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  1. Yes - got that...check. My question is will RCI cancel that sailing or try to go to another non closed port or sail in circles?
  2. So we are scheduled to cruise out of Baltimore on Sept 25 and we are going to our one and only port - IN BERMUDA (Kings Wharf). Since we are technically sailing AFTER the September 15 'no cruise' zone, will I be getting a notification that we are cancelled (And Bermuda is canceled until October 31) or, will we sail in circles and then come home?
  3. Us too at the END of September...maybe we won't see each other :) 😉
  4. Can someone explain how the 'Lift & Shift" works in simple terms? I need to know the details and what limitations are attached to going this route.
  5. We have a book cruise on Grandeur OTS in late September sailing out of Baltimore. (5 nights) What are the odds or peoples thoughts if that will happen?
  6. Not saying it is a 'Dry dock' refurb but I had heard from an insider that many of the RCI ships that are anchored are sinking some significant cash into doing some restorations and repairs on the ships while they are idling. I like the thought. Any one out here that can confirm???
  7. We are on Grandeur at the end of September...fingers crossed we sail!
  8. Idea...review your post in 2 weeks and see how you feel about it then. I work in an EOC and have a different view point. I think that people will likely be cruising in less then 3 months... Just my 2 cents...YMMV
  9. Looking for a place to spend the night. Would like to have a few options to eat at but not opposed to eating in the hotel restaurant if there is one. Arriving around 3:30 in the afternoon and cruising the next day. Also looking for hotel shuttle to the cruise port.
  10. Any (Recent) recommendations on where to stay the nigh before?
  11. Not cancelling - in fact, we book a new cruise on the Grandeur for late September. Cruising for most really is a first world problem and when you get right down to it, cruising is a bit of a gamble these days. And as the saying goes, if you cant afford to loose the bet, you shouldn't be at the table. Not trying to be a d!ck but If RCI goes belly up, somebody will buy them up. They have over 5.2 Billion in market capitalization so they might be a fire sale but someone will buy them and the first thing the new owners will want to do is NOT piss off the current cruisers. Just my opinion - YMMV
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