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  1. Happy Friday. Love Cheesecake. Never met my FIL, and all of us on the Daily celebrate International Days of Friendship everyday. ♥️ The meal sounds interesting, can't wait to see Debbie's recipe. Have been to Skagway, off to look for photo's. Prayers and toasts to our lists. Stay safe, social distance, and continue to wear your mask. Glowtini: It seems it got it's name from the glowing "ice cube" placed in it. It can be different colors. This one is blue: Ingredients 1 shot Skyy Citrus Vodka 1/2 shot Blue Curacao 1/2 shot Peach Schnapps 1 shot Sweet & Sou
  2. Happy Thursday. Love Tigers, they are so beautiful. Chicken wings are really good, and I don't own a tube of lipstick. Haven't worn any since I was a teen. And woohoo I board the Rotterdam in 156 days, 16 hrs. and 19 minutes. LOL I try to live the Millman quote everyday. The meal sounds good, will have to go buy rolls. Have never been to Norway, looking forward to the photo's. Prayers and virtual hugs to our care list and a big 🍸toast to our celebrations. Stay safe, social distance, and wear your mask. Things are getting nasty again. Cosmopolitan: A
  3. You Will love both the otters and fortress of the bear. Fantastic excursion.
  4. Good morning. Another great group of days. Love Milk Chocolate. Totally agree with the quote, but think we need to have precautions in today's world. Love beef stew. I've learned about so many places on this earth that I've never been to. Looking forward to the photo's of Ghana. Prayers and toasts to our lists. Continue to stay safe, social distance, and wear your mask. Kremlin Colonel: Ingredients Ice Cubes 1⅓ Parts Absolut Vodka ⅓ Part Lime Juice Simple Syrup Mint Leaf How to make Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add all ingredient
  5. Oh my goodness. Those pictures are fabulous. I so want to go there.
  6. Happy Tuesday. I'm still jacked up over yesterday's sail in. Makes getting back on a BHB ship more possible. Interesting group of days. I won't be getting on stilts anytime soon. Unique quote, will have to think about that one. Will skip the meal, not sure what is in the freezer. Thank you for the daily Rich, can't wait to see the Rotterdam on the move. Roy and Debbie, thank you for our dedication too. Prayers and toasts to our lists. Stay safe, social distance, and please continue to wear your mask. Things are still not safe. Horse's Neck: A Horse'
  7. Keep the email and take it with you.
  8. So exciting to see a BHB entering a port. Such a long time coming.
  9. I just had the server bring me 3 glasses of water and I filled my personal water bottle that was in the Lido.
  10. Good morning. I agree with puppy, I don't think it is all or nothing. I'm an Aunt so will also celebrate my day today. Like the Emerson quote. And the meal looks so good. Will save for another day. I've not been to Indonesia, looking forward to the photo's of many of our BHB crew's homeland. Rich, I like the new format of the Ships. Can't wait for the list to be all with passengers. Prayers and toast to all of us! Stay safe, social distance, and wear your mask. Alexander: The Alexander is a cocktail consisting of cognac, cocoa liqueur, and cream. Wikiped
  11. Are long pants required for men in the MDR for breakfast? I know they are for dinner.
  12. Question. Do men need to wear long pants 👖 in the MDR for breakfast?
  13. Good Sunday Morning. Good group of days. Both parents are gone, Mom going out in style on 12/12/12. Totally agree with the Strayed quote. The meal sounds good, not sure what is for dinner. Have cruised the Panama Canal and Gatun Lake many times. Was on one when we were stopped in 2019. Loved watching the BHB leaving Seattle, hope they are all having a fantastic time. Prayers and toasts to our lists. Stay safe, social distance, and wear your mask. Noble-Rita: 2 oz of casa noble reposado tequila 1/2 oz of grand marnier orange liqueur ice cubes (or ice) 1 of Lime
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