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  1. We just got off the Joy and ate in all the specialty restaurants. In Teppanyaki, you select your entrée and then you get all the rest of the stuff (edame, salad, miso soup, fried rice, vegetables and dessert). In the a la carte restaurants, they told us what we could order when they gave us the menus but it was typically 2 starters (appetizers/salad/soup), 1 entrée, 2 sides if they were listed separately and 1 dessert. More than enough food. In Food Republic, we each got to select 4 items which was also more than enough. We did not have any restrictions or upcharges - ex: surf & turf (filet and lobster) in Cagney's and grilled whole lobster in Ocean Blue was included. We enjoyed all the specialty restaurants and was happy with the food quality.
  2. Just got off the Joy and there were theme nights in the buffet and The Local. Though we didn't eat in either location, they were well publicized in the Freestyle Daily and with signs around the ship.
  3. Is it preferable to see the Abbey Road show on the Joy in the Cavern Club instead of the Joy Theater? Is it the same show in both locations?
  4. What is the show length of Footloose on the Joy?
  5. thanks- wishing they can get their act together.
  6. We are booked on the Joy on September 7 and the entertainment reservations are still not available. Is this unusual? Isnt it typically 90-120 days when it is opened up? Other people on the cruise all have the same issue. Is there anyone to contact? Thanks in advance.
  7. We have sailed several times in the Haven/suite and also in regular balcony cabins/mini-suite. I am not sure if I have a specific dollar amount that I use. I think it is more of when we want a more special vacation since we have done the Haven/suites when we have cruised in Europe, Hawaii and Alaska. For the Caribbean, we have sailed in regular balcony cabins or mini-suites. We do love the Haven though since it allows us access to the larger ships with better entertainment options, more restaurants, more activities etc. but also allows us more personal service. Some of the things we like best about the Haven and adds value to us (this has been our experience and I am sure others' experience have varied): Breakfast in the Haven restaurant - such a nice way to start the day with a wonderful breakfast served by the same staff every day in a relaxing environment. French pressed coffee and a varied menu with great options. Small buffet also available where you can get some fruit/pastries while you wait for your meal to be served. So much nicer than the hectic buffet. One morning we decided to just go to the buffet for a quicker breakfast but realized by the time you fight the crowds and get what you want from the various stations and then find a clean table and eat that we did not save any time. Haven pool / sun deck - more comfortable padded lounges with space between them so that your lounge chair is not touching the one next to you. No need to get out to the pool deck to get a good chair in the sun/shade before breakfast. Can decide to go any time of the day knowing that you will find a good chair. Having the butler serve you a nice lunch on your balcony upon returning from an excursion (pre-arranged) without having to shower/change first to eat in a restaurant or having to grab something at the buffet (we are just not fans of the buffet) or other quick serve location. We enjoy the specialty restaurants and will go to them on several nights but it is also nice to have the Haven restaurants on those other nights instead of the main dining rooms. Better service and nice atmosphere. Afternoon snacks delivered to your room - always enjoy the surprise we get each afternoon that we pick on when getting ready for dinner. Fresh flowers in our room - not sure if they still do this but we have previously had a fresh flower arrangement in our room upon embarkation which lasted all week. I love flowers, so though definitely not a necessity, it was a nice touch that I appreciate. Express disembarkation - Concierge can hold an elevator for Haven use and can escort you off the ship quickly at ports of call. Nice perk when you need to meet at a specific time for an excursion. Concierge - having that direct point of contact for anything you need on the ship - questions, dinner reservations, show reservations etc. Pool towels - don't need to swipe card for towels or exchange them for a dry towel Butler - some have been better than others but again it is nice to have that personal contact for anything you need. Larger rooms - bigger bathrooms and closets. Nice size balconies. In our Epic 2 bedroom room, shower and tub with ocean views - wonderful experience Reserved seating in the theater - we know the seats are not the best but they are good and we don't have to arrive at the theater 30+ minutes before the show to get good seats. More time to enjoy other things! Haven lounge - nice close place to meet up with the rest of your group when sailing with friends/family Being escorted onto the ship by your butler and being able to make arrangements needed with the concierge instead of rushing around the ship to get that done. Nice way to start the vacation. Value is very individualized but these are the things we enjoyed. I would and do cruise without it but do appreciate it when we choose to sail in the Haven.
  8. Thanks! Do you remember when you were able to book the shows? We are less than 120 days out and still can't book the shows. We called NCL and they said they should be available to book at 120 days prior to sailing but we keep checking every day but they are still not available.
  9. Were you able to book any shows (Footloose, Elements, Comedy etc.) prior to boarding the ship? Or could you only book the shows once onboard?
  10. For an upcoming cruise on the Harmony out of Fort Lauderdale, we expect to get to the ship and board earlier than my parents. They will be arriving later and my mom is renting a scooter that she is picking up in the terminal since she has difficulty walking long distances. We don't want to wait to board until they arrive since I want to be able to get our dinner reservations set after boarding early. Would we be able to disembark when my parents arrive to help them with getting on the ship? I am sure they can do it by themselves but I know it makes they more comfortable to have us there to assist them if needed. Has anyone disembarked after boarding? Any issues with getting off and getting back on? Thanks!
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