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  1. For an upcoming cruise on the Harmony out of Fort Lauderdale, we expect to get to the ship and board earlier than my parents. They will be arriving later and my mom is renting a scooter that she is picking up in the terminal since she has difficulty walking long distances. We don't want to wait to board until they arrive since I want to be able to get our dinner reservations set after boarding early. Would we be able to disembark when my parents arrive to help them with getting on the ship? I am sure they can do it by themselves but I know it makes they more comfortable to have us there to assist them if needed. Has anyone disembarked after boarding? Any issues with getting off and getting back on? Thanks!
  2. Was always on this cruise-well add more comments later but that band was awful. They didnt even know the words to the songs and needed their IPADS to help them. We were wondering if the "scheduled band" missed their flight or something. RCCL has to do better than that. Also disappointing no tribute band.
  3. So I disembarked from the Independence of the Seas on Monday and just checked my credit card. There were two charges on my credit card. The first was for the exact amount of the bill I received. The second was for $24.54. Of course I called and you guessed it, it was charged $12.27 twice for water/mini bar. The irony was there was nothing in the mini bar when we got there as well as no water in the room. It is too many people complaining to be mistakes.
  4. Does anyone know if there is a weight limit for the Pullman and if the length is the same as an average bed? Hoping my 5'9" 150 lb son can sleep on it.
  5. Has anyone taken the RCCL Dune Buggy Snorkel & Beach excursion from RCCL in Cozumel? If so, do you know if the dune buggies are standard or automatic transmission? Also, how many guests do the dune buggies hold? We called RCCL but they did not have an answer to the question. Thanks!
  6. Called RC directly and they could not offer any help. They said it is a good question but that information is not available in the description they have. Anyone that has done this excursion that could answer this would be appreciated!
  7. We will be taking the Independence of the Seas out of Fort Lauderdale with a party of five. The cruise leaves from Fort Lauderdale and goes to Mexico and returns. Four of us have current passports. The other person has nothing. I have read that because it is a closed loop trip that a Current Drivers License and an original birth certificate is sufficient. Has anyone ever sailed with this? Or would you recommend just getting the passport card? Thanks
  8. We booked the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort for a pre-cruise stay. WE booked a 2 King 2 Bedroom Oceanview Suite with Living Room and Full Kitchen (NOT Penthouse suite) for my husband and I and 3 kids ages 18, 19 & 21. Has anyone stayed in this room before and can share any details? Is this one suite or is it really 2 smaller adjoining suites together? I can only find the layout of the penthouse suite on the website and not this room. Any info would be appreciated!
  9. Has anyone taken the RCCL Dune Buggy Snorkel & Beach excursion from RCCL in Cozumel? If so, do you know if the dune buggies are standard or automatic transmission? Also, how many guests do the dune buggies hold? Thanks!
  10. We have transfers booked with NCL to take us from Barcelona airport to our hotel in Barcelona that we also booked through NCL. However, in our cruise documents, there aren't any details about how the transfer works. Where do we meet the transfer at the airport? If there is anyone else that used NCL transfers from BCN to their hotel I would appreciate any info you could share about how the process worked. Thanks!
  11. I saw the guidelines on the website to dress with decorum but was looking for more first hand experience on how that is interpreted.
  12. What is the dress code to visit Sagrada? Would men wearing shorts that go past their knees be admitted or do they need to wear long pants?
  13. Sailing on the Epic in just over a week so eagerly await the rest of your review!
  14. For those who visited La Familia Sagrada on your own without a guided tour or audio guide, how long did your visit last? Also, if we only purchase admission without a Tower lift, is it possible to add on a ride up one of the Towers when we are there? Can you purchase tickets in the church for it? I am not sure if we will have time to go up the towers yet so don't want to pre-purchase it.
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