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  1. Thanks to TeaBag’s advice on an earlier thread, I called the 1-800-556-8209 around 1.30 ET on Saturday and got an agent within five minutes. Was able to book the Apex December 11, sailing, it’s 9 nights and we’re so looking forward to cruising again…👍🙂👍
  2. Just rescheduled for February 2023, same ship Infinity, same South America itinerary. The TAS rep was good enough to call X to ask if we could transfer to an Asian sailing, but as expected that’s a no go. The Infinity will be even more rundown 18+ months, but we want to hold on to our reservation for now. We booked onboard with only a $100 deposit, so there’s not much money at stake. I’m kicking myself for not doing a L&S to the March 4, 2023 Japan sailing on the Solstice, but I didn’t think they’d cancel South America this far ahead. Especially since Celebrity always waits till the last moment…
  3. Has anyone been able to do the equivalent of a L&S with these sailings? Spoke to a rep with our TA yesterday who said we can transfer to any destination or ship, except Edge class. Am going to call back later today and try again move our February South America to Asia for February 2023, wish me luck…
  4. Just one week to rebook is ridiculous! Plus you are only allowed to book the same ship, unlike earlier L&S, but I think Celebrity would prefer people cancel so they don’t have to honor the old price. We have 3 cabins on the February 27 Buenos Aires to Chile sailing. Originally supposed to be on the Silhouette in January 2022, then dates were changed to February when Infinity was brought in. We first booked onboard the Edge in December 2019, later got a great price drop with an extra perk. We most certainly want to keep the price and perks, so will rebook for March 2023, even though the date doesn’t really suit us. And then wait and watch…
  5. Yes, one of the older ships will go to South America, wish it was either the Millie, Summit or one of the S class ships.
  6. AstoriaPreppy, I echo your sentiments. We were booked on the Silhouette January 2022 Buenos Aires-Valparaiso sailing. Last year Celebrity decided to move Silly to the Caribbean and bring Infinity to South America. Dates of sailings were also changed and we rebooked on the February 27 one, now 13 days instead of the original 15. We really liked the Millennium when we last cruised in 2019, but as you say, she’s been retrofitted beautifully. A weather worn Infinity doesn’t really excite us and we’re not sure we’ll take the cruise. I’m waiting for the 2022/23 schedules to be announced and then transfer the booking to a new cruise. Or maybe Celebrity might bring in another ship...? One can always hope! 😉
  7. One option to keep our status would be to book a cruise for 2022, but we’re not quite yet ready for that and prefer to wait and watch the cruising protocols going forward. Anyway, as CYNSport says, the Azamara experience will probably cover so much more that we won’t miss the loyalty benefits...😊
  8. TeaBag, your points should stay as you have cruises booked on Azamara. We’ll probably miss out as we are only looking to book later this year.
  9. This would be for a yet to be booked 2022 cruise, as things stand we’re watching how the Covid situation evolves and don’t want to book anything until late summer or early fall. Unfortunately reciprocity looks unlikely...
  10. I just posted a question about reciprocal status from Celebrity, appears it won’t happen as we haven’t sailed Azamara in the past! 😟
  11. My family and I are Elite on Celebrity and want to sail Azamara for the first time in 2022. What do I have to do before I book a cruise to get reciprocal status? I believe that would be Discoverer. I called Azamara but the agent I got didn’t quite seem to understand my question. Can I do this online or will I need to actually book a cruise? At the present juncture we’re not too keen on tying up money with cruise lines, we just got refunds on cancelled cruises for this year. Thanks in advance 😊
  12. We also prefer the forward facing hump balcony on the starboard side. Though of course port shouldn’t matter if you’re going to be deck 7 or higher, we’ve never had issues with smokers on deck 5 portside.
  13. Good question as we too were considering this option. We have three cabins booked on an Argentina and Chile sailing for February 2022. Originally scheduled to be on the Silhouette but now on the Infinity as they switched ships. We aren’t happy with Infinity and are thinking of maybe transferring to the Millennium Panama Canal sailing in April 2022.
