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  1. You are right. It seems to indicate that it only relates to trial sailings. But, how do we know regulations won’t be revised? And, how long will it take? 🙏 we will all be well and able to sail again.
  2. Just read document and comments.... I agree with last three post regarding regulations. But, I get the feeling, cruising will not go back to any normalcy until there is a vaccine that is available to to everyone. So many of us are older folks and it is not clear whether we will be able to sail in the near future.
  3. Just my opinion...Perhaps an extension to end of November by Monday.....However, no major announcements before the election results are conclusive!
  4. I just checked the Regent website. We have a Miami Splendor cruise booked in January and February. Neither are waitlisted. We don’t think the January one will sail but it’s still listed.
  5. We sailed this itinerary on Navigator in 2018. We did not get to the Solvensky Islands either. We did get to Archangel and Murmansk. The port was ugly and dirty. But the people were very friendly in Archangel. Having been to St. Petersburg ( which was warm and friendly), several years earlier, these ports were stuck in the 1970’s. Found it fascinating, having been to the Soviet Union (Moscow and Leningrad) many years ago. I guess we were lucky that we visited the Falkland Islands, which was so interesting, several years ago. It was a beautiful day. You have brought back some memorable sailings! Thanks! sheila and Herb
  6. We are planning to sail as soon as start up begins. I believe we will know more in the next few weeks. Look forward to seeing you again. sheila
  7. We canceled our December cruise on Splendor when final payment was due.
  8. We Cancelled our December cruise last week. Refund on my credit card today. sheila
  9. The boards are very boring. Nothing to write about. We are booking several on Wednesday. So are several of our friends. We have confidence that RSSC will be viable. Look forward to sailing again, as soon as possible.
  10. We have made each of our decisions to pay the final payment, based on whether we believed the cruise had a good chance to sail. Two of our cruises were fully paid for. One was a deposit. We have received all our funds and moved the $100 administrative fees to new cruises. When we canceled, we felt we preferred to have our cash in pocket instead of with Regent. We do have lots of deposits still with them. BTW.. we had no problem getting our refunds. We did have one deposit with Crystal Cruises. That was taking too long for our refund, so we contacted our credit card and lo and behold...we got our deposit refunded! We feel that Regent handled us with courtesy and continue to enjoy working with them. We hope that the ships will start sailing soon so they can stay in business. Otherwise, there will be nothing to discuss! sheila
  11. We have either cancelled or been canceled for several cruises so far..we have always requested cash refunds and received our monies. Never had a problem. We have never played the FCC game to get 25% additional funds. We have several cruises booked for the future and hope most will sail. If not, we will take cash refunds. We do not find anything confusing. Sheila
  12. I checked the cruises and noticed that the favorites are the ones which are waitlisted. Except for the next few months, I think people are excited about cruising again. People have been shifting dates as cruises have been canceled. Have patience. Lets continue to watch and see.... Sheila
  13. Each person must decide for himself what to do about cruising. Herb and I are ready to cruise as soon as ships are in the water. If we wear masks, so be it... we are so tired and bored sitting home for the last seven months. We are in our 80’s and don’t want to squander anymore time. Each day that goes by is one day shorter in our lives. We will feel safer onboard a Regent ship than at a hotel resort or in restaurants. So we will go. This is our opinion. Do whatever you wish for yourselves... but please don’t comment on our decisions. sheila
  14. NY Times article ...https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/30/health/covid-cruise-ships.html wow! Reaction anyone. sheila
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