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  1. Good morning Dailyites. Love sugar cookies and a beautiful horizon. Miss those mornings on the ship. The flowers are beautiful. Do not care for anything smoked so the menu will be a pass. Have a great day everyone.
  2. Good morning dailyites. Blueberries are ready to pick here, may go to the Upick them for some. No body painting for this body either. Have a great Hump day everyone.
  3. Good morning everyone. Squid....shutters. Love the Chocolate and Strawberry day...two of my favorites. The quote is right on. Hope Allen comes home today and EVERYBODY stays safe and healthy.
  4. Be careful around Armadillos, they can carry leprosy.
  5. Good morning and thank you, once again, for the daily. Love to begin my day with it. Only kiss hubby and the cat for now. Love fried chicken, may visit KFC drive-thru today. I giggled at the quote. Have a great Monday everyone.
  6. Don't have any reason to build a scarecrow. Would love some apple turnovers. Meal suggestion for today - Pan-Roasted Chicken and Vegetables sounds really good. Major hugs to all the dailyites....trying times for sure.
  7. Mario Vine on the Westerdam several years ago was the best. He rocked energy and kept the guests involved with everything. Always reminded you daily of things coming up. Loved him.
  8. Happy 4th. USA Thank you for the daily Rich. It's how I begin my morning. Stay safe everyone.
  9. Good morning Rich and fellow dailyites. The quote made me laugh. Love Chicken Tenders. Please have a safe 4th and Canada Day weekend everyone.
  10. Good morning. Thank you for the daily Rich, love looking at where all the blue hulled beauties are. The quote is perfect, although I usually hit send before I double check my spelling. It's already hot and steamy so indoors working on a puzzle is on the list today. Stay well everyone and be safe. Hope everything went well Roy and hopefully the wayward U-Haul will show up.
  11. We have a cruise booked on the Veendam in January. If she leave the fleet and only a condo of the seas is available we will also be gone. I don't need an amusement park on water and the crowds that accompany them.
  12. Good morning and thank you for the daily Rich. Yuck on the ice cream Sailor. I literally laughed out loud at the quote. Not sure what dinner will be. HAPPY CANADA DAY! Was in New Brunswick several years ago and got to watch the fireworks over the bay of Fundy from our hotel room. It was wonderful.
  13. Wow, late today. Thank you for your hard work Rich. Had meatball subs for dinner.
  14. Good morning and thank you for the daily Rich. Virtual hugs to everyone. Miss the real ones from friends and family. Will skip the menu, not fond of chic peas.
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