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  1. That was our favorite thing to do... We asked the Chef -- what is new, what is special... My DW wanted Uni, but they did not have it. The fresh Abalone was good..
  2. I enjoy the special Sashimi menu. Our first two cruises we did not even know it existed. Also the special dishes on the Sushi menu. Our last two cruises on Symphony and Serenity in Umi they seemed different/better. We were disappointed that on our last cruise they had no Uni (Sea Urchin).
  3. PaulMCO

    Takeaway cups

    For some strange reason the nice small espresso cups are only used in the evening.. Also until 9am it is paper cups only anyway...
  4. My first trip was to China was in November 1979. There was one small souvenir store with a large Coke sign and I have picture of the wall with no one on it... 🙂
  5. I agree... but it was instituted to regulate the number of people. But it is a fallacy that it works, because they regulate this by number of advance reservations you can make. Of course you can show up at 5:30pm be at the front of the line and get a seat at the Sushi bar without a reservation. I do think Umi is better than its predecessor. Paul -- I do wish that Crystal would take a lesson from Oceania and learn how to make proper Croissants and French Bread.
  6. Only for Umi and Prego and yes the first to each is free. No charge for Silk or Churra. If you are on a longer cruise they throw in some extra free visits. In a SH/PH or higher -- there is no charge for extra visits.
  7. Our next Crystal cruise is 3 - 7 days B2B2B. No formal nights, but hopefully they will still have a BTO type dinner. Best food nights on the cruise. Can make a meal on the fresh oysters alone. Lynne it is worth bringing the jacket 🙂
  8. They really should focus on Endeavor. Considering MV has never build an Ocean going ship yet or anything beyond a River Cruise ship, leaves little confidence of their ability to hold a schedule for such big undertakings. But then again Genting may just throw money at it (to the dismay of its shareholders).
  9. Kind of funny the different people that Crystal has doing escort duty. Ranging from staff to guest lecturers. Our last cruise we has ex-Astronaut Jeff Hoffman as one,
  10. Found the itineraries boring. So much so just booked a Regent cruise with something more interesting One thing that amazes me is most time (including 2022) when Crystal crosses the Pacific, it stops nowhere (IMO) of interest. Why not Fr Polynesia, Easter Is, Fiji??? Also Interesting in 2022 -- no South America Ports. As to the pricing did notice on some of the Symphony Med cruises a narrowing of price difference from a B/A to a SH/PH/
  11. Since the OP asked about those that had problems.... I will raise my hand. Followed the doctors instructions -- no alcohol and took the DIAMOX pills at the the prescribed time before. Landed at Quito, by the time I got into the Taxi, was already feeling the effects. Tiredness, slightly dizzy and headaches. For me Quito was a bust, we went to the Galapagos and all symptoms gone, almost immediately. We went from their to Lima and then to Cusco. Again same symptoms. The "tea" did help. Drank lots of water.. Symptoms were not that bad and hotel did have O2 which greatly helped. On to Machu Pichu, which IS lower altitude -- still had a slight headache , but did not hinder my activity.
  12. You can always ask for a replacement blue book to be sent by email as a PDF. They did not charge for this.
  13. Might as well chime in... Have been on 10 "O" cruises and 3 "SS". Nautica is our favorite O ship. There have been little issues with the R ships after the major overhauls - so I would rest easy on that. Pluses -- for SS are bigger cabins especially in the veranda category. The O cabins are very tight as well as the baths. Size -- the Wind has a more open feel. Service SS in general has better. But Nautica seems to attract the same staff contract after contract. Food. Have to give the edge to Oceania. More venues plus you can have a quick casual dinner in the Terrace in the evening. For us it is important especially on a port intensive cruise. For me it would a toss up -- price difference and itinary for us are always keys.
  14. There is always google and the CC search function.... 🙂 The Prego one is a little old -- but seems to be what I remember from 2 weeks ago.
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