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  1. This is very good to know! Yes, I remember on the AMASiena deck plan it said "lower sun deck", so that must be the 1/3 forward area you are talking about. That would be lovely, actually. If my son could swim just a little bit during the sailing and we still have some outdoor area to enjoy while sailing (even if we have to leave and come back), that would be awesome. Thank you so much for the very detailed information! Enjoy Berchtesgaden - we visited in 2014 and, though we didn't visit Eagles Nest, we went to the Salt Mine which was incredibly interesting and really fun! Such a beautiful area! Hope to get to Neuschwanstein Castle someday!
  2. Thank you so much, everyone! This is great info. I just spoke to Amawaterways and, while the answer was a little vague, the rep did state they try to keep the sundeck open as much as possible. I think that's fine. The ship we are looking at has a lower outdoor area plus we would have a french balcony. I don't want to pass up a good itinerary just because of a sundeck. I think we will, most likely, book this itinerary and combine it with a land tour of Nuremberg, Munich, Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin? I'm the history buff in the family, so I really appreciate the sight-seeing tips as well! Thank you!
  3. Hi! Thanks for all of the replies I've received on my other threads as I contemplate different cruises and different cruise lines! After looking at a few Rhine cruises and hearing feedback that you have to take buses in many of the ports on the Rhine, I've turned my attention to an Amawaterways "Europe's Rivers & Castles" river cruise that starts in Luxembourg and ends in Nuremberg. It looks lovely and as my husband's main goal of the trip is to see Germany, I thought this particular itinerary might appeal to him more. I just read a thread, however, that mentioned most river cruise ships close their sundecks while on the Main and Main-Danube Canal. Can anyone share their experience with this? As I mentioned, the cruise starts in Luxembourg and then goes to Trier, Bernkastel, Koblenz, Rudesheim, Wertheim, Wurzburg, Bamberg and Nuremberg. We are looking at booking on the AmaSiena which is a newer ship with a pool and I really would love to take advantage of the pool and sundeck, if possible, and am just trying to get a sense, in advance, if this will even be possible. Thank you!
  4. Wow! Thank you so much, everyone, for this incredibly useful feedback! Based on all of the responses, I think I am leaning toward the 14-night London cruise on the Symphony. I am also going to investigate some Moselle river cruises (thank you for the suggestion, RLMSLL!). I will call Crystal to see if they can tell me how many kids are already booked for the London cruise. It is very reassuring to hear that younger families have enjoyed the Crystal ocean cruises and that the staff was quite amenable to the children onboard! Thank you so much!
  5. I won't shoot you, LOL! I know a lot of adults feel that way. That's too bad about the scowl! My DS11 wouldn't be scowling. We just did a Lindblad/Nat. Geo Galapagos cruise and he was into absolutely everything - he loved it! My husband, not so much - he was the one scowling on that trip - too many early mornings and too "rustic" as he would put it. It's one of the reasons I was looking at Crystal - it doesn't look rustic AT ALL!! 🙂 Just trying to find a good balance so both my husband and my son enjoy the trip. Thank you for your comments! I understand there may be many adults on a Crystal river cruise that might feel this way. We did a Celebrity cruise in December and I sort of got the same "vibe" in terms of age demographics, though my son really enjoyed that cruise as well. Ok - food for thought - thank you!
  6. Hi everyone! I am in the process of researching our family's annual "big trip" for 2020. Our family consists of me (48), my husband (53) and our son (age 12 at time of sailing in 2020). We typically do one international trip, per year (we live in the US) and we've done tour group trips, cruises, expeditions and DIY tours that I've put together on our own. Our son is very well-traveled and well-behaved. A Basel/Amsterdam river cruise is on my bucket list and I've already researched the Adventures by Disney/Amawaterways and UniWorld options. They look fine and certainly the new AmaMora ship that Adventures by Disney will use next year looks beautiful. However, my husband really enjoys more high-end travel, so I started looking at Crystal. The ships and amenities look stunning. I'm currently looking at possibly the Basel to Amsterdam river cruise on the Debussy or the London to London cruise next July on the Symphony. It looks like the Symphony actually has a kids program which my son might enjoy, but he is also very happy just swimming, playing chess, reading a book or playing cards with us. I'm just wondering - do you see children on Crystal? Or will we be severely out of place. Thank you so much for your thoughts.
  7. Oh! I'll have to look for that review! More river cruising would be just fine with me! 🙂 It sounds amazing. I'm lucky that he likes to travel and have adventures. I've already shown him videos of some of the river cruise ships and he is "onboard", so to speak!
