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  1. As the other poster noted, "transpacific" probably/possibly means not sailing back to the US but continuing on to NZ or Australia. Looks as if your 35 day R/T cruise would be OK :)
  2. Gerald Bernhoft? OBC when booking way in advance. As in, in 2021 for 2023 Alaska.
  3. Anyone have two Platinum pins they don't want? A few years ago we missed ours by a few months when HAL discontinued those ones.
  4. Yes, I see that. I was wondering if this has anything to do with purchasing HAL's Platinum Plan? Or is this just what they are doing as part of the cruise fare with their several guarantees, etc.?
  5. Could you give me an idea of how you know that HAL would pay for a 14 day quarantine if one were to test positive on disembarkation and not be able to fly home immediately? This is a huge question without Covid insurance which we are unable to purchase in BC.
  6. Can we distinguish between "port of call" (Victoria) and "home port" (Vancouver)? Cruise lines need Vancouver as one of the home ports for Alaska. Could Seattle, alone, take all of the Carnival Corp ships, week after week, let alone all the other many cruise lines that sail to Alaska? Fly pax to Juneau and/or Anchorage as homeports in addition to Seattle? Do those airports/cities have the capacity for the number of pax that would be coming through on a daily basis? HAL does all their CruiseTours using Vancouver/Anchorage as embarkation/disembarkation ports (northbound or southbound). From looking at the different itineraries HAL has for departures from Seattle and Vancouver, I would think there would be a major redo of the itinerary needed to use Seattle. I think Victoria may be out, but Vancouver will need to remain in to make the Alaska cruise season viable.
  7. Thanks for this info. Maybe you can get a copy. but most important, enjoy the Koningsdam!
  8. Thanks for this hair-raising account of your testing. So very glad it all worked out. Treat yourselves well on the ship, you deserve it!!!
  9. Moderate seas! Likely confused! Not as wild as the North Pacific gets, but would suit me. walking the deck in that weather is an adventure I miss.
  10. This is interesting info.Thanks! Welcome to the very small club of those who don't do smart phones :) And have survived this long without one.
  11. I have appreciated the new menus, breakfast, lunch and dinner, posted by those who have been sailing recently. I wonder if I missed the Room Service menu? Has it changed? Does anyone have a copy to post? Thanks!
  12. Good questions, smart to be concerned. Knowing HAL I would be wary of what they say for awhile until it all filters down to the ships and becomes the policy. HAL can't expect Canadians to sail without some serious assurance that they can get the mandatory test onboard so they can get home OK without a huge hassle. The cruise I am looking at has a total of 7 Canadian couple on the Roll Call. This type of cruise would usually garner at least a hundred. Who want to take a chance? I think the testing requirement will be around for a long while, so HAL will need to get with the program and get this set up.
  13. They are!!! Can order with coffee instead of mint, but the mint is superior! Be warned: exactly 2 million calories per, a meal in itself :)
  14. Agree! Senior management can make or break a cruise. One Hotel Director we think the best is Colin Jacob. Really over-the-top hard working, thoughtful, sincere. Runs a tight ship and the crew work for him. On the Westerdam he had a great bunch, Exc Chef, GRM, Exc Housekeeper and Assistant, Cul Ops and more - they all worked together so well. He garnered a huge amount of respect and cooperation from his team.
  15. 60 - 90 days sounds much like the timeframe back in 2020 when it all went south and there were a billion cancelled cruises.
  16. Yes! If you have problems, I really do recommend you get the Front Desk involved. The Future Cruise Consultant is an employee of HAL and under the Hotel Department.
  17. Even before the pandemic HAL Future Cruise Consultants were often reluctant to give a copy of the FCD/FCC. I hate being forced to get pushy about something like this. The Front Desk was always helpful about expediting/fixing this when asked.
  18. Poor Jeff of WC fame. He was to start his latest adventure with the first cruise, I believe!
  19. Australia is well know to be hyper about the prescription drugs brought into the country. Mostly, they appear to be interested in quantity. They don't want you to start selling them on the street. Steroids, barbituates, opiods, all the habit forming and just plain bad stuff. We took a list of OTC and prescription drugs to show Customs on arrival at the airport. They know what they are talking about. One look -- "fine, have a good stay"!
  20. Anne: Yes, it is all a big worry and that is what really spoils the fun of booking cruises right now, isn't it? Thanks for your info about insurance. I guess I am going to have to start researching that. I suppose we could do B-B-B Europe now, at least we can get into Greece and Italy, unlike the US. Hope you will have a great cruise in October and write about it :)
  21. Anne: do you think the HAL insurance is OK for medical? What does you worldwide health coverage cover? Really want to do some cruises, but totally ung up on the medical coverage!
  22. Thanks, kazu. This is what I have heard and now expect it will be this way for quite a while. Hope all is good with you. Another TA Collectors would certainly be ideal, don't you think? Hoping for the Advisory to go to 2. Not sure if a 3 would make any difference.
  23. Dear Anne So glad everything is going well with you. Could you tell another Canadian how you dealt with the no non-essential travel advisory in Canada? Did this affect anything, like your travel medical insurance, or other travel insurance? So wanting to cruise but are very interested in how that advisory works.
  24. Wonderful posts! Outstanding photos! Your choices in the Pinnacle were super and I am so glad you enjoyed it all. Always good to go there early in a cruise so you still have the appetite to eat so much :) Enjoy!!
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