  14. We always did a combination of cruise and land tours. We usually rented apartments or houses for the land part, which allowed us to visit and explore in depth. The cruise would come in the middle part of the holiday and we really enjoyed the whole X experience, plus of course the ports, which gave us a taste of places we liked enough to visit again at a later date. We aren’t avid cruisers, just about once a year, but it’s been something we really loved right from the very first, 15+ years back. And we would still want to continue cruising, especially when we take our annual extended family vacation.
  15. Thanks for the info on Regent, I too will contact you for further details. We take just about one cruise a year, or even every other year, but have been loyal Celebrity customers and happy with their product and service. But we’re now looking for other options, especially since we cruise almost exclusively in Europe and are would like different ports and itineraries.
  16. Except for Alaska we cruise exclusively in Europe, our preference being for the 14N/15D sailings. But there’s fewer and fewer of them now, only a couple of 10/12 nighters. I remember in June 2014 we did a Venice-Istanbul 7 nighter and Celebrity had four such itineraries that month with only 2-3 ports being repeated. A couple of folks we did tours with were booked on a B2B2B. Nothing of that sort now, just the tried and tested formula!
  17. We’re in the same ‘’boat’’, only one cruise a year, if at all, and almost all exclusively on Celebrity. We always opted for the bev package, we aren’t huge drinkers, but we found it was worth it, what with the coffees and teas and water, plus wine with dinner and a nightcap for DH. Gratuites we always pay, and then some, so that’s okay too. The OBC was useful to pay for specialty dining and we never got wifi, our Elite minutes were more than enough to stay in touch with the office. Plus ports all have free wifi and that was enough to check on emails and send whatsapp messages to friends and family. As of now we only have one cruise with Celebrity, South America in March 2022. Not sure we’ll actually do it though, as the sailing is now on Infinity and not the Silhouette we’d originally booked. I have been looking at HAL and Royal for summer 2022, or maybe Panama Canal on Celebrity. But nothing decided as yet, I’ll look at the prices and itineraries first...
  18. If the Infinity and Connie are indeed transferred to Pullmantur, any idea which ships might replace them? Especially the South American itineraries we’re talking about now? Would love for the Silhouette to be brought back as per the original deployment...
  19. We’re also booked on the Infinity Chile-Argentina sailing in February 2022, originally scheduled to be on the Silhouette. We transferred to the Infinity a couple of months back, but aren’t too excited about the ship. Still a long way off, so we’ll see how it goes, though I don’t believe any revolutions will take place till at least 2023.
  20. Dani, the Nordkaap sailing almost always has only Flam or Geiranger, makes sense as they need to go much further up north. We did the southern fjords some years back and really enjoyed the Norway in a Nutshell train journey from Flam, my choice was based on that. But from what 4774Papa says it can be done from other ports too, so I need to research it some. Geiranger fjord was stunning, we later took a tour up to Dalsnibba and the Eagles Rd. All of Norway was gorgeous and we always rate that cruise as one of the best.
  21. Thank you markeb and Miaminice for the detailed description of the Radiance class ships. I read yesterday that the Jewel had been refurbished in 2017, do you know if the interiors were redone, especially the staterooms? I agree that people on these itineraries aren’t looking to party, nor would I except to see many children. My experience is that the majority on European sailings is looking to explore the ports.
  22. The Nordkaap sailing is on the Jewel, which Celebrity ship would you say she’s like? The refurbished Millie or the pre-revolution Infinity and Summit? We did Alaska on the Millie in July 2019 and she was lovely.
  23. Thanks a lot, would be most interested to read your review.
  24. You’re right, sorry, my mistake! Celebrity will now deploy Infinity in South America instead of the Silhouette, she’s being diverted to the Caribbean. We took the option of rebooking on Infinity, but aren’t happy with the change and haven’t decided if we want to do this cruise...
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