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  1. Actually on American at most stations, their 757 was boarded from the forward door. I know that all of the DFW flights were that way. That is why they added the two seats at the second door that weren't there originally. Correct me if I am wrong, but I am not sure of any A321s that are boarded from the second door as it is too close to the engine and also the door is being replaced on the A321LR and XLR by window exits.
  2. What we were told is that what they need to see is that a higher percentage of the people on the placebo end up catching the virus than those who actually got the vaccine. That is why we all had to meet the requirement of going into higher risk areas at least three times a week. He basically said that if not enough people on the placebo catch it, they won't really be able to tell the effectiveness of the vaccine. Kind of morbid, but that is what I signed up for, lol. No problem, glad to share. I am really happy that I am getting to participate in it. What part of NJ are you from? I live in TX, but was doing contract work in ACY until the virus hit, now I am working from home.
  3. As for if the vaccine is released before the trial is over, they told us that it would not be ethically proper for them not to expect us to get it and withdraw from the study if it is released before the study is over. Also, Pfizer may let us know which group we were in should that happen, that way the ones that received the vaccine would reasonably continue with the trial. I am thinking the same as you, if a vaccine becomes available, I believe that I would get it and withdraw.
  4. That is going to be very difficult to do on US sailings with mostly US passengers.
  5. I have a diary app on my phone. I had to fill it out daily for a week after my first shot. That one asked things like highest body temp that day, any chills, muscle aches, etc. Any redness or swelling at the injection site, etc. I also have to do that for a week on the second one that I got last Friday. After the daily ones the first week up until my second shot, I only had to answer each day if I felt ok. That is what I will go back to after Friday for the rest of the trial. I believe then the follow-ups are at two months, six months, 12 months and 24 months and then it is over. We can also end participation at any time for any reason. We also have a swab kit, if we show symptoms, we need to swab ourself and send the swab to the lab. They only consider fevers higher than 102 (39C) as the cutoff for the symptoms, not 100.4 (38C) like businesses that take your temp before you can go in. They do not track where we go during the study. However, to qualify, you needed to go to high traffic places at least three times a week, e.g. grocery store, restuarants, etc.
  6. Must be nice to get at least something out of the placebo. I'm on the Pfizer trial in the states and our placebo is saline!!!
  7. Though Delta has promised that they will not sell any middle seats in Coach and half of the seats in First class for any flights before September 30, however, as a family you may request them. It depends on the year. They have to try and figure out ahead of time the strains that will be most prevelant for the year. Sometimes they get right, sometimes they get it wrong.
  8. What kind of logic is that? If it had been trading at $100 a share for the past three years, should it have been 50 shares then? Do you want them to continually change the benefit requirement based on the share price?
  9. Yeah. BIG difference between hundreds of billions and 8.8 billion. That figure I would believe!!!
  10. Just curious, where are you getting that they owe hundreds of billion dollars in loans? The loan they got a few months ago after the pandemic started was for $675 million.
  11. Yes, the Fokker would have been slower and the Classic 737s, i.e. 300/400/500, though AA never flew those, about the same as the MD80s. The slowest jet used by airlines, though there were hardly any produced, was the J328, basically a D328 with jet engines, but the same wing. I believe their cruise was around .70.
  12. No slower at altitude by much, if any, compared to other airliners. It was probably due to a 200-300 knot headwind because of the time of year it was, so it would have been slower on any jet. Most airliners fly between Mach .76 and .78 with a few, e.g. 747 around .80 or .81. Of course, the max ceiling on a MD is FL370 as opposed to FL430 or FL450 like some newer ones, so they could not fly as high either.
  13. Cancelled a flight with Delta last week because of an impossible connection, i.e. leaving 3 hours before arriving, and had my refund within 3 days.
  14. I have never done air through a cruise line, but does the charge on the credit card show as the airline or the cruise line? The reason that I am asking is because the land portion of my Gate1 tour got cancelled by them and later the flight got cancelled by Delta. I never received notice from Delta that they cancelled, I only knew because I checked my future reservations and it wasn't there anymore. Because I paid Gate 1 and they paid Delta, they got the airfare refund, not me. So if the charge was showing as Celebrity and not Delta, they would have gotten the refund and you would have to get a refund from them.
  15. Correct, I saw an article today about many major dry docks getting cancelled/postponed due to either money they no longer want to use or the drydock facility being closed during this time.
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