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  1. My Allure cruise in October has been stuck at $67 since I booked in July and goes to $50 when there has been a sale. Either is too high for me especially when in a suite, but I might consider it at $40.
  2. Like some have said it will take a vaccine for us to cruise again. I have no interest in wearIng a mask on a cruise and if I have been vaccinated then why would I have to or worry about being quarantined. We have a cruise scheduled for October 2021 and if we are not comfortable by final payment next summer then I will move it out a year.
  3. It is $79 on my cruise next October. I think I will buy it and keep an eye out for a better price.
  4. Wow this thread is still going, time to lock it down. I don’t care about D+ or P’s, although most of you are perfectly nice people, I will never be one. Just don’t take all the seats in the SL please
  5. Ok I like that thinking and could go with that. That would work perfectly for out next cruise that is scheduled to go to CocoCay and Labadee, don’t even plan to get off the ship in Nassau or Falmouth.
  6. That would be great but you still have to mingle with the locals that work on the private islands. We are booked for Oct 2021 and unless there is a vaccine or the virus is gone I will be rescheduling.
  7. LOL, we have those all over Atlanta and they are evil and will literally try to kill you. I am not scared of my Corvette at any speed but I will not go near one of these.
  8. Congrats. Love the pic of your GT and love them with the Gulf livery. Have a great cruise!
  9. We were in a JS on Allure on deck 7 last year and ended up on the wrong side of the ship several times. We quickly figured out that we had to pay attention. I had no idea RCI made changes to Sea class. Last year for embarkation we had to sit in our C&A area as the suite area was only for Sky and above. And the show reserved area was clearly for Sky and above. Is the reserved show area a change or are they just being relaxed on the rules for this cruise? We too had some trouble getting into CK until we ran into the officer that was the CK Manager on our cruise the year before las
  10. Andrew thanks for the great review and taking us along for your hurricane adventure and vacation. Also thanks to your family for allowing you to be distracted by CC, I am sure doing these reviews is time consuming. My only disappointment of your cruise was that you didn’t find a cabin with a University of Florida Gators white board on the door that you could write “Go Dawgs” on this time. Oh well it has been great following and best to you and your family.
  11. I haven't been in a CL yet but have stayed in a 2BR GS with our adult daughter. It is true the furnishing are not very suite like and it is away from CK and SL, but I would get the GS over the CL with 2 teenagers just for the separate rooms. And the deck was huge which was nice. Maybe do a CL when it is just you two and no kids.
  12. Thanks I figured. I knew you would know this.
  13. This question may be OT but is somewhat related. If you cancel a cruise, is the deposit credit tied to each person or the person that paid the deposit? So if you cancel a cruise with 4 people and it never works out that one person can go on a future cruise is that deposit credit lost?
  14. The only ones I have seen are on Symphony.
  15. If you are a member of AA's frequent flyer program and they have a special phone number call that one, especially if you have status. I only deal with Delta, but I know if I really need help I have to call the medallion number, the regular agents are clueless.
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