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  1. Sailing12Away

    Butler Unpacking

    I was thinking the same thing. Not that I plan on putting anything naughty into my suitcase, but I'm particular about what gets hung up vs thrown into a drawer. We'll be in the DOS on the Jade in 14 days, first time in Haven for us.
  2. Sailing12Away

    Last Minute Advice for Epic

    Looks like you went in with the right attitude and had a great trip as a result. Hopefully others can learn from this and focus more on what is great and less on minor complaints.
  3. Sailing12Away

    Take 6 promotion worth it?

    I've had my account number stolen from Amex 4x within a 2 yr period. They would then send me a new replacement card that was identical to my previous, with the exception of the last 4 numbers. Guess how long until that number was stolen again.... Their security is horrendous too, I was able to use my old card verification number with the new card. Switched to CapitalOne and I've had zero problems and gotten way more back in rewards than I ever did with Amex. Oh, and the annual fee is only $90. To each their own, just like opinions on "free" perks.
  4. Sailing12Away

    Take 6 promotion worth it?

    100% worth it for us as well. We won't sail without an unlimited beverage package, the specialty dining is a nice bonus, internet I can take or leave - I have no intention of working while on vacation and FB check-ins can wait till I get home. Last May we brought my MIL with us for free on a 7 day Mediterranean journey, and so far the 'free/discounted' airfare has always come in cheaper than me booking direct with Delta or AA on my own. So we will continue to check NCL itineraries first so long as these perks are there.
  5. Sailing12Away

    Alternatives to NCL?

    Ahh, well I would personally never book a sail away rate. I like knowing exactly which room I'm in, making sure it is in a spot good for me, a floor I prefer, and not an obstructed view if I'm paying extra for a view. So if all of your calculations are based on a rate that I would never pick in the first place, I guess we're at an impasse. I also don't drink coffee, I bring my own refillable water bottle (never had a problem refilling it at the buffet), and have been fine with the fresh juices available for free at the buffet. So again, I'm not "missing" anything that RCC includes but NCL does not.
  6. Sailing12Away

    Alternatives to NCL?

    I'm not sure I understand your math. You're saying that with RCC it would be $41/day. All my cruises with NCL so far have been $20/day with the "free" UBP perk. So I'm not understanding how the RCC drink package is better or even comparable.
  7. Sailing12Away

    Pride of America Cruise Report 9/1 - 9/8/2018

    Also looking forward to seeing more, booked on POA this coming July. Was it easy to navigate the car rentals? The pick up and returns? The overnight parking situation? Worth it or did you waste several hours of back and forth? We're also booked on deck 9 in a large balcony room. Did you ever get sun out there to lay on the loungers in the sun? It looks pretty covered up with just fresh air blowing through.
  8. Sailing12Away

    Last Minute Advice for Epic

    We got there about 45 mins early and also grabbed the last 2 seats. Had a drink while waiting and watching the entire room fill up with standing room only, and then not even room for that. Worth it though, wish we had caught them other nights as well as we didn't realize the set list was different each night.
  9. Sailing12Away

    Free Style Card Color?

    For what it's worth, my card was the purple shell in a mini suite on the Epic in May 2018. It was my first NCL cruise as well.
  10. Sailing12Away

    Alternatives to NCL?

    How does the drink package work on RCC though? I've never seen them offer a freebie comparable to NCL's UBP. RCC also doesn't advertise their drink packages up front when you're pricing out your trip, meaning you think it's a great deal until you find out you have to pay an extra few hundred for drinks after the fact.
  11. Sailing12Away

    UBP question with 3 people in cabin

    When you get on/off the ship use your own card, but for drinks my MIL used my card from time to time. She's got 25yrs on me, so if they do see your photo no one ever bothered to check.
  12. Sailing12Away

    Alternatives to NCL?

    In my younger days my family always sailed with RCC. Now that I'm adulting myself (just hit 40 this year) we opted to go with NCL last May, and have 3 more trips booked with them coming up. The thing which swayed us and has kept us with NCL is the overall vibe and targeted clientele of the lines. We've always been told that Carnival is the Walmart of cruising. Sure, there are exceptions, and not every Carnival sailing is wrought with issues and bar brawls, but if I was a betting woman and had to pick which cruise line would show up next in the news with unruly passengers, you know where my money is going. Not to sound snobbish, but if the price of the trip is low enough, it will be affordable to more categories of passengers. Some of which lack basic etiquette and manners. On the flip side, I've heard that Celebrity/Princess is the geriatric cruise line. Bingo games, 50's lounge music everywhere, more quiet and subdued. Also not my cup of tea. Royal tends to be more family focused - rock climbing walls, surfing pools, zip lines.... and like Jamie, I have no kids and can tolerate them in small mild doses, but a ship that caters to families with children is also not ideal for us. When we get our hearts set on a destination I always check several other cruise lines, but I've not yet found one that matches the itinerary we want, the time period we want, and when you do a true comparison with similar sized rooms and perks (UBP is a must for us), NCL has always come out on top. I'd love to try MSC one day as I've heard good things about them (we would enjoy the more European flair that it seems to have with regards to food and entertainment, although others prefer the more American-ized ships like NCL), but they're always a solid 1-2K more than NCL for a similar sailing. I do find it interesting though that Jamie prefers ships that leave out of NY, whereas me, being only 20 miles from the NY dock, I have zero interest in cruises leaving out of here. Unless you're sailing in the summer (with kids and higher prices), you can't even go outside and enjoy the ship and views for the first 2 days of your trip. We prefer using the ship as a means to get to some awesome places, and don't care much for sea days. So I would much rather fly somewhere and get to my destinations, than take 3 days sailing there.
  13. Sailing12Away

    UBP question with 3 people in cabin

    Silly question - but why can''t you just swap cards? I know it's "illegal" to share cards, but it's not like they pull up your picture when you order your drinks. My MIL was our 3rd guest, and although she's not a big drinker, on one or 2 nights she would take my card and head to the atrium ahead of us and get herself something while waiting for us to get dressed and join her. Never had a problem.
  14. Sailing12Away

    Haven pricing - How high will they go?

    I don't think it's an issue of not comparison shopping, I think it's more along the lines of finding what you are personally comfortable with. It's also nearly impossible (without lots of time and research) to get a true apples-apples comparison. I tried looking up our next cruise on multiple lines to price compare the cost pp/day, MSC would be $100 higher, Celebrity would be a whopping $350 higher, and Royal would be a whopping $200 cheaper. However - Royal did not include any drink package, specialty dining package or any other perks. So when you factor that in, you're back on par with NCL. It's all about strategic marketing and making people think they're getting a great price, but conveniently forgetting to tell them that it doesn't include X,Y or Z which is standard with the other guys.