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  1. Thanks for the reply, From start to end it felt like a budget cruise and we have sailed many times with both P&O and on Oceana, 7 days and only 2 production shows, the food in the MDR was as usual but OMG we only called in the buffet at lunchtime once and though I know it was half term but did they need to have school dinners, even saw one bloke get a handful of food and stuff it in his mouth on the way out. With all the virus issues no one seemed to bother about not using the hand gel in the buffet, though they did at the MDR.
  2. Thanks for the information, we were on this cruise. Apart from the late start, changing Amsterdam for Rotterdam , missing Zeebruge in some of the calmest sees we have sailed in and having to change cabin because of the noise from the disco until past 3am not to mention the toilet in constant siphoning mode until 1 am after being reported 3 times since it started in the afternoon. I would think that that these things may just creep into the significant bracket (just get my tongue out of my cheek). We have made a complaint but may have to wait 28 days for a reply. This is also the first time we
  3. Just come back from Oceana, we had a top grade "HA" balcony nice midships. even though the disco in "La Club" is 2 floors below under the Winners bar they turn up the volume after 12 pm when the act in winners bar has ended. The bass sound can be heard very loud in the cabin and this continues till around 3.30. we asked the officer in reception to come and witness the noise and she agreed it was bad and said she would ask them to turn it down. This reduced the sound for a few minutes and then it was turned up again, this went on three times until we were given an identical cabin on the other s
  4. Having been informed by P&O that there is a technical issue with luggage tags on the cruise personaliser being unprintable for some customers, I feel it may be of help if I shared the fix I have found instead of P&O option of getting to the port and trying to find someone who could give me some tags. I have this advice that should be of use to other customers experiencing the same issues. If you right click in the blank area of the PDF and select "copy", then open MS Paint and "paste" the image; it can then be cropped to correct size and printed. Hope this is of help to you.
  5. Hi, got tickets at last but there was a bug in the PDF for luggage tags that will not let me print them. system now showing unable to retrieve your data. 🤬
  6. Hi Just been on today, hooray tickets and tags are ready but!!!! PDF will nor load from the site so can't print them off. Will let you know if it gets any better.👎
  7. Well it's back on this morning, but I have noticed a change in the section where you get your tickets and tags. Last week it said that tickets would not be available until 5 weeks before you cruise, that has now changed to 4 weeks.😴
  8. Hi I am getting the same message, not too worried I will just turn up at Southampton with my booking and no tickets or luggage tags and give them some work to do. In the past with problems unable to resolve I have emailed the CEO it is quite easy to get his details, dont think they will let me put it on here, but it is available on the net just put in CEO P&O cruises email and it will take you to the site. I am just one more attempt to get on the site before I escalate in this manner. I have tried to send an email from the home page but that does not seem to work either.😫
  9. Hi found the same issue, if you click on the "week" tab and then select a day that you know will be "evening casual" you will also find that there are no black tie nights. So I think the choice must be decide what you want to wear for the cruise, formal or casual every night then screen dump the page and flash it at the head waiter if they try to turn you away. This will suit the people who don't. I will leave it at that and take my tongue out of my cheek.
  10. This is the first time I have used the new system, having been very familiar with the "cruise personaliser". Every day for the past few days there has been a banner stating that they are having technical issues and I would have expected that to have been rectified in hours not days or weeks. Several times my login information has been wiped out and there is no idication of your cabin number on the site. It just seems very unfriendly and a bit disjointed, filling in your details prior to the cruise used to be well signposted with red flags on the home page; but now you have to search through th
  11. It's a bit like people who say they don't like cruising, but have never been on a cruise. regarding Ballet don't knock it till you have tried it.
  12. So do they expect everyone to have Twitter and social media, due to personal preferences and because of my employment restrictions I can't but also don't wish to use it. It does seem a bit presumptuous of Celebrity to expect this.
  13. Too true was only trying to help others from being ripped off, too many trolls on these sites who just seem to want to ruffle feathers and get a response (well this is your first 2 responses) These sites should be about helping each other, and giving useful information; we are all a bit too old now to be told off by the teacher. PS, when have cruise lines ever been publicising the price of the shuttle, you only find out the night before when it is in the daily programme.
  14. Ok the coffee is free on a classic package and not the alcohol coffee, but if you get the coffee and get the alcohol from the bar and surprise, surprise you have an alcohol coffee!! Call me a skinflint if you like but it works fine for me and you can have a very strong coffee instead. The message is use the package to your benefit.
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