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  1. AtlantaCruiser72

    Revolution (Renovations)

    I would not expect new deck plans to be released until AFTER the Millennium completes her Revolutionizing ....... RCI as a corporation does not like to reveal the nitty-gritty details of changes until after the fact as a general rule.
  2. AtlantaCruiser72

    Caribbean Fall 2020 / Spring 2021- Color me unimpressed

    My point about tendering is because Celebrity has hyped the Magic Carpet and Edge Launches so much as an integral part of the product, and how it would revolutionize the tendering process. By logical deduction, one would infer the intent was to offer ports otherwise inaccessible to ships of this size due to docking restrictions, that the new fabulous tendering process would now make more practical. I had hoped one of the two ships would have done some 9/12 night or 10/11 night rotations with unique ports in the Caribbean where the ability to offer faster, more comfortable, tendering would be a selling point. Alas the itinerary planners and revenue management team (who know FAR more than this armchair CEO ever will!) seem to feel that the 7 day milk-runs are the best use of their newest assets
  3. Just saw the newly released Celebrity itineraries to the Caribben for Fall 2020 through Spring 2021. I feel the entire deployment is as ho-hum as it gets. Apex and Edge on the same old 7nt Eastern/Western runs, Equinox taxes over The 9 & 12nt runs, Reflection on 10 & 11 night runs, Infinity back to the 4 & 5nt sailings and Summit back to San Juan for alternating 7 night runs. Nothing new, nothing unique, not a single true 14 day itinerary. I feel that the tendering capabilities of Apex/Edge are totally wasted. I know that there is only so much that can be done in the Caribbean, but was really hoping they would use Apex or Edge to visit some ports that are not normally accessible to larger ships. They didn't. Instead they went with the mundane and predictable. To to say I am disappointed is an understatement
  4. AtlantaCruiser72

    Guarantee only for 2 but quads available

    Most likely not - "revenue management" has taken to blocking all rooms that can hold triple/quad from allowing cabin assignment for double on certain sailings (summer vacy school hols, etc). If they book a gty and are later assigned a cabin, the travel agent can ask to have them moved to an open cabin in the category they were assigned (if there are any). The key here being the category assigned, not booked. If sailing is still under booking occupancy restriction they may not be allowed to move, even if open triples/quads avail. This is a HUGE issue on the Millie, Connie, Infinity and Summit where MOST rooms can accommodate more than 2 ..... total PITA for clients, but CHA wants the 3rd/4th guest revenue on as many bookings as they can get!
  5. AtlantaCruiser72

    Schedule for 2020

    Anytime between now and end of August. HAL does not follow a set pattern for releasing itineraries or make a public announcement of the release schedule. That said the general trend industry wide has been to release further in advance than in years gone by, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.
  6. AtlantaCruiser72

    What exactly IS a "Celebrity Burger"

    Hmmmmm - I've always seen Sauerkraut, sauteed Mushrooms, and Onin on the line and seem to remember being able to add them meself. When I've gotten a burger they always asked if I wanted cheese or not so I knew I couldn't add cheese meself. End of - there is really nothing "special" about it as the toppings are there for the asking anyways, regardless of whether I ask them to add them or serve meself.
  7. AtlantaCruiser72

    What exactly IS a "Celebrity Burger"

    So basically they just serve the "Celebrity Burger" with toppings that I could add myself from the toppings bar ..... gotcha!
  8. AtlantaCruiser72

    What exactly IS a "Celebrity Burger"

    I was just browsing photos of the Summit Pool Grill and saw an image of the menu - on it they list a "Celebrity Burger" with no explanation of how this differs from a standard Hamburger/Cheeseburger. I'm sure it was there in the past, but I never much paid attention to the menu .... So exactly what makes the "Celebrity Burger" unique or different in some way?????
  9. AtlantaCruiser72

    Premium package for wine drinkers is not all that premium

    Some of the issues on lack of wine choice on Infinity may be directly related to her current 4/5 nt short sailings, where more guests have the drink package than on other sailings, and average consumption of alcohol per guest is also higher. The ships Bar Manager may have made decisions on wine/bar service to help shorten service times and reduce waste. I personally look at each bars specific wine by the glass on it's menu and order from that (the guidelines under the package inclusions are merely examples of wines that might be on offer fleetwide and not representative of a specific venues offerings). I have never had an issue getting what I ordered, but outside of MDR/specialty dining and Cellar Masters the selection has been uniformly uninspiring and fairly basic on wine by the glass. Even the few venues with expanded wine by the glass offerings have been just so-so in terms of varietals.
  10. AtlantaCruiser72

    USA Today first look Edge photos...

    Yes and a few at the back as well. In total there are 58 category 1A/1B verandahs with the large circular openings. 36 SV verandahs and all others are Infinite Verandah, except Suites and Oceanview/Inside of course.
  11. AtlantaCruiser72

    Living on the Edge with vtcruising!: A Live Review!

    I know I have seen small tables between some pool side loungers on both HAL and Princess, which are direct competition to Celebrity. Maybe not on all ships, or by all pools, but they definitely have them! Royal Princess Main Pool Konigsdam Main Pool
  12. AtlantaCruiser72

    Celebrity Edge's Blocks Are In The House!

    My guess is the alfresco eats may be small plates that are pre-plated and brought up to the bar at limited times of day for quick service - think cold tapas items - mezzah plate, olive tapenade, fruit skewers, and the like. They could have a small fridge behind the bar that could easily be stocked with these items for quick grab and serve snacks. or it could just be encouraging guests to bring food from other venues to enjoy eating alfresco at the bar.
  13. AtlantaCruiser72

    Alaska 2020 now posted to HAL website

    I would not expect any Cyber sale promotions to cover 2020 summer sailings. If anything they will cover Winter/Spring 2019 to Spring 2020, like the current Explore4 promo does. I would not anticipate any Summer 2020 through Spring 2021 sailings to have promos from HAL until mid Spring 2019 ....... that's just based on past promo patterns and they could surprise us :)
  14. AtlantaCruiser72

    Alaska 2020 now posted to HAL website

    As long as you book a fully refundable deposit fare (Advantage or agency promotional group fares would qualify) then you can re-fare with new promos when/if they become available :)
  15. AtlantaCruiser72

    Alaska 2020 now posted to HAL website

    so for Maasdam 2020 (as opposed to Amsterdam 2019) it looks like they are dropping Sitka, Kodiak and Victoria and picking up Haines, Valdez and an extra sea day ........ both itins have plusses and minuses. The biggest minus of Vancouver is sailingf rom Vancouver itself - unless they are there on a day where there is only 1 ship that terminal can be a royal PITA mostly due to the customs situation. Then there is a the added cost of airfare and hotels to Vancouver vs Seattle ........ But then you get more true scenic inside passage cruising and Valdez as compensation so ......