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  1. Oh no! I got sick on mine too. I got a BOGO: Strep + Covid. There were a TON of people who got sick from Wonder. And apart from just having SO MANY PEOPLE I do wonder if the Solarium isn't a giant incubator. It's so hot in there and so closed in... Anyway, Feel better soon!
  2. First off, she is a GORGEOUS ship! I had a wonderful time on her! The live performers were top-notch, the parties on point! Loved the shows (except Effectors...cool special effects, terrible storyline.) The food was better than the last time I went on Wonder in May 2022. Wonderland was a highlight! I met some awesome people. Overall, I had a blast! But perhaps this ship is cursed just a bit... The sailing before us, there was a kid overboard. This trip, there were reportedly ELEVEN medical emergencies in a 7-day sailing. That's excessive, no? And there were TONS of people who are reporting getting Covid from the ship. (I am one of them.) I had an amazing time, but I don't think I'll sail Oasis class again. They're too big. Getting from Pt. A to Pt B could be arduous if your destinations were diagonal from each other (Ex: Start on Deck 15 forward in the Solarium) but want to go to Deck 4 aft for a show or event.). I do very much enjoy Royal! But I think I'll start moving my way down rather than up. Freedom class is next on the agenda!
  3. My grandmother, mother and I went on Wonder of the Seas. While we did get the 3-night package, I would not recommend it at all. Two out of three restaurants were disappointing. (Surprisingly, Wonderland was the one restaurant where I really enjoyed all the food, from apps to mains and dessert!) We drank as if we had the drink package, and in the end, we spent about $300 total on drinks for a seven night sailing, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than the $1500 that the drink package would have cost! I'd recommend ala carte all day! If you want to get ahead of the budget, you can even purchase onboard credit ahead of time so it feels like you're getting things for free.
  4. Hi all. Just wondering, can you rent a kayak without an excursion at Coco Cay? Thanks!
  5. And this is why I ordered a long pair of swim pants in addition to a long-sleeve rash guard. I'll probably remove them once I'm done snorkeling, but I hope that will be enough to not get stung by a jellyfish.
  6. Yes, I'm sure they do. It's good to have an informed vote, though. 🙂 Thanks!
  7. Following, but also to piggyback off this thread: How easy is it to get into the water? Is there a hill or drop-off, or is it fairly flat? Thanks!
  8. Oh! Good to know! Thanks! Guess I'll sit near the exit if I can so if they're terrible, I can just leave. Like that poor unfortunate dude on NCL Prima who had to resort to jazz hands to indicate a joke was made and we should laugh. Cringe. (Ironically, it is hillarious that he was so unfunny in retrospect, though!)
  9. I know this is subjective, but how are the comedians on Wonder of the Seas? Are the shows worth seeing? Thanks!
  10. Is there enough time to bother with the beach at the end? (I've seen videos where he goes to a different beach than Orient (Grand Case, or something?) and they only have an hour at that beach. Not talking about Maho. 45 mins is plenty for Maho.)
  11. Oh I didn't mean I wouldn't get off. I just meant I might not go to the beach. Seems like it's the beach that's expensive...
  12. OMG! Yeah, I'm gonna look for a tour instead... the "On your own" thing is not worth it IMHO. Yeah, our ship doesn't get there until 12:30pm anyway, so I'll probably grab an early and large lunch, maybe take a can of Pringles with me, and just get a drink if I go to the beach at all...
  13. Man, St. Thomas is turning out to be an expensive day! For 3 adults, I estimate about $140 JUST for transportation from/to Crown Bay, 3 chairs and an umbrella. That's not including food or drinks or tips.
  14. Hello all! I will be going on Wonder of the Seas on Sept 3 of this year, but we won't dock in St. Thomas until 12:30 (leaving at 8:00pm). Does anyone have any tour+beach excursion recommendations? Godfrey has not responded back to me, which makes me think he might be sold out. I'm not really interested in a shopping stop, but I would like to go to the overlook and get a Bushwhacker or Banana Daquari, and I'd like to go to a beach for a couple of hours, preferably not Magen's Bay because of the cost with MB. Any recommendations for tours? Are there tour operators in port for such a thing? Thanks!
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