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  1. zdcatc12

    Wind speed.

    I saw the "almost" after I replied, you be correct, sorry.
  2. zdcatc12

    Wind speed.

    Two of DFWs runways are diagonals, 13/31 L and R
  3. zdcatc12

    SW from FLL

    Not sure if this is what happened to you, but twice on SWA, I have had the plane that I was supposed to fly on, sent to a different destination after arrival, causing a delay for us. I knew because I was tracking the inbound flight for our flight and that plane ended up going to a different destination after it arrived and we got a 6-hour delay.
  4. I was on a SWA flight last month through STL. Our plane was continuing on. As I was getting off, they already had the bulkhead seats blocked off for when the through passengers could change seats, to keep them available for the pre-boarders at the gate. I'm not sure what would have happened had those passengers that were in those seats stayed on the plane.
  5. I've got a 34-minute one coming up in SLC, that is going to be fun.
  6. So sad every time I go into Philly on the Walt Whitman bridge and see her rusting away 😢
  7. Stayed there a few weeks ago and was completely happy with it. We usually would walk down Pitt St. to CQ, but on our last day we went to the Museum station and took the train!!!
  8. Yes, my first "real" cruise (had a SeaEscape one before that) was on her in 1990. I still remember that Malcolm Kennedy was the CD. Also, the movie theater and indoor pool. And the same table/waiters for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!
  9. That happened to my brother and I a few years ago coming back from LAS. I had status on AA, so linked our reservations (we were coming at different times from different places, but leaving on the same flight to DFW) which allowed him better seats on the return trip. We had an equipment change on the return, and AA split us up leaving LAS onto two different flights. I called and had us put back on the same one. Of course it went from a new A321 to a POS LUS A321.
  10. You'll see one of my posts on here from last week. Doing a US to Frankfurt, then from Amsterdam to US flight and it was around $700 r/t for as long as I looked, but it was too far out to book. When it opened up for our dates, it all of a sudden had doubled, two days later it dropped back down and has been low ever since. Not sure why it went up for those two days. YMMV.
  11. I'm not sure what you meant about the baggage fees. Lufthansa would have been $100 each way for checked bag. On Delta I'm Silver and have the CC, so no baggage fee for us even if there was going to be a charge. I didn't realize at the time that the Lufthansa fare had the extra charges.
  12. Update: hiccups you were correct, they were only higher for two days then went back down again. I got SAT-FRA-AMS-SAT for $750 and my brother got MCO-FRA-AMS-MCO for $650. This is for regular economy, basic would have even been $100 cheaper. Turns out even though DLH was cheap initially, it didn't include a seat selection or luggage and that would have been $100 each way for just the luggage.
  13. Even though I am retired now, you're welcome.
  14. No, but my brother is going out of MCO (hoping to get the same connection) and he prefers Delta or American and he wanted to wait (I should make him pay the difference). Of course, when Delta's price was the lower price for the one day they were out ahead of the others, he was on the Epic, so we didn't buy them. He gets back tomorrow. Although his MCO flight has only gone to $850, my SAT one is $1300. Now I'm thinking of just using my AAdvantage Miles at around 2 cents/mile, before they get devalued more, and he can buy a ticket on AA.
  15. Taking a Christmas Market Cruise in December from Heidelberg-Amsterdam. I'm looking to fly out of SAT on the 6th to FRA and return from AMS on the 17th. Of course between 332-365 days out when Air Canada and Lufthansa were the only two airlines with schedules released that far out, tickets were around $600-700 r/t. Now at the 331 day mark when everyone else has theirs out also, the prices have shot up to $1200-$1300. I expect (I know better than to say that I know) that they will come back down in price, it just seems odd that this happened that way. For the last month or so, I have been checking for prices and they had always been in the $600-$700 range for other dates (331 days or less out) on other airlines, e.g. had I been able to buy tickets for the same itinerary starting a week earlier, they all would have been in the $600-$700 range. Even Delta who had the schedule out one day ahead of the other majors still had the cheaper fare yesterday, but today it shot up. And Air Canada and Lufthansa are now both $1300. Just kind of struck me as weird that now that I can book, they are all of a sudden double in price.
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