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  1. We have 5 cruises on the books (all booked before Covid) between Sept. of this year and October of next year. Of those, one won't go in Sept. (I'm 99% sure even though HAL hasn't cancelled it yet), the next two are iffy (Dec. and January). I do really hope the last 2 will happen. B2B in the Med.
  2. We're itinerary cruisers, we love to see new destinations. So no, not interested unless it was a short get-away between our regular cruises. Definitely not interested in more than a few days of that.
  3. Pretty sure ontheweb was making a dig at the naysayers (and did it well IMO). Thank you for letting us know you got your refund -- when was your cruise cancelled? We're waiting for our refund of port fees, taxes and flight ease, our cruise was April 2 and cancelled in mid-March.
  4. No they haven't. It's the Alaska, Europe, Grand Africa and Canada/New England cruises that are cancelled.
  5. Yes, according to our PCC, the FCC would be moved to a later cruise of your choice.
  6. Whatever happens in the future I agree. We just made 5-star on our last cruise. I'd even go back down to 4-star if necessary LOL! (just don't take away my free laundry!) 😄
  7. Wow. We took FCC and are waiting for taxes, port fees and air (about $4,000). Trying to get hold of our PCC, I think his hours have been cut 😞 I just checked our next cruises and the money hasn't been moved to any of them.
  8. Exactly. And as I've told @Janet76 before, I know Disney laid off thousands of employees weeks ago. Our daughter-in-law is one of them. She has nothing to do with the cruise ships, she's an Imagineer for Disney.
  9. I was hoping you would see that post and respond. I remember you telling about your refund (and I've heard of a couple others too, but don't remember who/where now).
  10. It's in the hands of our credit card company now.
  11. We did that. The first person gave us the wrong address to send it to (!) Others have been almost as bad, but they have been consistent on one thing, we should get our premium $$ back. According to them, we should have gotten it weeks ago, nobody seems to know why we haven't, and nobody seems able to get into the system to see where we are. Their answer is always "resubmit the form" (which we've done 6 times now). Pretty much disgusted with them. Let them explain to our credit card company. After 2+ months of dealing with them we're done. Small claims in the past were handled ok, or we wouldn't have stayed with them.
  12. We bought a policy from Allianz for our April 2 cruise. We bought it earlier in March before the pandemic and Allianz told us because of that our premium ($3,100) would be refunded. We never made any claims against the policy. Well, that was over 2 months ago, and we've had numerous phone calls, incorrect information, and absolutely no emails from them. Finally after countless phone calls and promises, and getting nothing from them, we've gone to our credit card company to resolve this. We have used Allianz for years and even had some small claims with no problems, but this is maddening and infuriating. We'll be looking for a different insurance company in the future. Seriously, we've had better communication from HAL than this company.
  13. Thank you. Great news you've received the $11,300! We cancelled all excursions and on-board items before HAL cancelled the cruise (saw the writing on the wall like you did) and were refunded immediately too. Now just waiting for the $4000 in port fees, taxes and air fare.
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