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  1. I have sailed on several ships that have had steps into the pools. Due to many reasons I find them almost universally dangerous - from being slippery as a result of the type of marine paint used or even because of the water movement making seeing the steps or balancing difficult. I have seen far more slips, falls and near falls than not, even been victim to all three myself. I understand many lack the upper body strength required by a ladder and would prefer stairs but there may be valid safety reasons as to why they have been eliminated from newbuilds
  2. The may be working to repatriate crew members to Europe that they have amalgated from various Carnival Corp vessels. That’s as good a guess as any.
  3. Are they heading north into the Suez canal from the Red Sea or south from the Mediterranean? That might help determine where they might be headed.
  4. Sadly many cruisers who had cruises cancelled in that first batch are still awaiting refunds. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason as to the order in which refunds are being processed
  5. I sailed the Amsterdam on the 14 day Alaska itinerary in late July/Early August of 2019 and found her in excellent condition. There were signs of some ongoing maintenance, but nothing that impacted usage of any public areas. My only complaint was that the aircon did not seem to work properly in the Mainstage - even when the room was empty it was stuffy and warm, and when full it was like a sauna. Our cabin, which did not have an updated bath, was in excellent upkeep as well. I heard no complaints form other cruisers (aside from the over warm theater). I always had an impression that when the S&R class ships were built that Carnival Corp "cheaped out" on some of the build quality - HVAC systems, plumbing systems, etc all seem to have more than their fair share of issues on these ships compared to other ships of similar age have had over the years. I also had an impression up until about 2016/17 that the ships were being allowed to get rather long in the tooth and tatty and that maintenance was being deferred whenever possible. It seems that in the last 3/4 years things have been improving, but when maintenance is let go too long, especially on ships with a mediocre build quality to begin with, there is only so much that can be done.........
  6. Well for those who want newer 50-60,000 tonne 1200 passenger ships we have seen the price point you will pay. Look at Viking and Oceania. Most HAL small ship devotees Would be unwilling to pay those perdiems.
  7. The problem is that the cost to build a new 1300 passenger ship is not that different than a 2000-2600 passenger ship, especially when spread out over a 30 year operational lifespan and the bean counters LOVE the additional revenue produced by all those extra butts in beds. To operate a new smaller vessels would mean a significant increase in base cruise cost.
  8. Both Amsterdam and Zaandam have done the 14 day Alaska cruise in past, albeit from Seattle, but if HAL wishes to keep the itinerary, either from Vancouver or Seattle, any of the Rotterdam class vessels can easily do those sailings minus the EXC zodiac shore excursions.
  9. I personally think that if the HAL brand survives the shutdown of operations that all 4 Rotterdam class vessels will remain in service. They play a very specific role for Carnival Corporation as part of the HAL fleet. The Maasdam and Veendam are most likely not returning to service.
  10. She was scheduled to sail in Asia this fall through spring 2021 at which time she moves to Euope for summer 2021. Her deployment beyond that was unknown until the Hawaii/Mexico fall 2021/spring 2022 sailings were announced.
  11. Possibly, but I could easily see Carnival Corp reducing fleet sizes of HAL, P&O Australia and P&O UK a good bit more than Princess and focus on moving as many of those guests to the Princess brand as they can. There is a large overlap of client demographic amongst all 4 brands. Despite recent events Princess has a very strong brand identity both in North America and internationally that other brands in the Carnival fleet do not. With a fleet of large, amenity filled modern vessels they fit a nice niche for Carnival Corp between brands like Carnival/Costa and Seabourn/Cunard.
  12. So essentially another $2.6bn USD on the debt heap?! Ouch! But, if it keeps them solvent long enough to resume operations ..... I think once the dust settles from fleet rationalization we can expect cruise pricing to be up significantly for the next 4-5 years and an increased push for ancillary revenues as well.
  13. Well, since we are on the Princess board........ Golden and Star were already announced to be transferred to P&O Australia. Golden end of 2020 Alaska season and the Star at the end of the 2021 Alaska season. Golden is already done in the Princess fleet and I'm willing to bet Star does not return either. If any other ships are removed from service with Princess the most likely candidates would be Sun and Sea due to their age and size. Given the recent deployment announcements this month for fall and winter 2021/22 with Pacific to Tahiti and Grand from LA to Hawaii and Mexico/Sea of Cortez, I'd be surprised if either of them were headed out of the fleet. If Sun/Sea were to leave along with Golden/Star, that would leave Princess with 16 ships once Discovery enters service. That would be a net decrease of 2 vessels from their pre-Covid fleet size of 18 vessels by end of 2021.
  14. Sounds like they are offering a FLASH fare - instant purchase (pay in full at booking), non-refundable, deep discount fares with no perks or promos. The terms of those fares are different from standard early booking fares. There may be other fare codes available for those same people but at a higher cost, that have standard payment terms and cancellation fees. This has been common for HAL for several years to offer these type of instant purchase fare promos.
  15. I know Princess changed to a 60 day Final payment window on sailings departing on or before 4/30/2021, but have not seen anything from HAL (or other cruise lines for that matter) with a change in Final Pay dates.
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