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  1. That’s what I thought mapleleaves, one day rental with one way drop off fees may not be that much higher than the cost of bus/train tickets... Will also check out PJS Taxi, thanks for the tip.
  2. Thanks a ton Suzanne, lots of useful information in your link! Will email the concierge at Mt Alyeska for suggestions and fares. Thanks again!
  3. We’re doing a pre-cruise land tour to Denali and Girdwood, ending at Seward for a couple of days before boarding our cruise. We pick up and return our rental car in Anchorage as the one way rental was exorbitant, we also don’t really need a vehicle in Seward. We’re an extended family group of five, two will go to Anchorage to return the car, then take the bus to Seward. The other three, including my 82 year old mom, need to get directly from Girdwood to Seward. What would be the best and most comfortable way to do this? I know there’s a train, is there a bus too? Any car rental available in Girdwood, was even considering a one day one way rental if the price was reasonable. Please let me know what you suggest, as always I look forward to your suggestions. So many of you have helped with my planning over the past 4-5 months, thank you for giving so generously of your time and knowledge 😊
  4. Thanks Tourist1292, that’s what I guessed. We’ll upgrade once on board, not such a big deal for 7 nights. Also the discount showing up on our saitis only 10%.
  5. We’re on the Millennium July 12 Southbound and want to upgrade to premium. My cruise planner shows 10% discount, would this apply for an upgrade? Thanks for replying!
  6. We’re on the Millennium July 12 Southbound and want to upgrade to premium. My cruise planner shows 10% discount, would this apply for an upgrade? Thanks for replying!
  7. prish

    Skagway Tour

    Sorry to hijack the OP’s post but I have a question about the Yukon and Klondike Highway drive. Does one go through a border check, can it lead to delays? Please let me know what your experiences have been, thanks 😊
  8. rma2001, can you please post the link to your VRBO apartment? Thanks! I found something similar and have asked for a quote but someone else is looking at it snd I’ll know only tomorrow if they’re booking it or not. This one also has an extra half bathroom, as you say we can stagger showers. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you for the detailed reply mapleleaves, gives me a lot of ideas. AuroraRose, rma2001 and masterdrago, looked at VRBO and Airbnb a little while ago. Prices are upwards of $300/night for our dates, also most places have just one bathroom, even the more expensive ones. Will keep looking, will also come back to you for suggestions... Thanks again dear friends, what would I do without you?!😃
  10. Thanks a lot AKStafford, I was looking at the narrated Tundra Wilderness tour. But now I see what you mean, thank you! https://www.nps.gov/dena/planyourvisit/bus-tours.htm Do you suggest staying on the same shuttle or does it make sense to get on and off? Will check out Raven Quest Cabins, how far away from town is it? We won’t have car as we’d have returned it at Anchorage. Thanks again, really do appreciate your taking the time to write 😊
  11. Hi, I have a couple of questions on two very different topics. We have two full days in Denali and I have been looking at various activities. I wanted to book the shuttle bus into Denali but am confused by the options. There’s two kinds of shuttles, one non narrated and the other with a driver/guide, which one do you suggest? The non narrated shuttle goes up to the Eielson Visitor centre at Mile 66 whereas the one with the guide stops at Mile 62. What’s the difference between the two, apart from the price? If you’ve taken the former have you got off the shuttle at certain spots and hopped onto the next one later? Sorry for sounding dumb but am rather confused about the whole process! Also, what do you suggest for the second day in the Denali area? My 80+ mom won’t be able to do the long shuttle tour and I’m trying to find something interesting where she could join us too. My second question is about where to stay in Seward, we’re there two nights and would like a condo or self catering unit. We’re going to be five adults. I welcome your comments and input, thanks in advance for your advice 😊
  12. prish

    Kayaking excursions?

    Thanks Budget Queen, yes, am sending them the info about Southwest and asking them to decide what they want to do 😊
  13. prish

    Kayaking excursions?

    Budget Queen, do you suggest any specific tours for Ketchikan? Or just see what’s on offer as we get off the ship? We’ll be there mid July and am thinking my nephew and niece would enjoy kayaking. Thanks in advance 😊
  14. Yes, we will definitely return the car in Anchorage after Girdwood and take the train down to Seward. cruisin’mama, thanks for the tip about using Costco, will price them too and compare with the others...
  15. Many thanks to all of you for taking the time to comment. As I suspected it’s the one-way drop off fee and charges which are killing, also the fact that Hertz is the only operator in Seward. Have now decided to do an Anc-Anc rental and go carless in Seward. We can take a taxi to the cruise terminal on the day of embarkation. One more question. Our itinerary is Anc-Denali-Girdwood-Seward. We will need the car in Girdwood, won’t we? So will go back to Anchorage after Girdwood and return the car, then take the train or bus/coach down to Seward. Does this make sense? Thanks again for your suggestions...😊
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