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  1. Things to consider when bidding include what the cost  difference vs. what you booked.of the upgrade would have been when you initially booked and what it is now.  THe bid page will show you the minimum bid.  You decide how much over that you are willing to go, and when select a "peculiar" number--one that ends in 4 or 7, for example.  For instance, if your max bit would be $100 over the minimum, live a little and go for $107.  Many people bid in numbers that end in 5 or 0. By choosing something just a bit higher, you improve your chances.


    Whether to bid $100 over the minimum bid or $1000 over is really a personal matter. My logic is to purchase a cabin where I will be happy, and then bid relatively little over the minimum stated.  It makes no sense to go beyond what the upgrade would have cost when I booked--in that case, why didn't I book that to begin with? But I've gotten hits several time on various lines with the "peculiar number" system.

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  2. 1 hour ago, kiefaber455 said:

    I assume that the TA you are using is someone local to where you live. I  tend to shop around for TA's on online sites and see who can give me the best prices and most on board credit.

    it has worked so far, but what I have found is that once you book a reservation, you very rarely speak with that TA again, if you have an questions or problems, someone else handles whatever issue you have. 

    Not at all.  I use a person I met on line, although we have since met in person on the cruise....and she gives excellent, personalized service at all hours.

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  3. 12 minutes ago, jon81uk said:

    New terms appear to have taken effect today, so yes if we are reading it right then each sailor will now get each benefit so two coffee per sailor per day and one laundry each over the trip.

    Yeah!  I can do laundry toward the end of the cruise (not last full day) and take it home mostly clean.  Small things in life, you know,.....

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  4. 4 hours ago, jon81uk said:

    The terms now state per sailor.

    from promo 51

    - Deep Blue Extras: includes two pressed items, one specialty-cleaned item, and one bag — express service is not included and laundry service is unavailable on the voyage's final day

    • Specialty Coffee Credit:

    - Blue Extras: One specialty coffee from The Grounds Club or Grounds Club Too per day.         Alcoholic coffee cocktails not included. 
    - Deep Blue Extras: Two speciality coffees from The Grounds Club or Grounds Club Too per day.     Alcoholic coffee cocktails not included.

    Wow...,wonder when this takes effect.  
    So that would mean with 2 of us DBE, up to 4 coffees/tea per day and 2 bags of laundry....that means on 14 nights, I. can do it mid way thru the cruise as well as bring it home clean without needing to pay......

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  5. Loot is VV talk for onboard credit, and as with any other line, can only be used for things booked or spent while ON board, no in advance.

    Excursions typically fill up right away; many are filled by suite sailors before the rest of us even have a shot at them.  However, VV has a generous cancelation policy, so excursions can be canceled up to 24 hours prior to the excursion (not prior to embarkation as some other lines do it).  This results in some people booking anything they think they might want, knowing that they can get a refund if they change their mind.  For that reason, keep checking excursions.  Another hint is to visit the red desk or check excursions on the app after boarding to see if anything you are interested in is available.  

    Yes, we've had situations where we were looking for ways to spend loot, but it is a free perk....the MNVV even without the loot is a better deal than most other lines!

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  6. All of the above is correct based on our last Miami to Barcelona TA on VV.  The latest disembarkation sign up time was 10:45, but the announcements to get off the ship began at 10:15.  You do not have to be out of your cabin until your disembarkation time, so you can use the gym and return to the cabin for a quick shower and to grab your carry ons.  Yes, white bar soap at the sink, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash gel in the shower.  Lotion only in suites.

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  7. I asked whether the perks were per cabin or per person and got a vague answer that they were designed to be per cabin but some would be applied per person; no mention of which was which.  It sounds like DBE will remain the same as it is currently for those who qualify under the new rules, but a little less clear on the "after 2024" part.

  8. 2 hours ago, raphael360 said:

    TA question:  Can TAs log into their First Mate portal to see and select from any of the rooms available in specific categories?

    Yes--this is one of the biggest points in favor of using a TA.

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  9. 5 hours ago, BrianB1964 said:

    What is we already booked our cruise? Could this be done afterwards by calling sailor services? 

    The offer said "New bookings only," If you already have a booking, you can reprice it  to see if canceling and rebooking would give you a better deal but you would lose existing perks

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  10. 3 hours ago, DCGuy64 said:

    I can see why. My TA cruises a lot, but I don't think he's done VV yet. When we sail with them next January, and the offer is still good (and assuming we have a good time, which I anticipate we will), I could easily see us opting for this.

    I didn't have one on my virst cruise...I did book some on board, which I used for myself.  I referred my sis to my TA, and TA had purchased a bunch...so she sold one to my sis for the $300 she'd paid.  

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  11. Another note on MNVV--they are transferrable.  That means that you can buy one for a friend or a TA can buy some and sell them to clients.....or if for some reason you can't use it in the 2 year window, you can give or sell it to someone else.

