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  1. And buying a Spirit ticket at the airport saves even more money.
  2. On mine, which is the week before yours, the Barcelona, Civitavecchia and Palma excursions are still up, as those dates did not change. Is that the same for yours?
  3. I'm happy for this, but it makes me wonder, if we can go, what are we going to be able to do and see? If our Epic cruise gets cancelled, we would still like to go to Europe---as long as it is worthwhile.
  4. Mine that is the week before yours has Rome, Barcelona and Palma Majorca excursions listed. Those three did not have a date change like the others did. I assume that is why these are listed and the other ones aren't back up yet.
  5. I haven't experienced it, but what I have seen from other posters, that is usually the case. It also makes for a nice, long day in Barcelona.
  6. Yeah and the good thing is only about 25% of the pax get on in Italy, so the embarkation and debarkation are easier. I did it to get more time in Rome, as we have never been there, but have been to Barcelona.
  7. Maybe you will get our cabin., We are getting off there on the 15th. Got the email yesterday about the itinerary change also. Ours starts on the 8th.
  8. Not sure how it is configured on the Spirit, but I had a forward facing suite on the Sky and I would never do one again. It was always super windy plus the balcony wall was solid. You could not see over it if sitting. Had a few afts and loved them!!!
  9. The CDC did not issue new guidance today, it was last week and even states as such in the above referenced article in the first paragraph: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued long-awaited technical guidance for cruise lines on Friday, bringing them one step closer to sailing again in United States waters. I never said that the letter didn't come out today, I was referring to the CDC guidance that came out last week, but the above poster stated came out today.
  10. This did not come out today. That was the guidance from last week.
  11. Since the vaccines are 95-98% effective and not 100%, that is probably actually better than 95% for those states. No one has ever said that the vaccines are 100% effective. Why does everybody jump on it when some people catch it after they have been vaccinated?
  12. Same thing is happening to me. It is not a function of the computer, it worked fine until today. Now, it doesn't log out anymore. Something has changed.
  13. Using your example, if 10% of those unvaccinated come up positive sometime during the cruise, that would mean 50 people came back with the virus. I can guarantee if any ship comes back with 50 passengers positive for the virus, cruising will be back at square one!!
  14. Sure this doesn't mean, say midnight to noon and noon to midnight, i.e. all disembarking pax need to be clear by noon and then embarking pax can occupy the terminal? Think that you are reading into it, that 12 hours is required between each event.
  15. I guess that makes it easier for the cruise lines to get to a lower capacity, if needed. If people with children would be forced to cancel, or have to decide between not cruising or cruising without their children. Whatever cabins they vacated, would not be resold.
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