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  1. Sounds as if the agent used your mariner number to create a courtesy hold (option). This will trigger the HAL email server to send you a welcome email. There is nothing unethical here - he/she did this most likely to ensure they could have the rate/space should you contact them back to book. If you do not place a deposit within the hold (option) period HAL’s system will auto-cancel the booking.
  2. Alaska 2021: Eurodam and Oosterdam 7nt r/t Seattle Konigsdam and Volendam 7nt r/t Vancouver Nieuw Amsterdam and Noordam 7nt North/South between Vancouver and Whittier Maasdam 14nt r/t Vancouver My guess is Westerdam goes to Europe in 2021 replacing Nieuw Amsterdam in Venice and the Mediterranean. Putting Nieuw Amsterdam in Vancouver gives a small capacity bump in the North/South Alaska market. The move to Whittier vs Seward allows Princess and HAL to consolidate shore service staff, provisioning etc at one port which will save money. Since they are now both part of the same “group” within Carnival Corp this makes sense.
  3. There are a couple of scenarios related to the lifeboats - A) you widen the hull of the vessel so that lifeboats do not protrude or B) you remove the verandahs from rooms on deck 4 and make them obstructed oceanview akin to the Vista/Signature class ships so the lifeboats can be mounted higher, and further in. One costs more to build and is a fixed cost that can be amortized across all cabin types for the lifespan of the vessel, the other potentially reduces cabin revenues which reduces potential profit on each sailing. Sort of a pick your poison situation, and I'm sure the HAL bean counters would rather take A over B, though HAL loyalists would prefer B over A as it would restore the Promenade to it's previous glory.
  4. The Ocean Bar on the Vista class ships are having their dance floors / bandstands removed as they go through drydock. At some point this may happen to the Signature Class vessels as well. I think the S&R class ships will retain them however.
  5. After deciding to not change me mind, welllllllll, I changed me mind and moved to 1844 - I'd rather be nearer the fwd stairs/elevators and Atrium. Will be easier to orient Mum from there too so.
  6. We won't be spending a ton of time in the cabin but the areas closer to the main atrium/fwd elevators are probably the set of spaces we will use the most - Ocean Bar, Atrium Terrace, Main Theater, Guest Services, Crows Nest, Dive-In, Thermal Suite in Spa, Casino, etc. Not to mention you usually go ashore from the forward gangway at most ports. That's why I was thinking 1840 or 1844 might be better choices for us.
  7. With three quick replies all reaffirming my original cabin choice of 1875, I will stay put :) Many Thanks!
  8. If you could choose between two category D cabins on Amsterdam on Dolphin Deck (deck 1) -either 1840 or 1844 near the forward elevators/main atrium and 1875 near the mid elevators which would you choose and why???? I'm currently in 1875, but considering moving to 1840 or 1844. Any advice appreciated!
  9. I'm tired of RCCL's "dynamic" pricing - set a freeking price and stick with it ....... Everytime I think of booking another cruise with them the crazy fluctuating pricing scams push me away ..... It's why I've been mostly cruising Celebrity, Princess and HAL when I can get bev pacakges included in the upfront price, and often at better fares than Royal's base fares ......
  10. yes - select summer cruises have this offer to Alaska and Eurpoe as well. fares with the NB promo are higher than any flash-fare offers, but still less of a fare increase than buying outright when booking a flash-fare
  11. If the SPB is received as part of a booking promotion then the requirement for additional guest in the room over 21 to have the same package is waived.
  12. The recent “Early Booking Bonus” that ended was basically Explore4 under a different name. The refundable deposit fares were essentially the same under that promotion with or without it included. If they relaunch Explore4 in August I wouldn’t be surprised to see them to only offer the SBP on balcony and above and maybe quench for oceanview/interior. That would be in line with the recent Sip&Sail offer from sister line Princess.
  13. Often times as a US resident I will go to HAL website and see pricing in CAD and after logging in it switches to USD. I think their website has issues w/ certain internet providers and IP address and gets confused. While the HAL website has never been fantastic it seems that since they merged their website workgroup w/ Carnival corp and it was off-shored things have gone from Grim to Reaper
  14. The support areas on Oasis and Allure where the original Concierge Lounge was located (now Diamond lounge) was built without a full kitchen/prep area, but more a service kitchen to store prepared foods brought up from the main galley below. I believe in the first round of drydocks for these vessels it was determined that it would be logistically and financially a nightmare to install full kitchens to support a "full" dining venue, nor would it be practical to carve out a portion of the main galley multiple decks below and transport foods via a service elevator up/down to Wonderland. Coastal Kitchen does not have this issue as there is a full galley directly below in the Windjammer that was modified to have the finishing kitchen for Coastal kitchen and food /service items are just transported up/down a dumbwaiter/stairs, which is no different than the MDR on many cruise ships. Both Oasis and Allure will be getting new cabins on decks 11&12 replacing the Diamond Club and Library.
  15. Well - I've heard rumblings that Explore4 will start up 8/1 (whilst I'm on the Amsterdam) but with some changes to the offering vs past years (though not sure what that means in terms of inclusions/offers). Currently have the "Early Booking Bonus" offer w/ SBP and 1 night Pinnacle Grill (which is what Explore4 gave last year anyways) and booked w/ the $1 deposit .... so may just create a new res for same sailing onboard if Explore4/pricing as good as what we have so we can get the extra OBC :) This is for the 2/24/21 Zuiderdam Partial canal cruise we are doing.
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