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  1. We each have the Refreshment Package. Will the bionic bar make me a non-alcoholic drink? Or, is there only a preset drink menu from which to choose? Thanks
  2. Awesome, detailed review. I copy/pasted a lot of helpful information for our upcoming January 12 night anthem cruise! Thanks so much!
  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for your review. We can't wait to sail on the Anthem for the first time this January.
  4. Woohoo I can graduate kindergarten I was successful and using Wi-Fi calling and video calling. For those that are following my screen then showed a little phone receiver with the Wi-Fi signal above it as well as the video call and that was a confirmation that I was on Wi-Fi. Thank you to everybody who has answered!
  5. Thanks. I checked my settings and it looks like I already have Wi-Fi calling turned on. I have a screenshot of it below. Since it's already been on how do I test if it works?
  6. Cruising on the Anthem Jan 6th -12 nights and I need to be in contact with family because my sister is sick. Do I need to buy a package to easily text using my Android cell phone to the outside (not people on ship) on the Anthem? Does Android texting work well on Anthem without Voom package? We need to get Royal IQ app on phone to text, correct? That only allows testing to others on board, right? If I buy VOOM Surf, will I also be able to PHONE home to the outside? If so, how? Do I need an app? Which one?😕 Do I keep phone on Airplane mode at any time? When? 😀 Thanks!!
  7. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-bz-travel-insurance-kickback-suits-20180927-story.html
  8. I don't normally comment on the style of a post, but why the huge font? Is there a point being made, or is this how your computer is set up?
  9. I also have had our reservations confirmed via jlynch@carambolabeachclub.com
  10. I am getting the Refreshment package for the 1st time. MDR specialty coffee is included in the package, correct? If so, do I need to inform server?
  11. Great post/suggestions. I hope the OP takes it to heart, I sense frustration and sadness that a new attitude towards life may help. To the OP.. I pray your cruise brings you JOY! :halo:
  12. Thanks for the review. I'm looking forward to an Anthem 12 nighter in January. When you say there were not a lot of places on ship to look out at the ocean because it was built for cold weather, how much different is it? Other than 270 and Solerium, what spots can you suggest?
  13. Great. With only the Royal iQ app? Or after paying the $8.00?
  14. Ah, we have Android. Does the glitch work with Android?
  15. Are you saying that the Wi-Fi is free to text onboard to each member of your party on the anthem? you don't have to have the Voom?
  16. Which app? Anthem is not on the RCL app I have.
  17. Thank you for a great laugh! I needed that today. Too too funny. :'):o:'):o
  18. I wish I had been on a cruise in August to meet you but no!
  19. I'm with you! I am *irisheileen* and MUST have shade and it's hard to find on ships, beaches, resorts. It's not just that I burn, I have a skin condition where I must stay out of the sun. I am always prepared with long sleeved SPF shirts and pants. It gets hot!
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