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  1. Greetings Mike. Thank you for making the cruise wonderful. Both you and Peter were very kind in sharing your time with me...thank you. The flight back was a mess once we landed in Newark. The United flights departing Newark were all being cancelled or delayed. My connecting flight to Tampa was delayed 4 hours... United said flights were stopped because of the bad thunderstorm...yet Sky was blue, no rain and every other airline was operating with no problem including Lufthansa😎😎 Finally got into the house at 3am...tired but safe. perhaps we can meet on board anothership in the near future. I wish you both all the best. Tom
  2. Greetings to all. I hope everyone is looking forward to this voyage...I know I am. its Wed afternoon... suitcase ready to go, probably over packed but at least I limited it to just one this time. Dog saw the suitcase and immediately reacted.....hid in the bedroom. I don’t know who has more separation anxiety...me or her 😔 looking forward to wonderful sailing weather, great conversation, nice dining, and getting to learn about fellow passengers. Finally something extra special on Star Clipper vessels, after dinner beverages under the stars... something less special on big ships. To everyone...safe travels to Athens!
  3. I think Biker19 makes an excellent point. I was excited about the idea of taking a train to either Ft lauderdale or Miami but started to question this option as I am about 1.5 hour drive north west of Orlando. I can drive to Port Everglades in about 4.5 hours driving the speed limit.....which means 3 hours fromOrlando. exactly how long will the train take? If it’s much longer than 2 hours, it’s quicker to drive, adding in parking in Orlando and then there is the departure lead time.On the return if the train departs around noon, I can already be home by noon if I take the early disembarkation walk off option. So transit time via train is my question.
  4. Greetings...thanks for this posting. I am booked on the Majestic for a10 daySydney to Perth cruise. Can you tell me if the Hollywood conservatory is similar to the Sanctuary on other Princess ships....access at a fee? Same question concerning the Hollywood club pool......access at a fee? Is this pool open to all ages or just adults? i did enjoy the comments concerning plating at the table..... boy is that old school. Me, I remember it well on Sitmar. Back then dinning was elegant, slow and oh so social. Cruisers these days seem to want to get in get out....some even are on their phones during the meal. How times have changed. Thank you in advance for responses. As an American I’m hoping the passengers on my sailing are friendly and not rude. I do not handle rudeness/ meaness......and if it’s directed towards a crew member I have been known to intervene. Crew members are not servants. But that’s just me. Happy sailings! Tom
  5. My understanding is the deposit is refunded if within the cancellation period as stipulated at the time the booking was made.
  6. Oh the drama. So many comments about the demographics, the non stop party environment got to me. I really felt although the ship looks great and the amenities top notch it would not be a good fit for me. So I called VV this morning to cancel my reservation....well the rep on the other end of the phone was fantastic. Before cancelling my reservation, we discussed my concerns and reasons behind my decision. he could not have been more fun, more upbeat and non judgemental. I did not cancel. All I can say is if the crew onboard is anything like the rep i spoke to on the phone.....wow. i am now ready to be a Virgin again.
  7. Just booked a cruise on the Majestic for March 2021....sailing from Sydney to Perth. Excited to see how the Majestic differs from the Royal, Sky and Enchanted. As there are only a few port stops I’m hoping the passengers are very social as I am. All the Aussies and Kiwis I have met on cruises we’re always great fun people....hope it’s the case on an Australian cruise. Can anyone tell me what the sea conditions are normally like in early March along the southern coast of OZ? tom Ciao for now
  8. I am planning a Rhine river cruise and am trying to determine which of these two lines would be best. Traveling solo would Tauck, an American company be best, or Scenic an Australian company be just as good? Service standards on board appear to be similar...so are there any differences that make one company the better choice? Thanks in advance. .
  9. I am considering a Rhine river cruise and looking at an all inclusive product. The two possibilities are Scenic and Tauck. I have traveled on two Tauck tours, Peru and India. Tauck was in my opinion superb but a river cruise is another matter. Scenic looks really nice from what I have seen on YouTube videos but some reviews are inconsistent. Any thoughts, pro and cons would be greatly appreciated. I am an ocean cruiser...so a river cruise will be a stretch for me. Thanks in advance.
  10. I booked to see the ship and see how well it serves it’s passengers. The speculation on the demographics really intrigues me...... the stereo types I’m reading into the advertisements. As I’m not in the millennial category, I will wait to see the sights around the pool. It’s funny the cruise line and Caribbean resort commercials picture buffed beach bodies, no tattoos, no piercings and no obesity. ... not what I have seen on ships. If this ship is truly an orgy barge......I’m gonna sit back and have lots of beverages and shake my head and just smile.😂😁🤪😜 see you in the gym onboard !!!
  11. Well I’m booked on the Sept 13, 2020 5 day cruise as a try out so to speak. If I like the product I’ll book a 2021 while onboard. My impression is that the second ship will come out the later part of 2021, so a Nov Dec cruise would be spot on...hoping the second ship will be doing 7 day sailings 😈👹😜
  12. I would like to know if Princess Caribbean cruises are impacted by the spring break period. I have heard lines like Carnival and NCL are loaded with spring breakers and the onboard experience gets a bit out of hand. Has anyone experienced issues on Princess ship? Thanks
  13. If they don’t have French vanilla creamer, then I’ll stick with mudslides, BBC’s, Long Island ice teas. ,pear tinis and lemon drop martinis. The breakfast choice for champions!
  14. Are excursions purchased once onboard or before embarking? I found the excursions being offered on my June Greek cruise but did not see where to actually purchase them. Or is this accomplished over the phone? I also noticed excursions are dropped if the minimum number of passengers is not met.....which makes me think purchases are done on board. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Guessing Princess listens....The Enchanted Princess will have Crooners. But in the meantime Sky will be wonderful next month. Curious as to whether a late March sailing will experience a spring break crowd. Do spring break groups choose Princess?
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