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  1. RMS Olympic

    NCL Joy coming to West Coast year round

    Well NCL did me a big favor😎😎😎. The Joy will be doing Caribbean cruises out of Miami in the fall of 2020. So I booked my fav cabin overlooking the bow....on a Nov sailing. So now I have. A Caribbean sailing on Encore in Nov 2019 and the Joy the following year. Only away class I have missed is the Breakaway. After sailing the Bliss...not sure the Breakaway would excite me. Leonardo class......late 2021? Happy New Year everyone!
  2. RMS Olympic

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    Gee, as an old cruiser maybe I’m too old to go to sea. As a gym rat that spends 2 hours in the gym every day onboard, does the water slides I’m anything but sedentary. All shore excursions selected envolve physical activity not to mention power walks before breakfast. Gee I wonder if the observation lounge was designed for us over 40.....😀😀😀
  3. RMS Olympic

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    Finally getting back to this thread. I must admit I am surprised to see how the stern deck is being used. That’s prime real estate to be used for laser tag. As an adult sun area that can be used by many at a given time it’s being dedicated to maybe a handful of players. Considering out door deck space is tight on a full ship, to now move people to the area forward previously used by laser tag on the bliss will be extra tight. If this same area on Encore is to be An adult sunning area, will it compete with the Vibe one deck below? I am also surprised to see the Galaxy pavilion added.... yet another large space that may be dedicated to only a small number of passengers at a given time. i enjoyed the Bliss; great crew and service. Great dinning, great entertainment, elegant decor. But too many people and rude passengers. Will I stay with NCL, not sure. I switched my Encore booking from the inaugural crossing to her first Caribbean sailing. I hope the ship is great. But HAL is attracting me more... just booked the Nieuw Statendam for March....as a single passenger it was way less money than returning to the Bliss. NCL was my first, I just wish they would decide whether they want to be a premium line or a mass market / amusement park at sea. Maybe project Leonardo will be a shift in direction securing my loyalty once more. Final note...my sailing on Encore will be an anniversary for me....my first cruise was on Norwegian Caribbean Lines Southward in 1979....now Encore in November 2019... Thats a 40 year addiction, and ship number 89. Is there no cure for this cruising addiction? 🤪
  4. RMS Olympic

    Mamma Mia June 29, 2019

    Excited....you bet. Called Star Clipper this morning and confirmed they will offer a one night pre cruise hotel. Pricing not available till January, but it will be the Electra hotel Athens. Transfers will be sold as well so all will be effortless. I looked up the hotel....they have a roof top restaurant with an Acropolis view.......will reserve a table as soon as possible. Anyone want to join me up on the Roof? 🤓🤓🤓 tom
  5. RMS Olympic

    NCL Encore inaugural transatlantic

    Hi Frizzbee! Great to hear you are joining the crowd. Will your babes birthday take place during the cruise? Regardless, maybe a birthday celebration dinner will be on the agenda
  6. RMS Olympic

    Mamma Mia June 29, 2019

    I totally agree with your thoughts. I am truly excited about seeing these northern Greek Islands, the Portin Turkey I need to research. The ship itself is very much to my liking, so all I need is a glass of wine and I’ll be happy. I purchased my air to Athens, flying in the day before the cruise so now all I have to do is wait on Star Clippers to offer their hotel. What a great trip to look forward to
  7. RMS Olympic

    Mamma Mia June 29, 2019

    Greetings Michael and Peter! I look forward to meeting you onboard. This should be a wonderful cruise....I’m wondering if Star Clipperswill playup the movie during the cruise...such as music or crew entertainment. Regardless I think thissailing will be a lot of fun. Tom
  8. RMS Olympic

    Mamma Mia June 29, 2019

    anyone else going? Got my cabin booked, purchased my air....now to wait on Star Clippers to-offer a pre cruise hotel in Athens. Very excited to get back on the Flyer. Small ship, small islands and all that cobalt blue water!
  9. RMS Olympic

    Are You Amped About Sky Princess 2019?

