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  1. I was looking at an eleven night cruise on Vision for December 2021 and it was £400 cheaper to say that two people were in the room than one person. live started doing this often now and have the other person as a no show and get double points.
  2. I decided to take the refund as you need to pay a new deposit and any money left over on the FCC is then put towards another cruise and not towards OBC so it was going to work out more expensive in the long run. i have heard that some USA TA’s are holding bookings and not charging for a new deposit but it’s always different for us in the UK.
  3. Thank you for showing me what it looks like. I have just spoken to Royal by Facebook messenger and they’ve said it’ll be an email to me so I’ll keep my eye out for it.
  4. I’ve never had any FCC before so I’m unsure how it works.
  5. I’m very sorry if this has been asked but I’m struggling to find any info. I have taken the FCC on purchases I made in the planner for my cancelled cruise. How do I receive it? I do have a booking for the 6th September which I will cancelling but do have one booked for the 6th December which I want to use it for but I have no idea how it works. Thank you in advance.
  6. I book as if someone else is going and then tell them it’s a no show a couple of days before as I’ll get the port taxes back and I’ll get double points. if the cruise doesn’t go and you’ve paid full payment, you get all the money back. It’s only if you chose the FCC it will be split to both passengers.
  7. I’m living in the Isle of Man 🇮🇲 on my own. All my family live in Heysham (UK) where the Isle of Man boats goes in. Our boarders are closed for another month at least so I can’t see any of them apart from FaceTime. We are on lockdown, currently on our 3rd week heading in to our 4th. We will find out next week how long further we will be in isolation. We seem to be following the UK so probably another 3 weeks on lockdown as what has happened today in the UK. I was meant to be on the Harmony on the 19th April for my 40th so really gutted but I have rebooked for the 6th December on Allu
  8. Yes you can but you can't use it as a deposit for another cruise. You will need to pay a new deposit and then put the FCC on top. Sorry, I forgot that this was an option for you too.
  9. Thank you. I do hope it works out for you. Stay Safe!
  10. I took a cash refund over the FCC no because I think they will go under, more because I had to pay another deposit and anything over and above the fare would be put to another cruise rather than OBC. I have already rebooked for the 6th December and awaiting for the refund which will take between 45-60 days.
  11. If you pay the full balance and then you decide to cancel, you do have up to 48 hours before the departure date, then you will get 100% FCC. If they cancel, you get 125% FFC or a full cash refund where you won't lose the deposit. No one is going to be able to tell you whether the cruise is going to go or not, this is going to have to be your decision, though I know it's a hard one.
  12. I would pay the remainder and take the FCC if it's not cancelled by RCL. The issue with the FCC is that you will need to pay a new deposit and the remainder will be used from the FCC. If the FCC is higher than the new cruise fare, then that amount over can be used for another cruise. It will not be used at OBC. I should've been sailing on the 19th April for my 40th and was offered either the 125% FCC or refund. I've taken the refund though I have booked another in December but if I used the FCC, I would've been paying out more. I also have a Med cruise booked for the 6th September
  13. I cancelled by cruise on Thursday 2nd April for my cruise on the 19th April. I was told this will take 45-60 days to appear. I cancelled my flight with Virgin Atlantic and that can take up 100 days!!!
  14. Does anyone know what the studio rooms look like, please? I'm looking to book for next year as a solo but can't find any pictures or information about it. Thanks [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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