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  1. That is my concern too. We also got the Pfizer. Our county did 4500 in a 3 day clip, plus another 1500 at various Churches in the county. So in 2 more weeks they will need another lot of 6000 doses.
  2. Not scrapped but delayed. Now schedule for Summer 2021. Here is a good explanation of the new items needed. Wonder if the life boat drill will include demonstration of getting into the special polar gear (see the video)
  3. Each forum has its champions and also has it clowns. Seems like a lot of Antarctica trips this year may get cancelled. Delays in Endeavor, Venture is being delayed by CCL and Silversea just delayed the drydock of Wind (to be converted to an Expedition).
  4. No car you wait until it is available at the hospitals or Publix supermarket (which is being done in 100 in the State of Florida). Our county did 4500 people in 3 days with Pfizer and could have done more if it had the vaccine quantity. Cars lined up into 11 bays with 2 cars per bay -- most likely minimum 2 people per car means 44 shots at one time. EMT standing by in a holding area where you parked for 15 minutes in case of reactions. About 50 sheriff personnel directing cars and check eligibility. Very efficient comparing this to New York (Staten Island) where
  5. Our county in Florida, just started an on line appointment registry for the 12,000 does it gets next week. Has two choices a fixed appointment window and when that fills a wait list in case of cancellations. They are giving the Moderna, this week to healthcare workers, and Pfizer next week. Was surprisingly easy to snag an appointments for Wednesday by using their Web site, but I would assume the phone lines were jammed. Will be interesting to see how the vaccine is executed with around 6,000 vehicles over a 3 day period descending on the county fairground
  6. Essentially both the German government and Genting are in a big hole. Complete the ships or risk the 200 + Euro that has already been lent. I do hope that the Endeavor is the secured collateral and the article seems to indicate that the amount of money allocated to the Dream is limited and that most of the money will be used to complete Endeavor. Wonder what happens when March comes around and neither ship is completed -- go back to the government for more money. I wonder if there is a market for the ship should Crystal/Genting try to dispose of her. Think that it would be lim
  7. Same -- Many of the crew are old timers and specifically request Nautica when their contracts are up for renewal. Some of the better Captains and Managing Directors got there starts on Nautica before moving on to the bigger ships.
  8. Talk about spinning the truth... https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/shipbuilding-refurb-equipment/crystal-says-newbuild-endeavor-track-summer-debut
  9. Nautica has never been in last 10 years plus in US waters. Used exclusively in Asia, Africa and EU. There has been alot of lobbying to request a waiver of the PVSA for the cruise industry by Alaska tourism. If Canada remains closed, would expect this pressure to increase. Do not know how the new administration would take to such a request.
  10. There is nothing wrong with Florida strategies. CDC is only a recommendation. Florida has a greater over 65 and much less essential manufacturing. Think our Governor is correct to do 65+ first then, front-line workers. Already hospital workers have been done, in fact today the first group will be receiving the second dose of Pfizer vaccine. However big issue here and will be all over the nation is the distribution and getting it to the patient. Having hospitals (3 in our county) and county health care facilities (1 in our county) do it won't work. Will need to get it to CVS a
  11. Actually it is more a combination. MV Weften has been shut down since March. So since the roll out there has been little work done to Endeavor. Except for a short period with a soft reopening in October they are again closed and likely will remain so through February. It was optimistically estimated the ship needed at least 6 months of work at full staff to complete, then sea trials and correction of deficiencies. If Covid disappears by March (which is unlikely) you would still be looking toward 2022 before she is handed over. Anyone with plans for a cruise in 2021 on Endeavor would be wis
  12. Is still carry mine/yellow card with me when traveling -- has my Yellow fever documentation plus I do keep it updated with Td shot status (more for my own remembering)
  13. Considering the shelter/lockdown edicts in Germany, the fact the 30% is still a significant amount, requirement for a sea trial and then a fix cycle before a handover to Crystal - makes a May delivery an impossible dream. The shipyard has been essentially closed since March and judging by the current lock down it could go one until spring. .
  14. Looking at Japan for 2022 and 2023. Same basic itinerary, same air credit without air ($1250pp). Guess they value the excursions at $990pp.
  15. Yes plus they drag the carts to fill the Terrace buffet items at 5am and also back after 10pm. Can be noisy especially under staterooms 8053 to 8061.
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