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  1. Playing it safe - - We will bring two empty plastic bottles with us on our next cruise. Sheila
  2. We visited family and friends with our children and grandkids during the summer of 2014. It was the middle of the Gaza War. We were not afraid, followed instructions regarding safe bunkers, and had a simply wonderful time. When we were in Tel Aviv, the Iron Dome stopped rocket fire aimed at Tel Aviv. We will return when we can. Nothing will stop us from visiting Israel. Sheila and Herb
  3. Regent can explain either in final documents or notes in Suites that a reusable bottle is there for all your excursions. Please carry it with you onboard upon your return. Its that simple. Sheila
  4. Agreed! BTW- I hope it doesn’t scare off potential Regent cruisers. They may assume that it is too snobby for them. I hope not, because most Regent regulars are some of the nicest folks I have ever met and always look forward to sailing with them again. Sheila
  5. Jackie I guess you misunderstood my comments. I never suggested forgetting about the show. Nor not discussing it. My disappointment was that it was too focused on what everything cost. Not on the ship, John Barron, Stephane, the Captain and all the other staff and crew we love. Please re-read it. Hugs sheila
  6. We don’t go on Christmas Holiday Cruises. It’s too crowded at the airports, hotels, restaurants and ships. We cruise in the Caribbean in January or February. It’s delightful. When we went to Alaska, several times there were children aboard. Sometimes they were loud, however it’s usually not bad. We don’t pay too much attention and rather, pay attention to the usual ship activities. If one wants to go visit Alaska and cannot go early June or late August, don’t miss it on your bucket list. Sheila
  7. Enough- - this is about the show. I agree that everyone decides on their priorities as to how to spend their money. Some people can not afford any price cruise. Some people can’t afford a luxury cruise. All people decide for themselves what they want and can afford. Some people save and do one Regent cruise instead of several mass market cruises. Explorer is about luxurious surroundings and spectacular service. That’s it. Sheila
  8. Gerry Agree! Let’s celebrate a special anniversary together! Look forward to it. You plan, we follow! Sheila
  9. We are almost Platinum SSS. We sail the Caribbean most winters (January and February). We meet many Regent regulars on our winter cruises. Not just newbies. And, newbies are usually very excited about sailing on Regent. We were all newbies our first time on Regent. BTW, what’s wrong with it? Sheila
  10. I just finished viewing the 4 episodes. My question, is this the same Explorer that I love? We have been on Explorer for several sailings so far, and I have never felt the snobbery that the narrator expressed. Everything was about costs. When you see fine art, is it about cost or beauty? Obviously, I enjoyed seeing my favorite ship, it’s hardworking staff, and ports. I thought that the overexposed lady was a bit funny and would love to know how her husband reacted when he saw it on TV. Some of the voyagers were very pleasant and enjoyed their comments. Never had dinner in “the Study” but it looks very cozy. Still prefer dining “restaurant style”. Look forward to sailing on my favorite ship Explorer, again in December. Sheila
  11. Thanks for your journal. We visited most of the ports and it brought back fond memories. Several years ago we visited the areas in US and Canada on a self driving trip. Loved it. Look forward to your next cruise and your postings. Sheila
  12. Hi Gerry We are also celebrating our wedding anniversary onboard on March 27th. Let’s toast together! ( not crazy about the name of your champagne. Been there done that). sheila
  13. We have sailed on every ship and have our favorites. However, if the itinerary is where we want to go, any ship is wonderful. Sheila
  14. I meant a Transatlantic cruise from east to west. I always thought POSH was a British expression, in the early1900’s, referring to crossing the Atlantic to the U.S.
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