  8. Thank you all, so much, for such valuable information, suggestions and feedback! I am now leaning toward Uniworld Generations and the Adventures by Disney option with AmaWaterways. Though I think he would be fine on a regular Ama river cruise, I know he would like having the option of hanging out in Uniworld's "kids" room or having dinner with the other kids on the Disney Ama cruise. He is totally fine traipsing through European cities and towns with just me and my husband and, in fact, we will probably drive through Germany on our own prior to this cruise, but I think he would enjoy hanging out with some other kids for at least the cruise portion of the trip. I'll do a little more research and start pricing things out. Thank you!
  9. We used "The Limo People" for our transfers in San Juan - they picked us up at the airport for a transfer to El Convento, then from El Convento to the port and then port to airport. They were fantastic. On time, nice drivers and clean, modern cars. We will use them again for our cruise in December.
  10. I just glanced at Uniworld - WOW! I will definitely take a further look. Thank you so much!
  11. Hello everyone! I have had a river cruise on my bucket list for quite a while and am seriously considering a Rhine River cruise for next summer. We are a family of 3 - my husband, me and our son who will be 12-years old at the time. For context, we have traveled quite extensively with our son including fairly long land vacations (3 weeks in Central Europe, 3 weeks in Greece), plus big cruises (NCL, DCL and X) and two smaller cruises (Paul Gauguin and Lindblad/Nat. Geo). My son is fairly mature in terms of dining (well-behaved, will eat and sample anything and everything) and is not loud or boisterous. We just did the Galapagos with Nat. Geo/Lindblad and he took part in all of the excursions (hikes, snorkeling, etc) and was very interested in everything we experienced. My inclination is to think he would be ok on AmaWaterways without a lot of other kids onboard, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the excursions offered as the descriptions on the website are pretty sparse. I am looking, in particular at the Rhine cruise that goes from Basel to Amsterdam (or vice versa). I know we could book Adventures by Disney's Rhine cruise (which partners with Ama), but it's almost $10k more and I'm not sure if we really need Disney to make this trip work for us or if their "extras" are worth $10k more. I'm wondering if anyone who has traveled with children on Ama (or traveled on Ama with other children on board) could weigh in on their experience?
  12. I actually had zero issue doing this exact thing for our Summit cruise last December. The only difference is I added a connecting cabin and it was for a third guest listed on our stateroom. After final payment last September, I noticed the cabin connecting to ours was available at a steep discount so called to ask if I could take our 11-year old off of our cabin and put him in the connecting one. They not only said yes, but applied his payment from the original cabin to the new one. I was fully expecting to forfeit his payment as we were past PIF, so it was a nice surprise. In OP’s case where there are only 2 in the cabin, I would fully expect Celebrity to not make any refund on the existing cabin and charge single supplement on the new booking. OP, perhaps your TA isn’t quite understanding what needs to transpire in terms of cancelling one of your daughters and rebooking her? Based on prevailing rates, it appears adding an aqua class cabin is going to cost an additional $6k above what you’ve already spent.
  13. I would just pack your patience and know you will really have to deal with all of this after you board. On our cruise on the Summit last December, we booked a RS (me, my husband and our 11-year old son). After paying in full, I noticed the concierge stateroom that connected to our RS was available at a significantly discounted price so I called Celebrity to see if I could book it for our son (so he could have a real bed to sleep on instead of a sofa bed). Not only did they transfer his payment from the RS to the concierge room, they assured me that because he was under 12, he would still retain all of the perks he would have had in the suite. I reconfirmed this information with Celebrity two more times prior to sailing. Great! Well, after we boarded, we went to Michael's Club and began hearing from the concierge that he didn't think that was correct and my son would not be able to go to Luminae, specialty dining, receive his beverage package, etc. Our butler then proceeded to tell us the same thing. I was livid. We went to Luminae that evening and I felt like we didn't even belong there even though I had just spent more money on this extra room just to get my son a real bed. If I had simply kept him listed in the RS, there wouldn't have been an issue. The Michael's Club concierge had contacted shoreside after we boarded and, by the next afternoon, finally got in touch with me to tell me I was correct - my son was supposed to get all of the perks except the beverage package (didn't argue as I just wanted things resolved at this point) and he had contacted all of the specialty restaurants. It DID get straightened out, but it was 24 hours of really wishing I hadn't even booked the cruise and thinking Celebrity's customer service was pretty darn poor as the right hand was definitely not communicating with the left. We did book again for this year, but we are all in the suite this year and I am not messing with connecting rooms in different categories again. I do hope they can get things straightened out for you so you can dine in Luminae, get the beverage package, etc., but just know shoreside and ship side sometimes are not on the same page.
  14. We disembarked the Summit in San Juan on Dec. 29, 2018. We had an 11:28 am flight and were through customs and in a private car at 8:45 am. We only had carry-on luggage and have TSA pre-check. We had so much time on our hands at the airport. As others have said, if there aren't a lot of ships in port and you can expedite your disembarkation process and airport transportation in any way, you should be fine. We are on the same cruise this year and I'm considering booking an earlier flight this time.
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