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  1. Zaandam feels like a "real ship" - cozy, comfortable public spaces that all have a distinct personality, rich dark woods, lovely music themed art and antiques, rich fabrics. Cabins are larger than Princess and have ample storage - even insides! Ship will feel less crowded and overall a more club like feeling than bustling resort. I usually rate service on Holland as more personal and less rushed as they have less faces to remember and serve. Where Zaandam "lacks" compared to Princess is in the variety of activities and less entertainment choices. In the evenings there is the Mainstage show, Ocean Bar trio or Piano player, Adagio strings in Explorers lounge before/after dinner and the Piano Bar/Casino late night, maybe an acoustic guitar player before the pinao bar starts up. Holland does not do a lot of the themed parties/audience participation game shows like Princess. There is no champagne waterfall/balloon drop/piazza entertainment type activities like Princess offers. The smaller vessels like Zaandam have a more relaxed evening ambiance than the bigger Holland America ships. Hope some of that helps. Knowing that the experience will be different, embrace the change and enjoy the cruise :)
  2. I have no empirical evidence, but IF the cruise lines are forced to remove Cuba from itineraries I could see HAL redeploying the Veendam outside of the Caribbean, or mover her to an alternate homeport. She is not a competitive offering for the overcrowded 7nt cruise market from FLL/MIA.
  3. Holland sell the 10 & 11 night cruises as a 21 day "collectors cruise" (back 2 back) - they allocate certain rooms for the 21 day voyages vs the single segments. It could be on the 10 day segment that the inventory team has blocked out the interior rooms on deck 7 for that reason. Alternatively it could just be the way they display inventory - in most cases they do not display more than 8 rooms in a given letter category when looking online (regardless of if it is their website or a 3rd party website). There are category I, J, K and L interiors on deck 7. As those categories also are available on other decks it would display the 8 most "preferential" rooms (as they view them) as available, even though more might be available. Calling a knowledgeable travel agent who understands how to view the full inventory with HAL in their agent booking system, or calling HAL direct may give you more options of rooms than any online resource will.
  4. That is long how I have viewed the situation ..... The sad thing is a WANT to love HAL, I WANT to make them my first choice, I WANT to give them extra money and purchase or upgrade beverage packages ....... why do they WANT to make it so difficult to do so?? One of the main reasons I have sailed Celebrity and Princess so much in the last few years is because they have their act together on this offering! The only reason I am sailing HAL to Alaska this summer and the Panama Canal next winter are because of their far superior itineraries. I fully EXPECT to be frustrated when using my beverage package (which was a booking perk), which is a sad way to begin a cruise 😠 If HAL would mirror the policies and practices of their sister Princess in regards to beverage packages, which is part of the "Holland America Group" after all, then I would have ZERO complaints!!!! While I recognize that for many here a beverage package does not make sense financially, there are also many of us for whom it does. By not having a competitive, consistent, offering they are pushing those of us who like the beverage packages away ..... OH WAIT - and then there is their "Stellar" website (which is an absolute exercise in dysfuntion!) - again with Princess being part of the Holland America Group how the heck have their IT practices not benefited HAL???????? Ok - RANT OVER 😵
  5. Imagine that ....... the rules and application of beverage package policies varying from ship to ship bar to bar day to day hour to hour...... I just do do not understand why HAL cannot get their $@!t together on this......
  6. In post #5 of that thread the new MDR wine list was posted, but none of the individual bar menus. The grid like "master" list is outdated at best. My biggest concern had been, and still is, wines in the MDR that would fit within the Signature Beverage Package limits. There is a small, but acceptable range of both white and red for my palate under $11 on the new MDR list, so that's how I'm basing my decision Here's the new MDR wine list posted in that thread:
  7. I agree with you on the raising of the limit! I was considering upgrading to Elite but now not sure if I will need to or not. There is an active discussion on the topic here: and also the new MDR wine list can be found in this post in reponse #5:
  8. Any chance you could try and post them here for all of us to see? I've noticed quite a few posts looking for information on these rooms since K-Dam first launched :)
  9. If I do not log in the HAL website consistently gives me pricing in Canadian Dollars ... once logged in it switches to US Dollars .... go figure, as I live in Atlanta GA and use hard wired internet through Google Fiber ...... The gnomes in the HAL IT system like to be VERY mischievous me thinks!
  10. With all cruise lines purchased ,or gift, onboard credits provided by a third party such as travel agents, friends and family, etc cannot be used until you board the vessel. Some cruise lines make promotional onboard credits (those gifted by the cruise line themselves) available to use for pre-booked items. HAL at this time does not allow this.
  11. I agree with rkacruiser that this seems more a threat than something that will ever come to fruition. Not only would this ban effectively cancel at least 80-90% of Carnival Corp sailings, it would have a catastrophic negative economic impact on hundreds of domestic and international ports and all that rely on Carnival Corp vessels to bring them business. It could force many into bankruptcy, liquidation and even homelessness as they depend so heavily on the cruise industry for their livelihood.
  12. Whilst I don't doubt your personal experience, or the reports of others, I stand by the fact that the current language could and has resulted in an uneven application of the policy. Either all drinks are counted or only alcoholic drinks are counted. The written policy and onboard application of the policy should mirror one another without exception. With the ability to quickly edit documentation and immediately disperse it there is no reason there should be any grey area at all. HAL chooses for it to exist, which in turn leads to consumer frustration and a loss in trust in the brand, product and its value.
  13. I answered my own question to this question and found recent MDR wine by the glass list in reply #5 of the following thread:
  14. I just read the T&C for both the SBP and EBP and neither specifically state that only alcoholic beverages count toward the 15 per day limit. HAL obviously has chosen to keep the wording vague which will continue to lead to an inconsistent application of policy once onboard.
  15. now - where can we see current drink menus with the newly increased pricing to see if the SBP will give us enough wine by the glass options - as that is the only reason I'd consider upgrading to the EBP :)
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