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  1. We haven’t received any further email from Celebrity about a L& S. But thanks for the update, will contact them and maybe book the Infinity with the same price and perks, then decide what to do later. But as I have said eating none of my family group is particularly keen on cruising on the Infinity, even though we really love the itinerary.
  2. Why this partiality?!!! We are booked on Silhouette for January 2022, this was to celebrate my sister’s landmark birthday...
  3. The Antarctica sailings seem to be the same 15D/14N as earlier, whereas our Argentina & Chile itinerary is now 12 days instead of 15, they’re also in February and March, not January. We got a good rate when we booked last December, repriced earlier this year for a price drop, also got wifi added on as an extra perk. The Infinity isn’t my fav ship, especially since she won’t be revolutionized. But am waiting to see if we can do a L&S keeping our price and perks. Please let us know if you have any luck, thanks 😊
  4. My siblings and I were booked on the Silhouette Jan 3, 2022 sailing from Buenos Aires to San Antonio 14 night sailing, received an email yesterday saying this was cancelled and we could rebook at prevailing rates on the Infinity which is being redeployed to SA. No mention of OBC compensation others refer to on this thread. The Infinity is a much inferior vessel, at least IMO, also doesn’t appear it would have been refurbished by then. The itinerary they offer is 12 nights, also only in February or March, which won’t suit us. Haven’t even bothered to check prices as we just aren’t inte
  5. We have a 12 nighter on the Apex for mid May and will almost certainly cancel, don’t believe we’ll be happy cruising by then. Recent threads about the 2022 European season give me some hope, but can’t see how Celebrity can realistically announce new sailings when 2021 is wide open...
  6. Thanks again for this fantastic live report Miaminice, not only did you get to cruise again but you also took us along for the ride. The ship looks very much like our S class and makes me feel homesick. And your photos make it all come alive for us...Thank you so very much for taking the time to tell us all about your vacation and the protocols TUI put in place, much appreciated!
  7. Thank you Miaminice, reading about your cruise and seeing those gorgeous pictures has been such a thrill! We have a 12 nighter booked on the Apex for next May, but am not sure we’ll do it. Watching and waiting for now...😉
  8. Can you actually go out onto the verandah despite there not being a full door like on the S and M class ship?
  9. Miaminice, thanks for the gorgeous pictures, makes me feel homesick! I can imagine how excited both of you must feel, am so happy you’re cruising again. And we get to do the vicariously...😉
  10. So excited for you Miaminice, it’ll all go off as planned and you’ll have a fabulous time, thanks for taking us along aboard!
  11. In normal times...Bruin Steve, quite often I wonder if we actually did live in normal times! But seriously, I concur with every word of your post, I too do almost the exact same things, though we usually cruise only once a year. We book when itineraries are announced and I plan the whole trip in great detail, both cruise as well as pre and post land stays. We were to take a Southampton to Barcelona Iberian peninsula sailing on the Apex this May, which of course Celebrity cancelled. No lift and shift at that time, though this itinerary isn’t being offered next year.
  12. Another vote for Albrego del Senato. They also have a rooftop bar restaurant where breakfast is served, you can also relax there in the evening with a glass of vino. You can find cheaper hotels but the location and views here are stunning IMO. Ask on your Roll Call about sharing a ride to Civitavecchia, easy to set up. The Italy Ports forum will give you names and details of several companies who do transfers, way better and much cheaper than going with Celebrity!
  13. I make it a point to stop at the Martini Bar every evening and try out different mixed drinks, something I never do on land! Haven’t been to a show in many years, maybe we’ll go next time. Perhaps try a spa treatment, I’ve wanted to but somehow never made time. One thing we’ll definitely do is make the most of our time in port, stay out as long as possible. And of course book another cruise, we also take just the one each year. Maybe we’ll book a TA with several sea days when we can explore and enjoy the ship...
  14. We’ve been cruising since almost 20 years but I joined CC only much later. Have always enjoyed interacting with fellow cruisers and got loads of useful tips over the years, have tried to give back a bit too. The Roll Calls used to be very active but nowadays very few people sign up, with naturally much less information on ports and tours. Some threads get to be pretty nasty at times, but I see this trend on other travel forums too. People are impatient and quick to make cutting remarks or comments, though most posters are helpful and friendly. I continue to believe in the i
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