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  1. I find the regular postings on the SS forum to be interesting and helpful but agree with you 1000% about that particular watercooler thread and it has nothing to do with country of origin. It is more like a private cult of kool aid drinkers/ followers.
  2. I think that Mr. Levin mentioned a similar strategy some time back, which I thought was brilliant, and then he was chastised for it. This looks like a similar and also brilliant move on your part to try and game the system. Bravo! I wish I had the discretionary time and desire to get into this game.
  3. I was thinking that the cruise lines will have another set of costs to consider when they get up and running. There will probably be a significant number of people who will prefer to stay on board and just enjoy the ship experience wherever it may go. As a rule, most people are off touring when in port which not only gives the crew some slack time but also cuts way down on the food and liquor consumption as people make their own dining plans when off the ship. There would obviously be an upward spike of product consumption.
  4. I certainly didn't specify nationality. Cruise Critic has a world wide membership.The comment was a non answer to my question.
  5. I don't remember that one but it sounds like the hacked and whacked Ebola thread that was probably shut down also some years ago. That was a doozy.
  6. I would be interested to know from those who are hell bent on getting back on a Regent cruise, or any cruise, ASAP, would they want THEIR kids or grandkids applying for positions opening up on board whether the population are 28 year olds or 80 year olds......great way to see the world and get paid...... and if not, why?
  7. At this point, I think it would be an act of respect to have a spokesperson with a VERIFIED cruise critic account, come on to this board and make a statement or answer some questions. Regent is so lucky to have such an extremely loyal passenger base but I can see some chinks in the story line starting to emerge. And yeah yeah, blah blah blah, it would prove that those in charge have some integrity.
  8. Were there any underlying health issues such as age, obesity and other chronic illnesses delineated in the statistics? Were there any numbers for deaths by simple natural causes to use when comparing stats in a given location?
  9. I'm fascinated about how they will ever re staff the ships......from top to bottom if this mess ever straightens out. I'm sure there are a good amount of crew who will never want to set foot on a ship again and certainly with good reason after what they have endured. That would eliminate a large pool of experienced employees. I would assume the pay scale would have to raise considerably to entice some back and and the old repeated song about " hard workers who just want to support their families in poor countries" may no longer hold true. They may most certainly be a group who also decide that it just isn't worth the risk and I wouldn't blame them.
  10. Why would you feel badly for them?
  11. What a very funny comment....under the circumstances. Good for the Goose, good for the Gander.
  12. Would this not be the PR opportunity of a lifetime...if true, for Del Rio to take these kids on a variety of NCLH branded cruises.....if they know how to behave..... and show the world that he stands behind his words?
  13. There is a similar discussion ongoing on the Oceania board .....but those people are mad! A FCC wouldn't work for us due to the way we plan things but I think you are really astute with your game and I hope it works.
  14. thank you for the reply and I think yours is a brilliant strategy...sadly. I guess that I am more mystified why they are keeping up this policy which will further clog up the cancel/refund process that is so aggravating to everyone. The 2020 season was clearly off the table at this point. I think we will wait on 2021.
  15. What I find to be curious is that by accident when looking for an Alaskan cruise for'21, I accidentally hit '20 for July and every cabin was showing as available other than the MS. This can't be true or can it?
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