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  1. I have read/heard a lot about Santiago de Compostela and am excited to be going there. It’s so far away from the usual tourist routes that probably a cruise would be the best way to go. We’ll be on an Iberian peninsula cruise, so am going to look at setting up tours in 3-4 ports with Spain Day Tours. Will probably get started on this sometime next month...
  2. We’re porting at A Coruna next May and plan on going to Santiago de Compostela, we’ll probably do a private tour with Spain Day Tours as we’ll be six.
  3. A couple of years back we stayed at the Jameson Court Apartments in Salthill, just outside Galway. Not a B&B, but self catering. Beautiful location, with a wonderful bakery right next door with melt in the mouth scones and hearty takeout soups. There’s also an underground parking, highly recommend this place. https://jamesoncourt.ie/
  4. We did a Southbound on the Millie a couple of weeks back and were able to drop off our bags in the cabin by noon, then went to lunch. They leave your key cards on the door, the cabin was ready by 1pm and our bags were there by mid-afternoon. Your passports will be checked prior to boarding, you can ask about your cabin number at that time if you don’t already have it by then.
  5. Edgewater, thank you so much for the detailed reply on your wine tours. The price seems to be pretty much in the ball park figure I imagined. We’re looking at a land tour of the Bordeaux region next year and your tips will be most useful, thanks again!
  6. Thanks for getting back with your experiences Edgewater601, appreciate the feedback. May I ask for a price idea, how much would a tour like this cost, did you taste any Grand Crus? Thanks again 😊
  7. We’ve booked three SVs on the May 10 Apex sailing for our annual family vacation, didn’t like the look of the IVs 😉
  8. Yes, once you make the onboard booking shop around and transfer to a TA for extra OBC and/or perks. Note that this has to be done within 60 days.
  9. Suggest you book now and block the cabin you want. Then, once on board, check to see if you get a better price or extra perk/OBC. We have successfully cancelled the old booking and transferred to an onboard booking, keeping our cabin of choice. Future Cruises has handled this for us, most recently two weeks back when we were on the Millennium. Onboard booking has a reduced deposit, currently $100, though we have paid as little as $25. In the past we have got an extra perk, but now it appears to be just the onboard booking OBC.
  10. Qsine was still there on the Millie two weeks back but le Petit Chef is coming. Sooner rather than later I believe, maybe after the current Alaska season...?
  11. In Skagway we rented a car from Avis and drove up the Klondike Highway into the Yukon, very similar to the route taken by the train. In Juneau we booked a whale watching and Mendenhall Glacier combo with Juneau Tours. Whale watching was first and an absolutely fantastic experience, we saw bubble net feeding as well as a mom and calf breaching. Later we were dropped off at Mendenhall Glacier and spent a couple of hours there before taking the shuttle back to town. Highly recommend this tour, it was the highlight of our two weeks in Alaska. https://www.juneautours.com/
  12. Yes, that’s how it works. Sometimes the group opens up only later, but our TA automatically puts us on it and sends us an email. We didn’t cruise last year but until 2017 they gave us refundable OBC, anything unused would go back on our CC. But now they give a cash card to be used in their store, works perfectly fine with us since in any case we shop there quite a bit.
  13. We booked 3 sunset verandahs on the Apex May 10, 2020 sailing with two perks each plus $200 from Celebrity’s for onboard booking. Our big box store is offering each cabin a cash back card of about $500 plus OBC towards specialty dining. Not sure yet if they have a group rate, am still shopping around before transferring to a TA. ghstudio and the others, what do you think of this?
  14. My niece and nephew did a kayaking tour with Kayak Ketchikan last week which was very similar to the one described above. Weather was better and they spent two hours on the water, saw a porpoise, seals, otters, jellyfish and starfish. It was cold on the water but they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. https://kayakketchikan.com/
  15. Want to give myself some time to shop around within the 60 day period. No complaints about our current TA but still want to see what else is out there. Any suggestions from the OP, greenymac and FreestyleNovice...?
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