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  1. I think yours is a brilliant idea but how would you make it work? The onboard credit sometimes becomes onerous. i would like to see your plan where upon embarkation and receipts supplied, refundable credit was immediately supplied. I also don't understand why Travel Agents should have to jump in to make nice for good customers and not everyone uses a personal Travel Agent .Please don't sell me something.....something that I actually prepay for.... and then come up with excuses.
  2. Are the Oceania passengers causing their noro outbreaks despite the no self serve protocols? We very much love the choices on Regent.
  3. I could be wrong but I think I remember (oddly) that the casino was open during a code red.
  4. My understanding of this new woke annoying term would be, as an example, someone scowling and lecturing plastic water bottle users while ordering tons of online everything that comes encased in plastic and cardboard boxes including synthetic, polyester, easy travel, i.e. plastic clothes.
  5. While you have given a common sense explanation, I think it would be helpful to have the exact rules for the excursion spelled out in advance to not only avoid disappointment but so that people are aware of what they are paying for via the cruise cost and can they expect to receive what is being advertised. Nothing more, nothing less..
  6. Thanks so much for your reply. It' a FB group ongoing discussion. I hope they're wrong.
  7. Thank you for all your commentary on this cruise. I believe I have picked up on another Regent talk board that people have been surprised to find many excursions unavailable due to age and weight restrictions and had been given no warning until the day of.. Has this happened or are you aware of any of this being true?
  8. SCORE! It's clearly an inherited trait.
  9. Behavior is key. We watched a diapered infant being dunked on a Navigator cruise....apparently the child of an officer. There was also a diapered old guy at the other end of the pool. I guess they were both dealt with because they returned to the pool the next day sans diapers. What demographic has raised this group of 30/40 year old entitled passengers that want to bring their naughty misbehaving kids with them onboard?
  10. fizzy


    OMG For a once in a lifetime experience......Makweti safari lodge.
  11. I so apologize (sincerely) if you thought I was being rude. I thought I was being humorous. So often on this board the subject of not wanting babies and kids on Regent comes up and I was extrapolating that the ducks and stuffed animals are certainly childlike. And I have no problem with anyone who behaves themselves being onboard. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  12. There is also an ongoing discussion on another site where people are being surprised on day of excursions that age limits have been implemented......further muddying the waters. Lack of info is also unacceptable.
  13. Could someone please explain this? Are stickers a code word for something else or are stickers like the bits of paper 5 year olds get for play or in cereal boxes. Would adults like stickers better than tips? I must be missing something. Thanks
  14. At first glance I thought there was a worry about fellow guests stealing things. I was going to suggest putting valuables on the pool loungers first thing in the morning knowing that nobody is allowed to touch anything....
  15. I have absolutely no problem on Regent or Silversea when this nonsense happens. I ask one of the deck crew to move the stuff. Of course the answer is... but madam, the people may have run to their cabin or blah blah even though we both know that's not true. And then a nice empty lounger over there is pointed out and I thank the guy... and probably shouldn't....drag the nice lounge chair over and pull out the "saved" chair and replace it with the chair that had been offered to me. Everybody gets it. It's ridiculous. The staff is then stuck with removing the saved chair with book and hat out of the way because we wouldn't want to be accused of touching someone else's stuff. This seems to be getting worse and not better. What IS the solution to this problem?
  16. Please keep your comments coming. We are following along.
  17. Could you elaborate on the age issues? I had asked about this some time ago and had gotten a vague answer. Were the age restrictions from the tour operators or from Regent? The tour we had been interested in was something similar to what I do every day at home. I know some people are unable to handle certain things but I do resent paying for these "free" excursions only to find out that we can't use them...especially last minute. thanks
  18. Thank you Edgee. That is sort of what I was afraid of. We'll bring our deli cups/ lids and ignore the obvious hypocrisy if we go.
  19. We had a Bermuda cruise planned that got canceled when things were shut down. Having a local N.Y. boarding it could be east enough to get a sleeve of cups and lids from my local go to deli to bring along which actually is rather an annoyance. Would it be correct that we would find no more single use jams/jellies and condiment choices? Shampoos and lotions will be discontinued? What else might be different? And if not...why?
  20. Our friends are also having issues and there is quite an ongoing back and forth going on currently with the BBB. We were about to try to rebook a canceled Bermuda cruise but I am not seeing a lot of confidence inspiring dialogue for when things may go wrong.
  21. Thank you so much for your ongoing review. We had a Bermuda planned and then everything shut down so it never happened for us but we're looking at one for 24.. Do you have an opinion on the overall vibe of the ship..... staff and cruisers? The NY departure is so enticing.
  22. It was not "just" a beach cruise to us. Time off from work, hotel and air purchased, pet sitter etc. on those dates. The option would have been a refund and we could have jumped on a quick flight to Cancun. That would have been an aggravating but better option at that point but it wasn't offered. It's great that you enjoy Cuba.
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