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  1. On 5/5/2024 at 12:09 AM, Rogueperson said:

    Huh, i tried and they said they only do medium.  We’re on the same sailing.  I asked for it rare.

    No explanation.  Each time I asked for medium, they put a fresh burger on the grill rather than using one that was already cooking....and what I got was definitely better than what happened without the specification.  

  2. DBE is now per  qualified person.  The 2 free beverages are specialty coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, all wth no alcohol added. THey are free at Grounds Club and all restaurants.  They start when you board on embarkation day and end when you get off the ship.


    And...we had 2 people with DBE in the cabin.  On the 14 night that ended today, we sent laundry twice at no charge.  SO nice to com home with almost everything clean.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Cloud9 Bob said:

    Can you order the hamburger part well done?

    We have been able to specify "medium", so I don't see why you couldn't ask for "well done."  THey  cook it when you order.

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  4. Yeah, the "potato bar" was difficult as the servers didn't know what some of the toppings were, and as always, they needed to put the topping on or beside the potato (not like a bar where you get the potato and fix it yourself.  It was slow, especially at the beginning and there was really no good way to order that item with a server as the servers didn't know what the options were.  The only smart thing I did was to get what I wanted and what my cabin mate wanted at the same time  rather than each of us getting in the line.  My burger today took maybe 3 minutes....not bad at all.


  5. Basically the above.  Richard tends to hang out on Richard's Rooftop  or private spaces with his entourage other than scheduled appearances. Same for other top level people in the company.

    Personally, I'd prefer double the cruise nights to a single cruise with a "name," but others have different opinions.

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  6. 10 hours ago, Tralfaz1138 said:

    I'd agree.  I prefer waffles that are crispy outside and airy inside, not soft and cakey.  But, it's all personal preference.

    The ones last week were so "crispy" that they were crumbly.  When touched with a fork, they crumbled to little pieces.  The ones yesterday were moist inside, a little crispy outside..  But we each have our own likes and dislikes.....

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  7. The word is that we are making better time than previously informed and will be arriving at Malaga earlier than anticipated.

    The final work on the bacon in RD--ate there this morning.  I asked if it was possible to have the bacon without pepper.  She asked if I wanted crispy or "plain."  I said I liked the sweet stuff crispy, but with little or no pepper.....and that was exactly what I got.  And the waffles were back to normal, not the super crispy/crumbly of last time, leading me to believe that last time they were just over-cooked.  Overall, MUCH better experience this morning.


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  8. 1 minute ago, kwokpot said:

    The onboard vendor for all the shops somewhat recently changed from when VV debuted. When we sailed on the Valiant Lady in January '23 with the original shops my husband accumulated enough casino comps from playing onboard that we had over $700 to spend in the shops. We bought a boatload 😉 of stuff with a mix of logo gifts (the packable mini backpack is my favorite) and designer clothes from top brands. 

    That change was more than 6 months ago....shortly before our previous cruise.   whatever....I think we are dropping most of our loot at the spa this time.

  9. The shops on VV are....just peculiar. I'm on board now and they are even more odd than normal.  They have about 3 styles of t-shirts and some hoodies along with a very limited selection of notepads, tote bags, etc. in the Logo shop.  It is half the size it used to be and really didn't have anything.  On my first sailings, they at least had some interesting t-shirts and gift items.  Most of the other shops are quite expensive and just not interesting.  There are 2 designer purse shops, a store with very limited ladies clothing and high end perfume and makeup, a store with men's clothing, and a little area with some swimwear and misc.  And there is the "sundries" shop with drug store stuff, hammocks, some computer stuff, etc....but overall not stuff that I'd be buying.


  10. The transfer was uneventful.  We will hit all the ports scheduled. but times will change.  Funchal arrival about noon (rather than 8am), departure 8pm rather than 6.  We will make up some time in transit and the next port arrival will be about 2 hours late.


