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  1. HA HA now that I get it, it becomes even more annoying! thanks
  2. Yes, thank you greykitty. That is it precisely.
  3. I can only be somewhat helpful with this because I am very unpracticed with internet however, I'll repeat what I read and then grab it quickly because I don't know if it is allowed to be posted". Re: Regent... I was invited as an influencer dah dah dah"... Crazyblondelife. I hope someone can clarify because this social media stuff becomes more and more vexing. Thanks in advance. It came up on a regular Google search.
  4. While looking up some info about the Explorer this morning, an article came up,,,actually it seemed more like an ad....from a woman who made mention of how she and some friends had been invited to Miami to tour the ship back in January. She claims it is because she is a Regent Seven Seas influencer. (I don't believe there is really such a word). What in the world is this and how does this happen? Do most of us reserve our cruise, pay our bill and go forward on our trip while internet babblers somehow game the system, get shoved ahead and receive benefits that regular clients never get a chance to tap into?
  5. I have some very dear friends who own Makweti safari lodge. It is the ultimate in luxury in SA. I believe they only take 10-12 people at a time. The family run business is outstanding!
  6. Thanks for answering but I was curious if any more discussion had come up regarding age and pre existing conditions as had been talked about long ago. And I do think it's impossible to cover all the bases with these swab tests. I really have no idea what the answer is.
  7. Although it seems so long ago, has it ever been actually determined if the cruise lines will have passenger eligibility criteria as far as medical clearances and the like?
  8. While it is totally understandable that the DIY washing rooms would be closed until further notice, a better approach would have been to simply state that policy as current fact and intimate that the $100 cabin credit could certainly be used for laundry spending...or anything else. It doesn't make sense that people would cancel a cruise if they didn't have access to a self serve laundry. People will figure it out. Those who already have their earned benefits would remain happily whole.
  9. Yes, I know. It may become very crowded.
  10. I wonder if, as they get up and running, will they drop the after 6 dress code? People will be dealing with masks and gloves and face shields, etc. and it might make the washing process more manageable with easily laundered clothes.I'm thinking less dry cleaning and special laundry instructions.
  11. I honestly think that people that call themselves snobs are not going to be happy with any product and will be setting the stage for irritation both as a passenger and to the staff that will have to deal with the perceived mishaps.
  12. Aren't those little fellows adorable? Imagine...working very hard to feed their families and put their kids through college! Actually... they sound just like my parents and their parents before them! In fact, they sound just like us! Isn't my family amazing too!
  13. I so agree with your comment and simply can't seem to get what the "I want it now" people are thinking.
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