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  1. We've sailed on Celebrity Summit twice with our son (he was 11 and then 12 on the cruises). To put things in perspective, we have also done 5 Disney cruises, 3 NCL, Paul Gauguin and Lindblad. He really enjoys Celebrity. It's very laid back compared to DCL and NCL. The kids clubs are much smaller and more personal and, because of that, he had an easier time making friends in his age group. Except on sea days, he also, typically, only spent evenings in the kids club. The rest of the time was spent on shore excursions and having meals with us. I think if your kids are ok with a less sensory-overloaded experience (my son really couldn't handle the chaos of the DCL kids clubs any longer), they will enjoy themselves.
  2. That is how I interpreted it. We have an existing booking for December 2020 (during a holiday sailing). My interpretation is that I can change our cruise to a holiday cruise in 2021 (or within four weeks of our original cruise date in the following year) on a similar itinerary (Caribbean), class of ship (we are on the Summit) and similar stateroom (we have a CS, so I would assume they would need us to book CS or higher). I looked at similar December cruises for the following year and nothing is of interest to us (very similar itineraries to what we've already done), so we will probably opt for the FCC if we don't feel comfortable sailing in December 2020 (if they are even sailing then). I was pleasantly surprised that we were included in the offer this far out. Our PIF isn't until September, so I have plenty of time to decide. We have a non-refundable deposit and I am thrilled we can now use 100% of that toward a different cruise if need be. They could very well have kept us to the original terms and conditions of our NRD. Honestly, I was about to write off cruising altogether, but with RCCL and X signing the letter to get their crew home and now this extension of Cruise with Confidence to their guests, I feel a little better about X as a cruise line. I love the fact that we can now use our deposit and not even cruise until May 2022 if need be. Just gives us some breathing room.
  3. What type of suite did you book? When we booked a Royal Suite two years ago, the beverage package was included for all of us (me, husband and 1 child). We were in a Celebrity Suite last year and the beverage package was only included for me and my husband. Neither of us drink alcohol, so X saved a ton of money on us, but they did not include a beverage package for our son. We "circumvented" this, in a way, by upgrading to the "Drinks and More" package (if memory serves, it cost about $120 to upgrade, but we then got $100 in casino chips, which we used, so it was essentially $20). With "Drinks and More", you get your mini-fridge stocked (we asked for all non-alcoholic beverages), so my son had access to bottled water and soda all cruise long for far less than what we would pay to purchase him a beverage package. He could also order sodas in Luminae and get whatever he wanted in the Retreat Lounge (not the sundeck - they were checking for beverage packages up there). I should point out, again, if you are sailing in a Royal Suite or higher, there would be no need to do this as your mini-fridge will already be stocked. I mean, you could certainly call and ask if they would comp the third beverage package, but I would have some other ideas in hand in case they say no. We just found the combination of "Drinks and More", Luminae and the Retreat Lounge provided my son with enough beverage choices so we didn't need to purchase an expensive package for him.
  4. We've been on the Summit twice, both times in suites. Luminae is fantastic! It was actually even better on our second cruise. If you were in a Royal or Penthouse where specialty dining is included, I would say go for it, but I would not spend extra on a specialty restaurant when staying in a Sky Suite. Luminae is really good!
  5. Yes, I saw RCCL and X signed the CDC letter. Kudos to them: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article242471226.html
  6. It is my understanding that 50% capacity is an average day at MK. 100% would represent a day more like New Year's Eve when it is packed to the gills. I would think, in order to maintain social distancing, WDW would have to limit capacity even lower than 50%? If I heard correctly, FL is giving the large theme parks free reign to figure out how they want to re-open, so it will be interesting to see if and how Disney ultimately decides to limit capacity. I would love to see the capacity lowered to something you might experience on one of the "After Hours" evenings, but I don't know if you could make a profit on that if you still allowed people to enter on a traditional day or multi-day ticket or an AP. I'm sure they are crunching the numbers furiously to figure this out!
  7. Yes, I'm with you on that! We have been under stay-at-home orders for the past 7 weeks and can't wait for this all to be over. I had seen a different projection a few days ago that had this going on for about two years, so I guess I was just happy to see something a little more optimistic!!! I hope you continue to stay well!
  8. Thanks so much, Stockjock! If things actually pan out based on this projection, we are certainly headed in the right direction. I would love for this projection to be true!
  9. Those poor crew members. It sounds like a living nightmare.
  10. I can't comment on the Sky Suite, but can comment on Le Petit Chef. It was a one-and-done for us. The technology was pretty cool, but, the pacing of the meal is so slow and, while the food was fine, it is certainly not up to the quality of what we found at other specialty restaurants. My feelings are probably influenced by the fact, that, on the night we attended, even though they had left a card in our room asking us to arrive 15 minutes prior to the stated seating time, many guests arrived late and they held the start of the meal by 20 minutes . . . they also ran out of dessert at the end of the meal and I don't know how that happens when you only serve one dessert and you know exactly how many guests you have seated for dinner. Anyway, unless you absolutely have to see the projection show, I would save your money and spend it elsewhere. This experience is not about the food.
  11. I like how age 50 is not an option. It's either under 50 or 51-69. It's all good. I turn the age that does not exist in this poll this year. For purposes of this poll, I shall remain 49! 🙂
  12. I would definitely get any refundable money off of that reservation ASAP. If your only option is to transfer it to a RD booking, I would do that. If they would outright refund that excess payment because you are before PIF, I would do that instead.
  13. I think when people refer to testing they are talking about not only testing for the virus but also anti-body testing which can tell you if you've had the virus or were exposed. I, personally, would love to be able to take an anti-body test as I believe I may have had the virus weeks ago but did not qualify for testing because, at the time, I did not fit the CDC's criteria.
  14. I'm the one who initially posted the number which I got from an article published on April 1, so it must be out-of-date at this point. Thanks for the update.
  15. Totally valid points!!! Yes, they definitely have the infrastructure to do it. I thought you meant cruising now!! So sorry about that.
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