    Very happy with the pool area design, eliminating the raised area between the pools. The wake pool...hope it’s nice as it would be where I would spend my time. As for food, I must admit my impression overall on the Royal was poor. But that was a few years ago and am hoping Princess has improved. As for buffets...Princess seems to have cut the budget, but I found Holland America to be even more of a disapointment. Makes me wonder if Carmival Corp bean counters are the master minds. It pains me to say NCL’s new Bliss buffet selection, quality and taste makes other lines look poor. Who would think NCL would outshine Princess. Well hopefully the Sky will get me reenergized for cruising zprincess. This will make my 25th Princess cruise.....and am hoping for the best.
  10. RMS Olympic

    Are You Amped About Sky Princess 2019?

    Well I switched dates, and rebooked for a Caribbean cruise in March. This allowed me to book the inaugural/ transatlantic sailing of the Norwegian Encore on Nov 2nd. Sky will be only a few months old when March rolls around so I’m still excited to get on her. I must admit NCL has really upped their game with the Norwegian Bliss......food service and ship decor top notch. I am curious as to how the Sky will compare.....as Princess although a vavorite of mine seems to be same old same old. If Princess service is still great, the ship itself will be less important. Too many cruises, too little time.
  11. RMS Olympic

    Mamma Mia cruise!

    Very valid points. Your comment on disposable income...on my last cruise a dining table mate made the comment that the reason there are so many gay men on ships is that they have disposable income and the freedom to do as they please My experience on smallerships is that people are more traveled, less judgmental and very social. All the Star Clipper YouTube videos I have watched suggest the elderly don’t travel on ships without elevators or have to deal with gangway. As there is only one sea day, I will have sufficient time to shmooz the crew. As a solo cruiser, I always bring my own gay drama and unleash it under the stars. If your more gay charter oriented, you might check out the new company Vacaya....which looks like fun to Ptown. Me, I’m headed to Greece to look at Greek men, have some Greek salad, some white wine and shots of ouzo. mamma Mia, here I go again Bon voyage on whatever your cruise selection is. Ciao for now.
  12. RMS Olympic

    Mamma Mia cruise!

    I believe the movie was filmed in the islands that this cruise is visiting. Star Flyer is much smaller than Royal Clipper but just as wonderful. I sailed Star Flyer in Indonesia with Rsvp...loved it. sailed Royal Clipper out of Cannes with Rsvp, loved it. sailed Star Clipper out of saint Maarten on a non. Gay cruise...loved it. So I am not concerned about this cruise not being a charter. I agree the cruise should be marketed to the LGBT community. Now that this new movie is coming out, I suspect the few Mamma Mia cruises scheduled will fill up. I do know the first 4 cabin choices I considered were already booked on my chosen sailing. So if interested, you might look into it. I did appreciate the current offer includes a one cabin upgrade and tips included. Now to go see the new movie and get my ABBA on. So excited, back to the Greek Islands
  13. RMS Olympic

    Norwegian Bliss interest?

    Just changed my booking to Feb 16 as I had a conflict with the Jan sailing. I also switched to a solo cabin this time as I spent so little time in my cabin sailing Alaska. Looking forward to dinning at a Ocean this time. Will dine all seven nights in various specialty restaurants...minus Q which I did not enjoy. I have the crossing of The a Encore booked...and now the Joy is coming back! Maybe early 2020 for the Joy. Never thought I would be a regular on NCL.....but they really are improving.
  14. RMS Olympic

    NCL Joy coming to West Coast year round

    Happy happy joy joy! I loved the Bliss and will definitely book the Joy. Modification will be done in Shanghai, projection is a 5 week time frame for work to be completed and reposition the ship. If the work is to commence in April, that would mean arrival in early May....which seems early for the Alaska season. I’m hoping they bring the ship to LA and then run her up the coast to Seattle....if so I’ll book her. What I can’t figure out is the initial press erase stated post Alaska season the Joy would sail Mexico cruises and Panama Canal Cruises. Would the Canal schedule be LA to Miami and then back again? Basically 2 fourteen day sailings? I want to get on the Joy, but not to Alaska. As for the China issues, I’m wondering if the Chinese business rules concerning booking procedures had a financial impact. Princess told me that gov regulations required Chinese nationals to book through approved Chinese agencies and prohibited booking directly thru the cruise line. If this applied to NCL, then pricing control would be out of NCL’s hands, not to mention the gov getting a piece of the fare. Regardless, I’m anxious to see what 50 million buys especially if the mechanics are untouched. One last thought....will the ship be renamed???
  15. RMS Olympic

    Star Flyer June 29, 2019

    Sailing out of Athens to the Greek Islands.....Mamma Mia cruise. 🤓