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  1. Brazil did the same for the Amazon but again you are in Brazil. No different than EU..
  2. Did you try no dashes or spaces??
  3. Many of us have had to endure the Brazil consulate issues. Then E-visas made it easier. Now no visa will make it easier. From June 17, American, Australian, Canadian and Japanese citizens who wish to disembark in Brazil, for tourism or business, will be exempt from visas. The end of the requirement is part of a decree published by the Brazilian government on Monday, 18th. The measure intends to increase the number of visitors in the country
  4. Then there are the neighbors who run their aircon with the veranda door open... Result is that hot air is drawn into the aircon system. Air con has a limited efficiency so it will cool the 95 degree air to 75 to 80 for everyone on the same trunk-- that reduces the efficiency. Some ships have it when the balcony door is open the air handler vents are closed. Oceania at least on R ships does not have this... (O class seem to remember do this)
  5. The cold air temperature is FIXED. Cannot be made any colder. What the thermostat does is controls a vent on air handler -- opens it wider or closes it more depending on the temperature. The Engineer team will adjust how far it opens to a certain extent. The issue really depends on your neighbors and how hot/cold they like their cabins too. The cabins are sectionalized and several cabins share the cool air source. My DW likes the cabin cold too. We have been on a number of R shipsin a PH and 68 is a stretch...
  6. Our last Serenity cruise we were forward Veranda. No issues or vibrations. Since there is a lot of Ocean/sea days in this specific trip, the front could be more noticeable in rough weather. As far a the Itinerary -- it does miss some of the more desirable places like Myanmar. Goa and Mumbai are pluses -- you might want to check (if that is a desire) to see if Crystal is offering a land detour to the Taj Mahal. The start and end are two of my favorites being Dubai and Singapore.
  7. My DW did that once -- pop it went. Engineer was not happy... To the OP Blew on --- I would recommend the Cruise On unit. It plugs right in and is compliant on any line. Some cruise line like RCL bans extension cords, so your first pick would not be OK. Others like Carnival (including HAL, Princess etc.) and NCL bans surge suppressors. Some cruise lines are going further to make sure nothing containing Lithium batteries are plugged in when you are not in the stateroom. FIRE risk is key. .
  8. Oceania NEXT replaces all the TVs and electronic systems. Since the OP asked for Insignia. The answer is movies are all by On Demand. As far as TV shows. Depends on the location of the world you are traveling. The MTN satellite feed varies. Typically FOX News, MSNBC, sometimes TCM.
  9. Keith can we get added for our upcoming cruises Jun 21 (OCY190621-16) Reykjavik to Copenhagen -- PaulMCO and Moggyhill (Paul and Mindy) July 7 (OCY190707-10) Copenhagen to Stockholm -- PaulMCO and Moggyhill (Paul and Mindy)
  10. The issue with a surge protector is that guests tend to use these in the 240VAC plug with an adapter. These devices are designed to clamp anything over 120V to ground. As a result a large pop, and circuit breaker will trip. Worse case is a fire. Therefore FORBIDDEN..
  11. Just a note -- CC has just added Crystal Endeavor to the roll call list of ships. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2450-crystal-endeavor/ Likely if SS Expedition ships is an example the number of posts will be slim. Any case link above will get you there.
  12. It is final... as of October 2018. The "target" date is still soft but pegged at 1 Jan 2021 They still will have to develop the SW to implement and modify all of the CBP systems in each country. Right now the systems are not inter-operable. There was a recent EU directive to do so. Just like Australia, the site you linked is one of the many hungry ESTA sites that will pop up to offer you an ESTA for 20-30 Euro.. There is no official application site yet, even the so called google "official" site is a phony, located in the UK.
  13. We have done this itinerary on Insignia in 2010... I do not think there was an advantage to one side of the ship. The trip can encounter rough seas. We had such through the straights, and I think 50% of the crew were down with malaise... So mid ship cabin would be a preference. Oceania tends to use AA and DL. We were on Delta down and AA back from MIA. Oceania flew us up to ATL to catch the flight down. This was the first and only time using Oceania air. The connection times were short and even with an air deviation at 270 days before the routing was poor. O could/would not get us an economical flight down. Return flights leave late -- around 9/10pm. So my suggestion would be to do a private tour (we did a wine tour from Valpariso to Santiago) and a 6pm airport drop-off. We did mostly private tours -- exception being the Puerto Arenas, which was Oceania.
  14. Definitely a stretch. The outlets are rated 75 to 100 watts. Will shutdown if you plug a heating pad.
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