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  1. Now that I think about it, do you think I could request shakshuka for breakfast on Regent? Or will they not know what that is?
  2. If it ever happens, it will be our first Regent cruise. I'm sure we'll have some (minimal) laundry, and I am glad that they are now including the cost of laundry in the overall cost of the cruise. In a post-Covid world, the laundry room just seems like one of those unnecessarily crowded places. Plus, let's face it, if I can avoid having to do laundry on vacation, I am not complaining.
  3. So much of being in Tel Aviv is like being on the sea: from the smell of the Mediterranean to the wonderful food to the warm, wonderful people who live and work there. You stay at the Hilton; we have stayed at the Intercontinental David. Love those waterfront views!
  4. Hmmm . . . Well, would have been interesting, but we are already booked on Escape in November 2022. Oh, well. Still following along, though. Looks like she is going to be quite beautiful!
  5. Thanks. I think our biggest concern would be how much we would be packing and lugging around. We would be spending 4-5 weeks in Europe afterwards, and if we are packing a tuxedo and two evening gowns, plus some costumes for theme night, we might be talking an extra suitcase. Carrying all that around on planes and trains throughout Europe sounds exhausting. But you're right that maybe we should look to store it early on and then fly home with it at the end. Food for thought.
  6. Hello, everyone! My DH and I are looking to book the QM2 TATL NY to Hamburg in the Fall of 2023 (I know, it's a ways away). This would be our first QM2 (my very first cruise ever was Cunard Adventurer when I was 3 or 4 years old, with my parents, way back in the 70s, but I digress). We have questions. Queen's Grill v. Princess Grill -- what are the major differences? Are there walk-in showers in PG cabins? What kind of music can we expect on the QM2? We know the dress code is somewhat more formal that other cruise lines (which is a nice change): How many nights are formal nights? Is a
  7. I am in NYC. We had a terrible time of it in the early days of Covid. Things have calmed down significantly since then in terms of Covid numbers, but the City is not what it used to be. People are working from home, so there are few people working in the large office buildings in the Financial District and Midtown Manhattan. This means that many of the businesses that catered to the people that worked there (restaurants, shops, etc.) are either hanging on by a thread or have shut down. It means that many commercial landlords are not collecting rent, and that the City is having a difficult
  8. We have our first Regent cruise booked for 2023. Having cruised a lot since I was a kid in the 70s (I first cruised on Cunard Adventurer when I was 3 or 4 years old), and having slowly watched all the changes to cruises over the decades, here's why I think Regent may end up being a good fit for my DH and me: We like a lot of the old-fashioned amenities. I love afternoon tea. I love a piano player who knows the American songbook. My husband and I can spend hours in a library or bookstore. We love enrichment programs: lectures, classes, etc. We love good food that is not too compli
  9. I agree. I think (hope?) the vaccine will be a game-changer, and both my husband and I will be vaccinated as soon as it is offered to us. AFAICT, it's too early to know how long it will take for the vaccine to change the game. We don't know whether we will need yearly vaccinations (as we do with the flu). We don't know whether the vaccine only protects those who are vaccinated from getting Covid, or whether it prevents those who are vaccinated from transmitting Covid to others. We don't know how many of the variant strains (South Africa, UK, Brazil) the current vaccine will protect us agai
  10. Yes, I have to assume that things like buffets, the freestyle Coca-Cola machines (that have been a key element on RCCL), self-serve ice cream, self-serve juice, water, self-serve coffee and tea -- anything like that will be gone. This will require more (or at least different apportionment of) staffing going forward. It's also obvious that the ways and places in which passengers congregate: in the theaters and other entertainment venues, around the pools, clustered around trivia and bingo games, listening to enrichment lectures, and so on, will have to be carefully thought out.
  11. I am sorry I did not see this on time. I use a wheelchair. When in Rome, we always stay at the Hassler, near the Spanish Steps. The doormen quickly put out a ramp as soon as they see me coming. The concierge has arranged for my husband and me to go to places we thought would not be accessible. The hotel is lovely, with large, beautifully decorated, spacious rooms (with huge bathrooms). There is at least one fully accessible room (though we find the other rooms large enough to accommodate my wheelchair, and the step-in shower meets my needs). Note that there appear to be several categori
  12. Ya know, the more I think about it, I may just pack my white Lily Pulitzer dress and go with the vow renewal package. It sounds like Regent does things in a quiet, understated way. I really like everything I hear. Here's to cruising in the near future, safely and happily!
  13. Thank you. This is useful. Maybe we can do a quiet vow renewal. After the way the last couple of years have been (my father passed away in 2019, and we all know about 2020), having something to look forward to in 2023 (or anytime in the future, really) sounds lovely. We chose Regent for several reasons (ultimately because the way they do things, it sort of is a wash, money-wise). It sounds like they do things in a nice, quiet way. Just our style.
  14. Question for those experienced on Regent. Well, a couple of questions, if you are willing to indulge me. Apologies in advance. When we made the reservation, the TA asked if we were celebrating anything on our cruise. I said not really. She pointed out that the cruise would be less than a month prior to my 55th birthday, so that was a celebration, and that is in our reservation notes. My husband has since remarked that our 20th wedding anniversary is the prior January (the cruise is in April 2023). I am wondering whether to add that to the reservation. I have also noticed tha
  15. I have read this thread with interest. We are starting to look at luxury cruising (have booked Regent Voyager for April 2023). It seems to us, anyway, that the things that interest us in a cruise -- lectures/enrichment series, afternoon tea, good room service, good food throughout the ship -- are not that easily found anymore. Indeed, the things we enjoy doing seem to be part of a bygone era, having been lost to the more easily monetized amenities. I can understand that, of course, but in doing a bit (well, more than a bit) of research, it turns out the luxury lines have not l
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