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  1. We were originally booked for an extensive trip around NZ and then another week in Australia back in January 2021. That obviously got cancelled, and now we're trying to plan something for 2023 but even that far out I'm still not sure if/when we'll ever get to go. We've been working with a TA over there in NZ, and the ballpark prices have also gone up significantly since our original booking for this year. (about 4K for the flights, and another 4K for the hotels, car rentals, and day trips we were planning - ouch)
  2. August 28th sailing to Alaska only has these 3 options show up:
  3. We were originally booked on this tour, and those photos are exactly why we chickened out. Hubby is a bit claustrophobic, and if he had to wait on long lines like that to walk through rocks - not sure he would be ok. I had read that there were also some sections you had to navigate via ladders - is that true? Or just the narrow rock passageways? If I ever head back to Tortola I'll see if I can skip the rock section and just go straight to the baths themselves.
  4. Not where I am. What size? I'll give it to you in Iceland 😉
  5. We were on the 10 day sailing with all ABC stops in January shortly before you. This is bringing back good memories.
  6. Too lazy to read through all the pages here, but another to thing to consider is that when they first opened the sailing up it was limited capacity. Now with successful sailings under their belt they may have been given permission to open up more rooms for booking. So if they suddenly have another 1000 cabins to book, they want bodies in them. Hence the price drops to get the rooms filled. Even at a steep discount, a body on board is spending money on excursions, drinks, dining, etc. Same thing with sports arenas... it's always better for them to fill a butt in a seat f
  7. My guess is some type of seal/walrus/sea lion. We don't have those fellas on the East Coast, so if any of the above answers are in the ballpark I call it a win. Came across this shirt online and it made me think of you for some reason...
  8. I don't know what's in that chocolate ball, but I want it in my belly.
  9. We're in an HC on the Encore sailing to Alaska, and this is the minimum bids for us: H2 - Deluxe Owners Suite $850/pp H5 - 2br Villa w/Large Balcony $700/pp H6 - 2br Villa w/Balcony $700/pp I assume folks starting from an HB will be slightly cheaper.
  10. I thought you've escalated your beer drinking game high enough to not even consider the distant association with those lower tier brews?
  11. Still locked out of my Jewel of the Seas trip on 10/2/21.
  12. Didn't stay in one myself, but when we were on the Jade in the DOS had made friends through the roll call here on CC with the guy who was booked in one of the GV. He invited us to come in and take a tour, and invited us to hang out with all of their friends every night. Super down to earth guy, just wish I could remember his CC name to see if he's still hanging around here. Adam - where are you? They had large coolers brought up to the room filled with beer, and multiple bottles of liquor at their bar. Non-stop party in that suite, with the butler at their beck and call. He taught
  13. Sorry, headed there for the first time myself in October after you sail so I can't be much help.
  14. We're on the Jewel of the Seas in October this year, lowest the price has been was $59/pp/day.
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