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  1. Herb and I have five future cruises booked. We are older and agree with what FDR said about our group. We have limited time left to enjoy cruising and will take advantage. We would rather spend it on cruising than leaving it to our kids! (And they agree with us!) sheila
  2. Wendy.... we still have our plans do our annual fishing outing in Loughborough, just north of Kingston, at the end of July. Fingers crossed🤞that the border opens so we can make the trip this year. sheila
  3. Why don’t you visit the watercooler. Cooler heads prevail there. sheila
  4. I found this fun photo from our Renaissance cruise in 1999. Inaugural year! On R1...from Athens to Istanbul. Sheila and Herb
  5. It would deploy the gangway, but you needn’t disembark. sheila
  6. Personally, I would be interested to see what folks are interested in discussing. If it not to my liking, I just won’t read it. There are posts that I don’t like on the normal subjects. What’s the problem? Do it! sheila
  7. Everyone has a different point of view about most subjects, including new cruising regulations. Those of us, still stuck at home, read everything because we do not have much to do otherwise. I thought the river cruise article was interesting. It is better than reading about whether you think no one should cruise until a vaccine is available.....or you think you will sail under any circumstances....or you predicted the demise of Regent before they raised the necessary cash... I really don’t mind everyone’s opinion. I just resent when you wish to impose your opinion on me. Some of the harsh statements to those who oppose your views are really not necessary. I read because I hope to learn new information that is reliable. I am interested in opinions that are informed. I love to read about everyone’s experiences on Regent ships. We are all adults... most with common sense to decide what is best for them, mentally and physically. Let’s keep writing... but with respect for each other. sheila
  8. What is “the other thread”?? I am also interested if you ever cruised on a Regent ship? If so, which ship and when? I will be happy to share my experiences with you.
  9. Herb and I did a 25 night crossing about 10 years ago ( not on Regent). Herb entered the boat making contest with a newly made cruise friend from California. (still friends with them). We had a butler, who helped them secure empty soda cans and two empty champagne bottles. They tied all the soda cans, side to side, together and put the champagne bottles on top at either end. They made a USA flag and it flew in the middle. it was very creative and it floated very well. They lost! sheila PS. Never saw this on Regent transatlantics.Maybe we never noticed.
  10. Gerry I am so happy to see you on the boards again! You and Ken went through such an awful experience. Our hearts went out to you. We were lucky we made the decision not to fly to California just before the scheduled date for the cruise. We were looking forward to finally meeting you both. Perhaps, another time, another place....... sheila and Herb
  11. It’s really easy to get your funds. Just phone your credit card and keep pressing buttons. You will get to an agent and request your funds to be mailed to you. We have done this recently, and promptly received our money. sheila
  12. Herb and I get the super-flu shot every October. Half the time, we still get flu. This year, we had the shot in October and we both came down with flu in December. Herb was much worse than me, and I probably caught it from him. Who knows what any new vaccine will really be like? sheila
  13. BTW- people that had Barr-Epstein Syndrome, after mononucleosis, cannot take the flu vaccine. It’s not only allergy to eggs.
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