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  12. 5 hours ago, garycarla said:

    We have done 20+ cruises.  Never did laundry onboard.  And most of them we did carry on only.  Guess we just are different or weird.


    (okay, we have hung bathing suits and coverups in the shower)

    Well, I haven't done carry on only for a cruise, but most of our cruises have been at least 12 nights, some as long as 28 nights.  I only send laundry when I'm getting it as a perk, but it is very helpful.  I don't hang laundry on the balcony.

  13. Cruise lines are subject to large fines if anything is thrown or blown off the ship.  It has nothing to do with smoking, which is forbidden as a fire hazard.  Yes, we got the letter about washing the balcony--if you get this letter be sure to hook your hammock to the holder on the wall.  Otherwise it will be soaked and take a full day or more to dry!  There is a laundry line in the shower.

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  14. The Disney Magic and Wonder had special charge areas.  It was a great set up because it allowed people who didn't need an assist device in their cabin to book a standard cabin rather than taking one of the few HA cabins. They could leave the scooter and walk the short distance to a cabin or have a family member take it to charge and retrieve it for them. I don't know if they continued this feature on their newer ships as there were always those unsupervised brats who didn't seem to know that they should keep their hands off things that didn't belong to them....

  15. 6 hours ago, Eightfoldjeff said:

    Hi all,

    So, going on our first VV trip and would like clarification on the bar tab issue. Can we use our bar tab to buy a bottle of wine or champagne to have with our dinner at one of the restaurants?

    Absolutely.  Bar tab can be used for any beverage that has a cost--specialty coffee and tea, smoothies, cold pressed juices, mocktails, wine, alcohol of any sort.  There are no limits on cost either....until the bar tab runs out.

  16. 6 hours ago, Carol Loves to Cruise said:

    Gee….im not sure where I read it but I read a post somewhere recently that says Virgin can arrange rental of scooters and there’s room in the hallways to park/charge the scooter.  I was so happy about it, but now I think someone posted incorrect info.  

    I'm not sure where you read it either, but you are wrong.  Virgin has several companies that will rent you a scooter and deliver it to the terminal to have it waiting for you...same at the end of the cruise.  This only works if your departure and arrival ports are the same--they specifically cannot do it on a transatlantic cruise.   They are happy to supply the names of the companies; you make your own arrangements.  You absolutely cannot park scooters in the halls on VV.  If you are using a scooter or motorized chair you must be in a fully accessible cabin and your device(s) must be kept in your cabin.

  17. 2 hours ago, DCGuy64 said:

    YMMV, for sure. We've had everything from a missed connection (same airline) to weather delays to a COVID issue, most of the time the airline took appropriate action. We did have to pay $50 to rebook an international trip, but that was in business class so $50 was no biggie. It's always worth talking with the airline and asking "what if." I usually don't like to schedule flights too close to disembarkation, but you might be surprised to see how often I build in the extra time, only to be stuck at the airport for hours and I'm thinking "you know, I should have taken that earlier flight after all." But then there's Murphy's Law, so....

    A couple of times I've gotten to the airport early enough to catch the flight before....again, talk to the person at the desk and I've had them move me up to that earlier flight.  Only good for them--flight not full and that opened a seat on the later flight should someone need it.


  18. 4 hours ago, DCGuy64 said:

    Hmm, that has never happened to us in the past. I've missed a couple of flights over the years, and all the airline did was put me on the next flight, usually the following day, with no cost whatsoever. I've already paid for the flight, after all, it's not like I just showed up at the airport with no reservation and said "how much is it to fly home"?

    You were lucky....I've seen everything from placing people on the next flight to a $50 change fee to "too bad, so sad" and having to purchase a new flight.  It depends on the airline, maybe the country you are in, and possibly the agent you are dealing with.

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  19. 4 hours ago, genian_travels said:

    My 2025 sailing is now $1200 cheaper than it was 2 weeks ago. It had already dropped $700 which I cancelled and rebooked - and now the free bar tab promo has ended another $500 has been knocked off. I don’t drink so I’d rather have the saving, but not sure I can get the extra reduction as I have a MNNV. Great price now for a transatlantic though.

    Check with your TA.  MNVV are transferrable.,,,,I believe twice.  That means you could hypothetically cancel and rebook twice if that is what works for you. Yes, if you cancel and rebook, you lose the old promotion and pick up the new one.  IF this is your second rebooking, you should lose the bar tab but keep the MNVV perks

  20. 2 hours ago, kiefaber455 said:

    Assume once you embark, you can check with guest services to see if any excursions have opened up because of cancellations?

    Yes--big red desk on deck 7 on embarkation day or sailor services on deck 5 after that.  The good thing is that if you book after boarding, you can pay for your excursions with loot.

  21. 2 hours ago, corona_gorda said:

    OK where can I see if a rebate has been applied ? Through my Travel Agent ? On the App ?

    Why would you get a rebate?  I've never seen VV do that.  Contact your travel agent to see whether you can cancel and rebook to get the lower rate.  That I have done prior to the PIF date.

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