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  1. We repriced our January 2022 South America sailing through our big box store TA and got a price drop of $1700/cabin, so we’re very pleased. We had three perks but had to give up the OBC for free wifi, but it’s still well worth it. We have OBC $250 from booking onboard, plus will get about $500 from our TA. However, we only got $600/cabin off on our May 2021 Apex cruise. Don’t know why some sailings get minimum discounts and others much more, but I’ll take it!
  2. We received the cruise fare on our May 10 Apex sailing on 5/11, the deposit amount was refunded to our other card yesterday. Seven weeks in all to be fully refunded, longer than they said it would take, but better late than never!
  3. We have cruises booked for May 2021 and January 2022, so lift and shift doesn’t work as the 2022/2023 itineraries aren’t yet out. However, I did get a price drop on both, about $600/cabin on Apex for next May and $1700/cabin on Silhouette for January 2022! Plus of course a third perk of free wifi. So here’s a happy camper! 😉
  4. We didn’t get the email either though we’re Elite too. Is there a link to this this offer, can someone please give it to me? We have two cruises booked, Europe in May 2021 and South America in January 2022. Am hoping both sailings will qualify. Thanks in advance!
  5. It’s 36 days since Celebrity cancelled our Apex 5/10 sailing, our big box store emailed us saying the refund would be made within 90 days. This despite Lisa promising refunds within 30 days. We have just mailed out the dispute form and required documents to our cc company Chase, will let you know how it goes, fingers crossed...
  6. Thank you, may try first thing Monday morning... BEAV, will definitely keep faith and hope for the best...👍
  7. Helen and BEAV, you’re right, it’s all over the place, there seems to be no clear order or pattern to the refunds. BEAV, I tried again with to file an online dispute with Chase but again I only got an 800 number to call. One good thing though, in the process of trying I found the form they were supposed to send me, so will fill it and mail it to them this weekend. BTW, can I call Celebrity to ask about the refund even though I’m with a TA, I seem to have read something to this effect earlier on this thread.
  8. Thank you! Hard to believe, isn’t it? Who has a fax machine these days?!!!
  9. BEAV, I did the exact same thing, but instead of a questionnaire it gave me a number to call!!!
  10. Can you please give me fax number? Fax will work faster than mailing all the documents, am yet to get the form they were supposed to send. BEAV, can you please tell me how you did this? I tried yesterday but wasn’t able to. Thanks both of you!
  11. Chase told me they need proof that Celebrity isn’t paying, were you asked for that too? They’re supposed to send me a form to fill out and send back with supporting documents, how did it work with you? While we have online banking we get a paper bill for our cc, so can’t file the dispute online, just adding to the delay...
  12. Oh no, our Apex sailing was 5/10 to 5/20, does that mean I have to wait till 6/20? My cancellation confirmation says refunds within 90 days, even though Lisa’s message said 30 days! I think the first lot of cancellations were handled faster, Celebrity is taking longer and longer as time goes by. We were in the second lot, there’s now a third, with a fourth to come early May. BTW, were those of you with Chase able to get them to send you a check? We paid for 3 cabins and will want the money back in our regular account.
  13. Thanks for your input. When you say online do I go to their website and file under claims? We’re outside of 60 days but in the past I have successfully disputed charges with Chase even after six months. Will look online and let you know how it goes, thanks again.
  14. What you say is true, delaying the payment is refusing to pay. But I don’t have any communication from Celebrity putting this in writing, which is what the person I got on the phone said. I know they’re all besieged with calls and working under stressful conditions, but he wasn’t the most helpful of people and got a tone by the time I got off the phone. Am going to send Chase all the documentation I have and take it from there. Anyway I can talk with Celebrity even though my booking was with a TA? TeaBag, congratulations on getting your refund, good to hear of a happy resolution, that too in a little over a month!
  15. We were booked on the Apex 5/10 sailing and put in a request for refunds as soon as Celebrity cancelled last month. Our big box store TA sent a confirmation after about a week saying the refund would be processed within 90 days! It’s almost 4 weeks since we cancelled and yesterday I called Chase to file a dispute. After talking with two different people they said I’d need to fill out a form which would be mailed to me, providing documentation, including proof that Celebrity was refusing to reimburse me. But Celebrity isn’t refusing to pay us, just dragging out the whole process. Has anyone else had a similar experience, what do you suggest I do? I will of course send out the form with the documents I have, but what else can I do? Thanks in advance!
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