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  1. Haven't been recently, but in 2020, 2021 and 2022 customs was at your arrival airport in the USA. We transited ATL with no problems each time.
  2. Depending on traffic, it takes about 45 to 90 minutes to circumnavigate the island.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions, I have added several to my list and removed some of the original spots.
  4. @TxTeach79 and Helloitsmeb Thanks for a great report and so many wonderful pictures. I appreciate Paul's apparent love of bourbon. If you ever come to Kentucky for some distillery tours, reach out and I should be able to help.
  5. If you look at the last picture I posted, there is a strap hanging over the side of the boat. To get back into the boat, you grab that strap and swing/kick your leg up onto the tube of the boat. Neither the wife or I was able to complete that successfully, so the guide would grab a leg and help pull you up.
  6. Kim Sha is a good beach, there are several places for food and drinks as well as renting water equipment. Buccaneer Beach bar is one of my favorite spots! At Divi you will need to go through one of the hotels to rent beach chairs, get food and drinks.
  7. I have done this excursion, The guide will assist anyone needing help back aboard their "boat". The only time we docked was the original boarding and final unload. Make sure to apply plenty of sunscreen to the tops of your legs!
  8. Yes, I realize that it's totally a tourist thing to do, but I have a day pre-cruise to see Bourbon St. and some of New Orleans. So here's my plan: Mardi Gras World: Vast, 400,000-sq.-ft. complex where Mardi Gras floats are made & stored. Our tour allows you to see firsthand what it takes to bring Mardi Gras to life. Café Du Monde: Iconic cafe known for café au laits, chicory coffee & beignets. Sazerac House: Take a tour of the legacy and lore of your favorite drinks. Explore exhibits in a beautiful setting with opportunities to enjoy free samples. French Quarter: 1. Carousel Bar: At the Hotel Monteleone has a bar that revolves like a carousel. 2. Old Absinthe House: Saloon serving absinthe cocktails in historic building. 3. Fat Catz: A music club, with live bands playing a variety of music. 4. Antoine’s Restaurant: Circa-1840 fine French-Creole dining & birthplace of oysters Rockefeller. 5. Napoleon House: Muffalettas, po' boys & other Creole staples in a circa-1914 house with a palm-filled courtyard. 6. Pirates Alley Cafe: Hangout in a historic alley with a pirate theme, costumed bartenders, pub food & absinthe. 7. Pat O’Brien’s: Outdoor hangout with a flaming fountain, the bar that invented the hurricane cocktail. 8. Spirits on Bourbon: Lively bar with light-up signature cocktails, dueling pianos nightly & Cajun-accented pub grub. Featured on “Bar Rescue”. 9. Lafitte Blacksmith shop: One of the oldest bars around, serving beer & frozen drinks since the 1700s. We will sample food at several different stops in the French Quarter and definitely be taking a cab back to the hotel. For those with more experience, are there any places I should add?
  9. For our last several cruises, we have taken a sealed package of Chex mix and a sealed can of peanuts onboard, plus half a dozen sandwich bags. When we're sitting in a lounge or bar after dinner, we just ask for an empty rocks glass or coffee cup and pour from the sandwich bag into the glass. We always have multiple people asking where we got snacks, and we usually share with the polite ones. Even with the vast amount of food available, nothing beats a salty crunchy snack with drinks.
  10. Glad everything worked out for you. I had a similar experience, cancelled an excursion for our upcoming cruise and wanted to book another excursion at the same time. The Carnival website won't allow that. I had to refund the first excursion which I had paid for mostly by gift card. I received the CC refund in less than a week (under $5) but never received the gift card refund. After 4 weeks, I called Carnival and was told it had been sent to my TA. Contacted them and they were able to get me the information in less than 48 hours. Then I was finally able to book the excursion I wanted. Would have saved everyone work if Carnival would allow you to use the cancelled funds during the same transaction.
  11. Taking our first Carnival cruise this summer. I plan to use the discounted gift cards from AARP to pay the final payment, cheers, & tips. Wondering about funding casino play for DW and myself with the left over balance. Can you share your wisdom and experience, please? Is it a better option to load the gift card on our S&S account before departure or use the kiosk onboard? I understand that anything we don't spend (or cash out) will be returned as a gift card post cruise, is that correct?
  12. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Sailing on Glory in August for our first Carnival cruise. Thrilled that there is Buffalo Trace available.
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