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  1. You can make you specialty reservations at Prego, Umi and Silk on line once you do your final payment. One each in advance, additional bookings if available can be made on board.
  2. Most med evac coverage requires that the physician certify that you cannot be treated at the location then you have to get the insurer to agree. Means you are in a hospital. It will not pay to get you home from a quarantine situation. That is on your nickel. Many also say evac to the closest facility, which in most cases will be Nassau unless you pay for extra for facility of your choice. Consult your Insurance Agent.
  3. Did that stop people from going. At the beginning the terms stated crew was not vaccinated. People still booked knowing this.
  4. Excellent perspective Keith as usual... The fact is that you and many on the first two cruises were with many non vaccinated guests. The Crew. Many received the JNJ vaccine just before the start of cruise 1 and the 14 day minimum to be effective had not occurred. I did not see the raucous about the unclean then.
  5. Signal was fine. In fact better than normal as they used to block the dining venues. Speed did vary but was adequate. 8 down and 2 up during quiet/less busy times. VPN connected to corporate work site in the EU. Only issue same as Kwaj Girl was the tendency to auto log off after a few minutes on inactivity. Was easy to set up. Initially could not get to the Crystal site on the iphone/iPad as it did not autodirect. Trick is to just type login.com in the browser.
  6. First off to the OP your itinerary you picked is a great one and Oceania is very experienced doing this and does it more often than other lines and does it well. We are on the first Leg from MIA to Buenos Aires (ending in Jan 2023) on Marina. We chose this based on the itinerary. We have cruised on Marina/Riviera and the smaller ships. We have a love hate relationship with O. I like O and DW hates O. Our last cruise on Regatta was horrible (rivals some our bad HAL trips) and yes we tend to write reviews when we are pissed. Bad food, bad ship, bad service in the GDR
  7. Just did the fire drill on Crystal and procedures are similar. Also Seabourn is doing same. Scan your boarding pass to get in. Fill out health questionnaire and temperature check. Then to another hall/tent and you get the Rapid Antigen test paid for by the cruise line. Easy swab test in the lower nostril (not bad) then wait. 15 minutes you go up to the computer terminal and they let you know if you passed. On Crystal they gave us blue tested passed bands to wear until on the ship On to the ship and they scan your boarding pass. There was no regular check
  8. Especially consider you will have to fly to the EU. for us it is not worth the jet lag pain unless it is 20 days. We just booked the Greek and Turkish Riviera. You also need to consider the pent up demand for cruise travel and those that have credit or refunds owed. The PH suites are already all sold out and a considerable number of the verandas have been sold. So book early or you may lose out. Also for us the consideration it is more pleasant to do the Med in the spring and fall rather than the heat of the summer.
  9. The CDC rules only CURRENTLY applies to air travel. It is in the CDC FAQ for air travel testing. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html
  10. There is a long refund roll call. Check it out... Many have been successful with their credit card company to dispute the original charge.
  11. Yes they will -- because you had do same as they were checking temperatures on the wrist. Only issue might be bars but specialties, churo and waterside all had Crystal police. I think Avenue had same.
  12. Occasionally we have parked at the Miami long term parking lots and taken a taxi/Uber to the port. This works well when you sail from Miami and return home via air (from Rio or Buenos Aires). Do not park in the terminal lot if you leave via Miami and return via air, unless it is in the morning/afternoon. The Lot is closed after hours and no way to get your car except via the phone number posted. Then they send someone out to the lot (can take an hour or more).
  13. I hope no one here is a lawyer would hate for you to defend me.. The issues are separate. CDC rules being one and the "vaccine passport" requirement being 2nd. They are not connected. 1) CDC is whether they can regulate/impose standards on cruise lines. Yes they can. Governor is wrong. No different than requiring testing on passengers returning home. They get the authority from the Trump Exec Orders and the fact that US Government can regulate cruise lines in US Ports. 2) Vaccine passport is another issue - we will see how it plays in the court with NCL Holdings l
  14. They did not do it for the NEXT refit of Insignia or Regatta so why would they for Nautica. They put it in Sirena when they overhauled her after purchasing her. IMO and experiment gone wrong.
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