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  11. 4 hours ago, Rogueperson said:

    I do.  The pour overs actually have a charge as i scan my thingie but not sure how much it actually costs as I don’t see it on my wallet.  Thats why the shocked face as my coffee problem is pretty much solved.  I actually prefer good brewed coffee vs espresso drinks.

    They scan your bracelet.  THen they don't charge for the first 2 (if only one in the cabin has DBE) or 4 if both of you have DBE. That's why it doesn't come off your bar tab.  It will come off if you go over the limit any given day.

  12. Captain just announced a course deviation toward the Azores in order to meet a helicopter for a medical evacuation which will occur early in the morning.  He will advise later as to how or if this will alter our itinerary for the rest of the cruise.


  13. On 4/22/2024 at 1:42 PM, Rogueperson said:

    So a downside.  I gave Virgin a shot in the dark and hoped they would come through.




    Brewed Coffee is horrible.  I should have expected it.  It’s the same across all my cruise brands.  I usually bring my own coffee and aeropress.


    BUT… Virgin or at least Scarlet Lady does is actually sell beans on board.  And its the same price as land!!!!




    I’m talking to the Barrista about a jury rig filter for a pour over as he has the grinder and he just looked at me and said “ya know, I can just make a pour over for you”



    If you have Deep Blue Extras (loyalty), you get 2 specialty coffees per person per day at no charge.

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  14. This video will give you a great deal of info and a good feeling for what VV is like.  Average age on VV for the past year has been 43 with a range of 18-90s.  Our current cruise is a little older with an average of 55....but it is a 14 night cruise.  Biggest difference compared to other lines is no kids.  Next, no unlimited drink packages, no tipping, wifi included.  No main dining room--6 sit down restaurants that take reservations are included in your cruise fare, and THe Galley is like a food court rather than a buffet.
    Watch the video, then ask questions.

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  15. 10 hours ago, CineGraphic said:


    As someone who cures and smokes his own bacon, I believe the pepper is added in the curing process, and not just added before cooking. I only tried their bacon once in 2022 and found it to be too sugary, almost candy-coated.

    Maybe, but this bacon has pepper you can see on the slices....and you can tell before you bite whether that bite is going to have a ton of pepper or not. Today was a time change night and we didn't make it to breakfast....sorry so no bacon report yet.

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  16. Definitely way more pepper than before.  On previous cruise, it was peppery on Bimini day; we attributed that to the substitute crew in RD that day (the regular crew does the island).  On this sailing the question is only will it be too peppery or way excessively peppery.  IF we breakfast there again, I may try to order it without pepper and see if that is possible.

    Also, we were told that the B menu in Test Kitchen had changed....that was not our experience.  It may be changing, but the one this week was the original B menu.

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  17. You must know a bit of what you are doing and where to shop.  A friend  bought wine for 4 euros per bottle in Barcelona and brought 4 bottles on board.  Yes,. I know the rules, but she brought 2 and her husband brought 2 and no questions were asked.  In contrast, on this trip I brought the smallest bottle of steak sauce I could get at the local grocery store, and VV had me open the bag at embarkation to prove it wasn't liquor. (their specific question)

  18. 4 hours ago, We_like_to_cruise said:

    Honestly not a fan of the lines everywhere.  Lines for embarkation, lines for dining reservations, lines for every show (at least 30 minutes for each). Did not go on vacation to wait on line.



    This is the most full sailing I've been on.  Between that and the "first come first serve" policy for shows, some large fitness classes. etc. there is definitely more standing in line than previously.  Lines for dinner have not been bad, but for shows people are lining up 30 minutes in advance.

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  19. 32 minutes ago, kwokpot said:

    Thank you for your post. We'll be on the return TA on SL in November. Has there been any mention of any specific updates/renovations for SL or is it just the required 5 year maintenance drydock?

    The weather has been lovely...warm and sunny.  Not totally mirror smooth seas, but very gentle rocking.  I'm sleeping great.  No mention of anything other than required maintenance, but that doesn't mean that VV doesn't have plans.  There is plenty to do--they always bring on extra entertainers and such on the long cruises.

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