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  1. I feel the same way. Also, my friend who had breakthrough Covid recently had 2 negative tests before getting a positive.
  2. I second Luggage Forward. You can also have it sent to your hotel (we've done that). Our hotel (Movenpick in Amsterdam) was right next door to the cruise terminal. I wanted to be sure we had our luggage before the ship departure -- paranoid 😉 They will also send it to the ship on embarkation day, you could have an overnight bag for the hotel. 🙂 It has to be certain airlines and cities, I believe, so something to check.
  3. I can't feel any quake less than a 3, sometimes not less than a 4. Also depends on how deep it is besides how near. I second that!!
  4. I was really surprised. The sky got darker and darker, but nothing happened and since the weather app said 0% chance of rain until Friday (ha!!) I didn't think it would happen. Next thing we knew, huge heavy drops started pounding on the skylights. It turned into a steady rain that lasted maybe 10 minutes.
  5. Good morning all! We had a surprise rain shower yesterday! It was brief but came down fairly hard, and more is expected in a couple days -- hurrah! Chocolate chip cookies is the only kind I make, the only kind worth the work 😉 The grandkids love them and so do I. Hooray for the Coast Guard and kids day! If it's white wine day, why is the wine of the day a red? 🤔😄 The meal sounds really good, but we just had pork ribs last night so will save this for another day. Have never been to Mozambique. We're a little excited today because we made a decision yesterday. As I posted recently, we planned to cancel our Celebrity cruise out of FL in November (because X's 95% vaccinated and FL's high numbers). When DH called to cancel, they offered to move our deposit to any future cruise between now and Sept. '22. We looked, and we could get off the Volendam in Rotterdam on July 31 and onto the Apex the next day in Amsterdam. We did something similar in 2014 when we debarked the Eurodam after a Baltic cruise and onto the Infinity for a Northern Europe cruise. The Volendam will be a North Cape cruise, the Celebrity cruise will be Ireland and Iceland. So, with hope that in a year things will be better and/or Celebrity goes with 100% vaccinated, that's what we'll do. It will be nice to extend our time, and get back to Iceland too. @rafinmdhow large was the earthquake? @St. Louis Salthinking of you today as you get your follow up and lumbar puncture. @smitty34877we're all grinning about Miss Camilla going home!! @StLouisCruisersmy heart aches for you about your DH's possible exposure. Given the distance he was from your neighbor and being outside, chances are good he's ok, but I understand the worry! @ger_77prayers for your friend going through the mastectomy.
  6. We were on the Koningsdam Halloween 2019. I honestly don't remember what they did, if anything, around the ship. But there was a terrific thunder and lightening storm while we watched "Hocus Pocus" around the pool that night. It sure added to the atmosphere!
  7. About Covid tests before boarding -- or something else? I've been following the Celebrity board a little because we have a November cruise booked with X. But we're 99.9% sure we'll be cancelling because Celebrity only requires 95% vaccinated. That and (sorry Floridians) it's out of Florida.
  8. Trust me, IF our cruise is cancelled, I would do it. Yes...worries!
  9. Good morning all! Another night of not so great sleep -- how I would love to be on a rocking BHB! Also a lot going through my mind, like what changes will there be for my September cruise, and will it go??? At this point I just want to be on a ship going anywhere. Anyone else feel the same? @richwmnand @dfishyou may have to restrain me from sneaking onto your cruises when I see each of you next month! We always have a few cans of nuts in the pantry, I love almonds and peanuts especially. I'm a weirdo, have never cared for watermelon! Tacos sounds really good, will think about that...and have never been to Brazil, thanks for all photos!
  10. Our next cruise begins in 52 days. Eurodam 24 days Med. Cannot wait!
  11. Good morning all! Good collection of days today. We've enjoyed going to a few dinosaur museums, and once even drove a couple hours out of our way on a road trip to Yellowstone to visit the field site of "Leonardo" the only mummified and fossilized dinosaur. So I guess you could say we like dinosaurs. Will pass on the meal, but like the wine (especially on a BHB) and have cruised the Dardanelles several times and will again on Sept. 25 along with @Red Haired Lady. No photos though, at least not that I can find! Going to lunch today with a couple friends, and garden the rest of the day. Supposedly we'll get rain in a few days, can't wait! (never thought I'd say that, but we need it). Here's a photo of "Leonardo". They say he was only 3 or 4 years old when he died. Of course I can't find my photos, but here's one from Wikipedia.
  12. Good morning all! We're having a few drops of rain this morning! Not much, but more is in the forecast. Sorry for those sailing out of Seattle today, but we really need some moisture it's been dry too long. Love mutts, all of our pets were mutts. Will pass on the avocado (it's a texture thing lol) and cotton candy. Like @dfishI didn't even like it as a child. The meal sounds good. Have never been to the port, looking forward to any and all photos. @kazugreat news that your friend is out of the ICU now! @StLouisCruiserscongratulations to your grandson, so happy you can go watch him accept his diploma. @Quartzsite Cruiserit's the same at our house, I have to watch that DH packs enough shirts (and pants)! @cat shepardthank you for the amazing photos! @StLouisCruiserssad about your neighbor's breakthrough Covid. 😞 Sadly there's too much of that happening. A friend recently learned that her grown daughter and family have Covid after being at Disney World.
  13. There are many articles about it being genetic, here's one. Apparently Julia Child detested it as much as I do. 😄 https://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/14/dining/14curious.html
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