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  1. Hello, friends! Just wondering whether anyone here lives in the Scottsdale area. DH and I are planning to move there early next year as he semi-retires, and would love to hear your thoughts on the area, as well as any advice on what to do, restaurant recommendations, really, anything for a couple who will be new to the area.
  2. Good to know. I thought an Antarctica cruise would be impossible. Maybe something to put back on the bucket list after all. Thanks!
  3. The test? Or the result? Because it can take 48 hours to get the results of a PCR test. So this is what I am asking. Do they want you to take the test 72 hours before you get on the ship? Or do they want you to have your test result 72 hours before you get on the ship?
  4. Thank you. This helps. Now, for clarification, should the test be administered within three days of leaving home, or should you have a test result within three days of leaving home? For a PCR test, this can make a difference.
  5. I am a huge fan of the Quip toothbrush. Great for travel and for those of us who live in smaller spaces.
  6. It means I ate a little bit more than usual during the pandemic, and I am not entirely sure what items in my closet that I wore on my last cruise (in 2019) will still fit me. It's a bit embarrassing, actually.
  7. I asked when I made the reservation. I believe the PCC said something like 1200 passengers.
  8. Thank you! This is the what I needed to know. This should work out perfectly, then.
  9. I have a very specific question re: the on-site pre-cruise testing process that perhaps those who have been through it already may be able to answer. My husband and I share an iPhone and an e-mail address. Are we going to be able to sign up for the pre-cruise testing as two different individuals (with different names, DOB, passport numbers, etc.) when we only have one phone number and e-mail address between us? Or should my husband and I purchase an extra iPhone and get another e-mail address for travel purposes. For those wondering, my husband works from home, so we have a landline and a cellphone, and have just the one email address at this point for personal use.
  10. I used to. For post-pandemic cruising, I think I am going to have to shop my closet first and foremost.
  11. I have long, curly hair that frizzes at the drop of a hat in humid weather. On longer cruises, I budget for a blow-out at the on-board salon once a week (my hair doesn't need more than that). I even go in for the kerastase treatment they have (I forget the name) that smooths out frizzy hair for weeks at a time (usually much cheaper on board than on land). This makes it so much easier to take care of my hair when I get home!
  12. We booked Vista yesterday. The London to NY TA in September 2023. We love a TA, and have never cruised Oceania. Love good food. Frankly, this is an intriguing cruise line. With DH moving toward retirement in 2023, we are seeing what suits us . . .
  13. Oh, did a little more digging around the website, and it looks like they do have the Kerastase blowout treatment. I will book that for the day the ship is in Mexico. Or will I do better waiting until we are on board, since there might be discounts then?
  14. Was wondering the same thing. We are finding that none of the excursions on our Mexico port of call really suit us (mostly because none, except for one, the Dolphin Experience, are wheelchair friendly, and we just don't want to do the Dolphin Experience). So we were thinking of staying on board that day, relaxing a bit and exploring the ship. I was thinking of maybe going to the beauty salon, especially if they have a Brazilian Blowout treatment for my curly hair. That would be terrific. I have done this on NCL spas. Of course, RSSC are different, so I have no idea. Anyone know whether this is an available treatment? The website does not really tell me a whole lot on hair treatments, so I just don't know . . .
  15. As someone with limited patience for sometimes misbehaving youngsters, I really don't have a problem with this. I don't think my husband and I will miss having children around on a luxury cruise.
  16. This sounds lovely. My husband likes a cappuccino in the morning. I like a cup of tea. In our cabin? Oh, how divine . . .
  17. We are booked on a January 2022 Caribbean cruise. We made final payment earlier this week, quite nervously. We have no idea if Regent will cancel, or what the CDC's policies with regards to cruises will be by then. We have good travel insurance, and we'll see how it goes, I suppose.
  18. Great. At least my cruise isn't until next fall (2022), so hopefully things will have improved by then. Because I use a wheelchair to get around, and most (all?) of the NCL excursions offered are not wheelchair friendly. So I guess I can just stay on the ship while we are in Italy. Well, it was just a couple of stops on the Mediterranean portion of our cruise, anyway . . .
  19. Our first Regent cruise is in January 2022. I am beginning to wonder whether we will make it onto the ship. We are both fully vaccinated (and may qualify for boosters before the end of the year). We will probably isolate during the holidays. But the fact is, to get to Miami for the cruise, we will be traveling from our UWS home to LGA. We will be masked, but masks only provide so much protection. We will spend a certain amount of time in LGA (anyone who has been there knows it's crowded on the best of days). We will be traveling on an airplane, which means we will be among many others. We will then be at MIA, which, again, is a crowded airport, even on the best days. We will spend the night at a hotel (we chose to do this, to make sure we have plenty of time to make it to the ship the next day, especially in light of the need to test the next morning). More exposure to other people. Masks only give you so much protection in all of this. DH and I have been pretty much holed up at home since this whole thing started, and are beyond grateful for the vaccine. But the fact is that we have no guarantee that we won't be exposed to Covid and test positive on our way to the cruise. It's a definite risk.
  20. At home, I used to have my hair professionally blown out once a week, because I could not manage my curly, frizzy mess of a head of hair myself. Then the pandemic came along, and I discovered the Revlon one-step volumizing blow dryer with the hair brush attached thing. Game-changer. I can blow out my own hair at home now, which is nice (and an incredible money saver). On cruise ships, I always get the keratin treatment. It lasts a couple of months (sometimes three months) and keeps my long hair straight (then straight-ish) and frizz-free and so much easier to manage.
  21. I think you and I may be on the same cruise. January 6, Regent Splendor, out of Miami? Oh, boy . . .
  22. We have two Transatlantics booked with NCL in the Fall of 2022, and another booked with Regent in April 2023. If things are still up in the air with Covid then, the cruise industry has severe problems. As to our Caribbean cruise with Regent in January 2022, I just have no idea at this point . . .
  23. Why is it that you may have to test every few days on your Caribbean cruise? Need more information on this. All I have in writing at this point on my Regent Caribbean cruise is testing at embarkation and disembarkation. What were you told about additional testing protocols?
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