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  1. We were on the Veendam and her library is just as sad. BUT, I discovered they were putting the put one take one books in shelves marked travel. Happened to see another cruiser looking and commenting "here they are". Not a good selection as I think most people didn't think they could leave them anywhere.
  2. We were on her in January and they had not upgraded the tv's. We were in a verandah on deck 10. They do have the dvd players and a listing of movies available.
  3. Are there any outside cabins on the Volendam that do not have the bed under the window?
  4. No sleeves either, after the first day. Double cupped them from then on. Kept our sleeves and used them the whole time.
  5. We were on the Veendam last month and no lids were available in the Explorations. Made carrying 2 cups dangerous in the morning.
  6. One shareholder credit as you booked it under one number.
  7. The Majesty of the Seas is firing up her engines. Looks like she is getting ready to leave.
  8. Absolutely....plus someone was asking at the front desk when I walked past.
  9. Just and FYI, something that I didn't know but maybe you all did. If you are taking a collectors cruise that is a B2B you do not have to attend the second muster...wooohooo!
  10. That is one big ship. We are on the 9th floor of the Hilton and she towers above us.
  11. Safely nessled I’m the Hilton marina watching the traffic from the 17th street bridge. IOS getting ready to sail.
  12. Your blog will be my reading after our cruise. Have a fabulous time and I eagerly await your reports. Safe travels.
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