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  1. It would seem highly unlikely with the social distancing and contamination issues that SS would be happy with passengers borrowing/ trading clothes.
  2. My take on the OPs question is that, even though he knows what the rules and protocols are for SS, he doesn't want to bring or wear a jacket. There certainly won't be a lack of dining choices for someone going this route but it appears that that the protocols aren't what he's hoping for. My suggestion would be to pack and send a jacket in advance to the ship so that it is available in the cabin on embarkation day. The pesky thing could be discarded at the end of the cruise without all the angst of packing issues. Problem solved.....if that really is the problem.
  3. We were looking forward to a great beach cruise but maybe not so much anymore. I'm quite sure that the guys on the private charter yacht will think your Oceania ship is a monstrosity. I was always taught that $$ doesn't know who owns it.
  4. Has the special exemption for certain things been removed? I think it was for medical or religious grounds of some sort with an asterisk in the text.
  5. We have been to Bermuda at least 10 times....mostly by ship.... we always do the beaches and shops as visitors do. I've always wondered where the regular, non tourist citizens of the country do their everyday shopping. Does anybody know?
  6. We have often taken the bottle(s) to reception and asked to have them donated to the crew bar ...to make it official. we have gotten a smile and a thank you.
  7. As long as the "special exceptions" clause is in place, I don't think you are going to get what you are looking for on a cruise.
  8. With this news... does this mean that the "certain exceptions" insert will be removed and if not, why not?
  9. I am still intrigued by the little "exceptions" clause. Non vaccinated is non vaccinated. How does religion get to play a part in this? Wouldn't asking for details about one's religion fall into a grey zone? These exemptions should be retracted as it isn't fair to all the people who are so onboard to do the right thing.
  10. When Regent added their "exception to 100%" vaccination policy, wouldn't that be an approach for people to use when asking for an extension?
  11. I talked my sister into an upcoming Regent cruise because of the 100% rule going forward. Are these exceptions for all NCLH brands? Nothing can be foolproof but this footnote is disturbing and disappointing. I'm getting a "yes, but" feeling. I will expect Del Rio to be on the first cruise to demonstrate that limited exceptions are fine. It reminds me of the term "being a little bit pregnant".
  12. I think that one would have to try very hard to find a CC member who is more courteous, polite and all around pleasant than Bellagio Cruisers.
  13. I would not be surprised if this becomes a non issue. The way things are going, somebody will be insulted, feel persecuted and hurt or left out if they can't wear what they want to wear when they want to wear it. Growing up, it was always dungarees in our house. Is that word no longer acceptable?
  14. What I see as historic is that interesting topics such as this are now able to be intelligently discussed despite differing opinions without the thread getting hacked up and closed.
  15. My sister is on her first cruise on Splendor...... Holiday cruise from Miami. Is it likely that they would change the departure port? I would not want to sail with these proposed restrictions either. Maybe it's just too early to start agitating about it.
  16. I absolutely agree. We had the same experience although it was after experiencing one of the miracle flights from ny to fl. We had a palatial and beautiful Neptune aft but it was clogged with scooters in the hallways and no enforcement of the safety rules. The 2 tender ports were skipped "for our safety" on apparently calm and beautiful days, however the casino was sure packed if you could get in around all the devices. The buffets were lovely except for the people using them. The amount of food consumed and wasted was upsetting and we also vowed never again.
  17. This is what I'm sort of not understanding. Either everyone is vaccinated or they are not. Would this wiggle room business be unfair to the people, who in good faith, are expecting a fully compliant ship? Unfortunately for those who cannot or will not comply......tough luck for now. It would also make the cruise line appear to be rather hypocritical if they started to allow "special exceptions" and who might these special people be? The company (ies) should be striving to gain back the customer trust from the start.
  18. Will American Cruise Lines (ACL) have to cease operating?..... And if not why?
  19. We were looking forward to trying Oceania to Bermuda and it is sadly not to be. Cruising is not our be or end all but for some people it seems that it is. If you find it so distasteful that citizens.....or at least the tax paying citizens are voicing their opinions on the cruising state of affairs in this country by contacting their representatives, you are still free to do the exact same thing with your opinions and lots of links and quotes. Hopefully, you are also opening up your home to house the people and feed the people who are being impacted that you often mention. It is an admirable thing to do since you appear to believe that travel is not yet safe. This passive/ aggressive stance is becoming irritating. Cruise Critic is for people who are interested in cruising in all of it's forms and not for attempts at cutesy guilt trip prodding.
  20. Thank you so much for your spot on comment.
  21. Back and forth, back and forth NY to Bermuda 3 years in a row on Navigator.
  22. While I totally agree with everything that you just said, I can't imagine the enforcement of this rule to be simple without actually removing people from the ship.
  23. I wonder which NCLH ship Del Rio and his grandkids will be sailing out on.....when it's safe?
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