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  1. Interesting. Goes to show you never know what's going to happen on a cruise!
  2. I never realized that this was a problem in Tampa. So statistically how often does this happen? Anybody willing to throw out a percentage number in speculation?
  3. Check the Royal Caribbean forum. I have shared my research on shade and mobility issues on Labadee with you there.
  4. In 2013 we decided to splurge on a over the water Cabana because I could not being the son and my husband had some mobility issues. In all my research on Cruisecritic, I see that Nellies Over the WaterCabana # 9 seems to have the most consistent shade over the day at Labadee.The ramp for #9 was perfect. maybe check it this email address to see if they can accommodate you and rent a cabana for the family for the day it really was worth it even for the expense because we were able to nap inside there was water and we didn't have to walk far to get things because it came with an attendant. The loungers inside are cushioned and there's outside Loungers and it was very well shaded which is what I needed in particular. Cabana next to it seem shaded as well. If you order one through the cruise line you will be told that your cabin will be assigned when you arrive but if you have special needs through ADA you will be able to contact this email address and they can help you out y assigning one of these this particular cabins like we did. shorex@rccl.com Here is the thread I used to research the cabanas.
  5. When we rented a car in Ireland it was out of Shannon because the roads from the airport were rural right away. Coming out of Dublin will be more congested so I would suggest coming out of Dublin Airport where it won't be quite so congested.
  6. I have been on the ferry out of Doolin specifically to Inishere and on the return trip took the water view of the Cliffs of Moher. I have not been to inishmore but my strong suspicion is that you would not be able to see the Cliffs of Moher except in the far distance so I'm sorry to disappoint but I cannot see how that would be possible.
  7. Thank you that is a thought to do pre and or post-cruise Edinburgh Southampton. What would be the most efficient way to investigate which itineraries utilize the interport system? Thank you
  8. What is an easy way to find out which itineraries around the globe have interport itineraries? I've never heard of them before reading this post. For example we are Outlander fans and I am very interested in somehow getting over to Scotland either by a land trip or possibly by Cruise. Not much time is spent in Edinburgh on a cruise. If I could join a cruise Edinburgh to Edinburgh instead of whatever the real in the ebarkation/ Debarkaton Port is that would be ideal.
  9. I think the library is a great suggestion. If you enter through the cabin hallway, the white double doors leading to the library is not readily marked as such so you have to be on the lookout for it. There's also an elevator from the first level of 270 up to the library level that might be useful for him as well.
  10. Whether you have reservations or not my suggestion would be to arrive if possible 45 minutes ahead to get four seats together at a spot of your choosing. Otherwise you will have to be wandering around trying to grab. That was our experience if we were there 30 or 25 minutes before the show.
  11. No, Respect as valued customers is not too much to ask for it all. I see no evidence of that yet.
  12. Wow! Cruisers on successive cruises with same HVAC malfunctions are readily receiving much more generous compensation? I really do hate to say it but sounds like there's a bunch of knuckleheads running the show. Such poor public relations.
  13. Can we not automatically assume that someone is going to try to cheat and grab a lawyer? I was on that ship and I heard the alpha alpha alpha in stateroom 11255, I think, and I prayed for them. I hoped that they were not among those without air conditioning along with an ongoing cardiac or respiratory condition that no air conditioning could exacerbate. I have also seen some comments on CC that it wasn't all that bad to not have air conditioning. We personally had no problems, but I can sympathize with those that did have a problem. You never know when it can change affect your health.
  14. Anthem had fresh squeezed orange juice in the main dining room and Windjammer bar and the solarium pool bar. We loved it!
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