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  1. Not only is the retail value of the NCL beverage package inflated, it’s also the least inclusive in the industry. They are the ONLY LINE to exclude specialty coffees, bottled waters, juices, etc. It’s essentially booze and fountain soda only. But back to HAL - I was very pleased with the Signature beverage package on my last cruise. I wish maybe a few more wines by the glass had been covered in the MDR, but I was able to find a couple that were enjoyable, if not special or memorable. As far as mixed drinks and beers I don’t think I ordered anything that wasn’t covered and I prefer m
  2. There was/is not one scheduled (to my knowledge) for either fall 2021 or spring 2022. If they offer it for fall 2022/spring 2023 it would be released along with the rest of the West coast Hawaii/Mexico sailings in mid to late 2021.
  3. I believe the language says if unused by expiry date they will refund the original cash value (upon request) and any bonus amount is forfeit. The language and timeframe may vary based on which pause # you were affected by (we are currently on pause #9 !!!) Terms & Conditions of each pause vary slightly, so it's important to read through them based on your sailing date and when it was cancelled. Terms are related to the FIRST cancelled sailing that the FCC was ORIGINALLY issued from. https://www.princess.com/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/
  4. I had a client who's April 2020 Transtalantic cancelled and he took FCC, He applied those to the August 2021 Greenland Sailing from NYC, which has now been cancelled. I rebooked him on the 2022 Greenland sailing yesterday. His FCC did not auto apply as they had a use by date of 5/1/22. I called PRC today and the agent I worked with was able to get approval to have them extended and applied to the new booking. She was told to inform me to inform my client that this was a 1-time courtesy and that they could not be extended again. So yes - it's possible right now on a case by case
  5. NCL is the ONLY line that makes you pay a gratuity/service fee on the "free" drinks package. Celebrity, HAL and Princess all cover the gratuity to the staff for all drinks consumed as part of the package.
  6. The July cruise through October were all Canada/NE and most were 10 nights - which anything over 7 days is cancelled through 11/1. So perhaps they are creating new 7 day Canada/NE itineraries or keeping her in the Caribbean for the entire summer/fall? Will be interesting to see what happens!
  7. I know Regal Princess appears to be headed to the Caribbean for Fall 2021-Spring 2022. I have Wondered if Regal might replace Caribbean on the 7 day Eastern/Western Runs and if they might create a new pattern for Caribbean of 4/5/5/7 or 6/8 day sailings. Whatever the case I'm sure we'll know soon!
  8. And I don’t doubt that one bit. I just find it odd that IF Europe 2022 is going on sale this week on the 25th, or next week on December 1st that NOTHING has been distributed to agents yet. Things change, and dates are very fluid right now. What’s true today is wrong later today, let alone tomorrow..... As they say - watch this space! LoL
  9. Yes - but the poster indicated the agency that posted it quickly took it down, which indicates that the agency may have gotten a preview copy that has since been retracted, probably at Princess’ request. They may be making changes or updates that the original reference flyer did not reflect. It has NOT been distributed to agents or published on the agent website, nor has an on-sale date been communicated to agents via email as normal. This is what makes me think it got “leaked” and that potentially it is being delayed. Not uncommon and the conflicting on-sale dates reported, alon
  10. None of the Pinnacle class have a dedicated cinema. They do have a large movie screen by the Lido pool that shows films/sporting events in the evening. Akin to “Movies under the stars” on Princess. Additionally they will occasionally show movies in the World Stage during the daytime. All rooms are outfitted with large LCD TVs with free on demand films as well.
  11. The Vista Class in general were rather loud and proud wither their color combinations and patterned carpets, fabrics, etc. Thankfully over multiple dry dock renovations that has mostly been remediated. I personally like the renderings and think that if they are indicative of the vessel as a whole that Rotterdam might end up the prettiest of the 3 Pinnacle Class vessels. My biggest hope is that they choose less bulky and awkward seating for the Lido!
  12. If there are issues with the art pieces purchased onboard the consumer needs to contact the third party contractor that was selling the pieces, not Princess. I believe that would be Park West, who have a less than stellar reputation for integrity and back end customer service.
  13. I've seen sevaral people post opening dates of both 11/25 and 12/1 - what's got me scratching my head is that Princess is very consistent and always sends an email to travel agents a MINIMUM of 10 days before a new deployment opens that gives the on sale dates and link to the itinerary reference flyer, then within 48hrs the information appears in the travel agent website. To date NOTHING has been posted for Europe 2022, nor have I received the email as normal. I think they may be pushing this back a bit.
  14. The 12-15 month return to service timeline comment was related to ALL ships in the fleet, not the initial startup of the first ship(s). It has NOTHING to do with mechanical, regulatory compliance, crew, etc - it all has to do with a gradual measured approach to ensure that things are done slowly, deliberately and safely. It may also be contingent on any governmental restrictions on the # of ships they will allow in a port, etc. It has been stated on several occasions by Arnold Donald, Frank DelRio and Richard Fain that it will take at least this long for them to return all ships in their re
  15. Design taste is very subjective with no right or wrong answers. Many times renderings do not do justice to the finished product and sometimes they actually surpass it. Keep an open mind until actual photos/videos of the finished vessels are available. You may just change your mind. Then again you may not, and that’s okay too 😊
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