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  1. I am so fed-up with all these offers that will never sail. Having had three cruises cancelled and only just got the last of my money back, I am not booking anything new - no new interest free loans from me.
  2. +1 Why put yourself through all of this - does not sound like a holiday to me.
  3. +1 With 3 cruises cancelled this year, it feels very strange getting money back (eventually) rather than paying the balances. That said, I would rather have travelled.
  4. I totally agree, while I do take a good number of ship tours, I sometimes just like to get off the ship and do my own thing. While my preferred holiday would be a cruise, the restrictions currently being discussed across the industry certainly do not appeal to me - especially given the increase in prices I have seen for the cruises I am interested in. Sadly, I think at the moment, my money will have to go to a land base holiday - shame.
  5. Oh yes, very smart, a pool for 4 is now a pool for 1 - a chocolate fireguard comes to mind (e.g for those not use to the expression - useless).
  6. 100% will stay away from this TA. While they have confirmed they will refund my deposit, its not yet in my bank so there may be a part 2. In relation to another UK TA, I was interested in booking a 2021 cruise, but after this issue I checked their T & C Cancellation Charges: 140 days or more Deposit only (20%) 139 to 58 days 50% of holiday 57 to 0 days 100% As you can imagine, I will not be booking through them either,
  7. Well we have a conclusion, but no real answer to why the TA wanted the full balance so far in advance of when Oceania required it. Despite asking the question numerous times, both by e-mail and on the phone, the only answer that they have provided is "because they want the balance on that date". Yes, not because it is in their terms & conditions, or that Oceania require it, its just a case of they want it then. Indeed, when I first questioned it, they simply moved the date back a month, but offered no reason to how/why the old or new date was calculated. Anyway, over the past
  8. Poor old Richard, he has lost his Virgin Trains in the UK, Virgin Atlantic airline in Australia and now it looks like his Virgin Atlantic airline in the UK is going. Given that Virgin Voyages has not even had one paying guest on it yet, how long can that enterprise survive?
  9. Was very tempted by a June 2021 cruise with Regent, but also holding off - its simply not worth the risk.
  10. As the old saying goes, "cash is king".
  11. Speaking with a work colleague who is trying to make a new booking, it appears that a completely new deposit is required rather than just a top-up. While they have 125% FCC from their cancelled cruise, Cunard argue that until this has been formally issued a new deposit is required to hold the new booking.
  12. The Small Claims Court may offer you a cheap and quick way to get your cash back - all done online, no lawyers needed.
  13. Not got a horse in this race - but it reads like a bit of a scam to me. Why should you have to pay another deposit when they already have your money?
  14. There is and it gets used a lot - just like the bin for the never ending cruise company promotion materials.
  15. Not a day goes by that I do not get an e-mail offering a cruise that will never sail - to say TAs and Cruise Companies have gone down in my estimation is a vast understatement. Taking payment for these no sail cruises and then taking 90+ days to refund (if you are lucky) is doing nothing to build confidence in the industry.
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