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  1. During our July Alaska cruise aboard Star Legend, our group of five found candles to be decidedly ho-hum.
  2. http://click.email.cruisecritic.com/?qs=b86f590b9bfc64d60ff10344da6d241868fa63fd00c2a6b073172d9a23fe92c09a3c666b07ecbf566db991d51af23e118f044eed680236867c4b636e8c89cddc
  3. Winding up my experience with using Luggage Forward to ship one piece of luggage to the Star Legend in Vancouver from my home in Palo Alto, CA. In a word — flawless. Easily booked on their website, picked up promptly, delivered to my suite on Star Legend. No issues, smooth. I will use again. As for the “official” library — I became known on board as the book lady for the tomes I left in the library and handed to fellow passengers. The expedition staffers and naturalists were especially appreciative. They asked, and I had to answer, “Yes, I’m a librarian.”
  4. As of now, before stretch, Star ships have owners suites between 575-645sqft, and classic suites of 400sqft.
  5. But Wind Surf still, has smaller cabins than the motor yachts, yes? 312 guests on Wind Surf, 212 on The Star ships.
  6. I should have said I am looking only at the motor yacht sailings, the Star series. The sail yachts too small for us.
  7. Yikes, not February 5th. July 5th. I‘ve been off kilter for weeks. Yesterday I thought it was October.
  8. If my beloved however demented husband is up for this, I am likely to book a transit voyage December-March. The trick for us will be booking an owner's suite or the next category down (classic?).
  9. Here is an update on the process with Luggage Forward. Early last week they sent me the label packet with instructions (easy to follow). They said my bag would be picked up at my home on February 5th between 1-3pm. At 1:30pm today, Feb. 5th, I received email notification that the bag had been picked up. So, pretty easy.
  10. We sailed that itinerary in 2017 on Star Pride and could not have been happier.
  11. Jim and I were very happy in an owner's suite last summer aboard the Star Pride on its Midnight Sun cruise out of Edinburgh to Iceland via Norway and the Faroes. The only perk is being ushered into a very nice area and being checked in separately from other guests. There was a lovely bouquet in the suite but I don't know if others received same. Perk or not, lovely. The suite is, as indicated above, a true suite, around 640sq.ft. The outside deck was furnished with table, two chairs, and two sun loungers. The living room is very comfortable with good seating. Extra half bath. We probably spend more time in iur duite than do ithers; playing chess or scrabble, reading, gawking at the views from our deck. A couple of times sea gulls befowled our windows so the steward cleaned the windows to spotless. Suite was very quiet, never any noise. Hot tub in use at times but we suffered no discomfort therefore. In just about a month we'll board the Star Pride in Vancouver for an Alaska cruise, once again in an owner's suite. Very excited!
  12. FYI, I travel often with my CPAP, always in checked baggage. Nary a problem in 12 years. Thus, I've zero qualms in chucking it (well padded) into the bag Luggage Forward will speed to our Star Legend suite in Vancouver. I am a copacetic traveler in the main.
  13. This reminds me of the prescriptivists vs descriptivists dictionary wars ... the descriptivists won by a large margin. But, that particular war was much more civilized than the one in this thread in which those upholding standards are not much observing politesse.
  14. More reading for cruises: Stories of the Sea edited by Diana Secker Tesdell Poems of the Sea edited by J.D. McClatchy
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