and picky kids (Nieuw Amsterdam)?

    Don't worry, I'm an adult picky eater and haven't gone hungry on a cruise yet! 😅 There are so many choices plus the HAL crew always go out of their way to make us happy. Enjoy your cruise!
  10. Cruising-along

    Hello!! 6 Day Pacific Coast Booked!

    One time we just browsed around the shops etc. It was a beautiful day (every time has been!) Another time we did the glass-bottom boat -- a little hokey but entertaining (oops, DH just told me that was in Catalina). Another time we had a rental car and drove to visit our son and DIL in Simi. When we get back in the future I want to get to Solvang, maybe some wine tasting. Not every Pacific Coastal we've done has included Santa Barbara, it's a beautiful area.
  11. Cruising-along

    Hello!! 6 Day Pacific Coast Booked!

    We have done the 6-day Pacific Coastal before, it's a nice cruise. I looked and see that it leaves September 30 -- not October 30? I was curious because I've never seen a Pacific Coastal leave in October 🙂 There was once or twice we did miss Astoria -- it happens sometimes in the fall, we've had some rough seas in September. If you've never been there before it's a nice, quiet little town, easy to walk about. But IMO San Francisco, Santa Barbara and San Diego are the highlights of this cruise.
  12. Cruising-along

    Gala or formal nights

    You may have seen the thread "Holland America Formal Nights". That thread is 1 1/2 years old, but brought forward recently. The latest term is "Gala".
  13. Cruising-along

    HAL Canada/New England shore excursions

    Is this the excursion you booked ellieanne? https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/shore-excursions/1010066/a-stroll-to-corner-brook-stream.html We too thoroughly enjoyed the way we spent our day in Corner Brook. It's nice that HAL offers this tour, because I was able to look into how easy it is to DIY by looking up Corner Brook Stream Trail on Trip Advisor. We saw lots of other people doing it on their own too. On the walk back to the ship we made a short detour to a little mall to freshen up. It was a bit warm when we went (in July) and we got rained on briefly, but it's a day I'll always remember.
  14. Cruising-along

    HAL Canada/New England shore excursions

    Not Ellieanne, but it could very well be. I know they had a HAL excursion going to there. We chose to do it on our own because it's so easy and this way we could take our time, stop where we wanted to, and take more or less time as we wanted.
  15. Cruising-along

    HAL Canada/New England shore excursions

    The Corner Brook Stream Trail is something easily done on your own, and happens to be the #1 thing to do in Corner Brook according to Trip Advisor. It's a peaceful and beautiful walk, we enjoyed just taking our time on our own schedule.