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  1. Booked this Iceland to London cruise just today. I figure it will be a great break from June weather in Florida. Anyone else heading to Reykjavik?🤗
  2. A few followup thoughts on the inaugural...shakedown cruise. I did not expect perfection, as this was a start up shakedown cruise. I was told before the cruise there were going to be very few paying passengers. I spoke to many film crew, travel agents, travel writers on board; reception told me only 35 actually paying passengers were onboard. The remainder were company officials like the president of the company and administrative officials. with so few passengers I expected a reduced operation, with not all venues up and operating all at the same time. An inaugural in the full
  3. Just home from a lovely experience. ship beautiful crew exceptional....wearing smiles that were not diminished by their masks. food.....exceptional, I gained weight. Truly a wonderful product....can’t say enough good things. Milton the hotel manager has everything running like a Swiss watch.....my compliments. Already planning another Windstar cruise. All I can say is book, go and enjoy.
  4. Well I’ll be happy when I get to the Breeze. I scheduled a Covid test at CVS on Monday June 14. If I get the results on Wed I can fill out the form and hopefully download the results and send it off to St Maarten on Wed. Then hope I get an approval/acceptance by Friday evening. My Flight out of Tampa to Miami leaves at 8 am....so I need St Maarten ok by Friday night. They say it takes up to 12 hours to process...but the idea of a big Celebrity ship with more than 2000 passengers processing their applications at the same time worries me. if I don’t get an approval and get denied entry
  5. I’m getting cranky. I read the St Maarten requirements for testing. Was it 120 hours before departure or 72 hours before departure? I emailed the authorities in St Maarten...told them I was flying in from Miami fully vaccinated ....they responded, test results for the PCr within 120 hours of departure. well I’m going to try to get the PCr test and the antigen test . I’m getting on that boat come he’ll or high water.
  6. Anyone else booked on this sailing? I booked this cruise along with a April 10 sailing on the Discovery Princess thanks to future cruise credits Princess were so generous to provide due to a 2020 cruise cancellation. Needless to say...I’m a Princess cruiser that is red ta go.
  7. Just booked this cruise....anyone else making this sailing? tom
  8. I just booked a PG cruise for Dec 2022. I sailed on the PG when she was managed by Radisson. Second cruise was under Regent....so this time it is under the new owners control. As I have read many crew members have been there for years...so I am curious as to see how things have changed. is it still a ship of high standards? My memories are still near and dear to my heart.
  9. This video of the cabin was perfect! The small deck plans suggested a much smaller cabin. I am now reall excited to get on the Breeze in May. I’m even thinking of booking the Pride in November. the smaller the ship the better. Huge ships, too many people. I don’t need rock climbing walls, zip lines, merry go rounds, bumper cars, roller coasters. A hot shower, a clean bed, good food and a great bar man....heaven.
  10. I would like to know about this cabin as I have booked it for her upcoming post refit inaugural sailing. Does anyone have pictures either from the Breeze or her sisters? Or cabin 102/402 as they appear to be just opposites. Because of its shape I can’t tell how much smaller it is, how the bathroom might differ and placement of the closet. Any information would be greatly appreciated and only add to my already building excitement! Thank you! Tom
  11. Just booked her post refit inaugural. Price was great, and the fact that it’s a beach and water sports cruise will be a nice change. Anyone else going? Tom
  12. Any comments on this beauty? I’m booked and looking forward to her modifications upgrades and dining experience.
  13. Thank you scottca075. The one time I sailed the QE2 I booked a Queens grill cabin to”do it right”. But that was years ago. To book a grill cabin now as a solo would put the price into Seabourn realm. I’m not sure the Queen would out do Seabourn. If I book the QM2... I’ll try to get a solo outside on deck three....but they seem to sell out immediately when reservations open for a crossing. So Ill have to wait till summer 2022 sailings open for booking. Thank you for your response.
  14. I would like to know what people think of these cabins up forward overlooking the bow I booked S101 on the Sky last March....cruise cancelled. Book the same Cat cabin s103 on the Enchanted for this Nov....cruise cancelled. So today I booked S101 on the Sky for Jan 2022. any thoughts on these cabins with the floor to ceiling windows would be appreciated.
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