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  1. Me, too. I checked in about two weeks ago, but have been waiting for e-docs and luggage tags. Maybe they're updating that now, or possibly it's a website technical issue?
  2. Artmc, I'm also booked on an October cruise (Oct 9 Rome to Venice) and, like you, I'm concerned about the lack of information regarding AZ's policies, especially with the Greek sailings beginning just one month from now. While your vaccine question is not an issue with me (and it looks like it was well answered for you above), I did call Azamara Circle the other day with a series of Covid-related policy questions, including a couple of "what if" scenarios regarding testing positive during or at the end of the cruise and what help might be provided with arrangements for isolation, etc. The answer to each was "We don't know yet. They're working on it.". Other cruise lines (I think Princess's policy was posted here a few weeks ago) have these details posted on their website. I realize the complexity of their situation where things seem to change by the minute, but there should be some baseline policy by now, subject to change. Maybe others here have been able to get some answers?
  3. Thanks, I found it. It must have been very recently added.
  4. ECCruise, can you tell me where on the website you located this? I don't find it for my October cruise.
  5. In checking the AZ website, I noticed some photos of Quest Deck 5 that show slot machines and the sports-themed bar "Spirits", although one photo does show "The Den", a recent addition to the ships. I haven't sailed Quest in several years, but I thought casinos had all been removed and that Deck 5 on all ships had been redesigned. Not so with Quest or maybe these are old photos?
  6. Yes, Civitavecchia is a good idea. I've never had time before - either in a hurry to get to the ship or airport.
  7. Thanks, Uktog. The spa sounds like a great idea. I did forget to add that the cruise is Oct. 2021 - not this year, so hopefully things will be somewhat back to normal by then!
  8. I'm planning a B2B in October (hopefully!) and the transition port is Civitavecchia. I'll have the same cabin so no worries there, but I'm wondering what is available to do if I choose to stay onboard until the sail away? I'm assuming there are no activities, but are the laundry room, restaurants, etc. open for business? Would I be required to do another muster drill? Thanks
  9. Completely agree about the Living Room as well, Phil. I'm still holding out hope the refurb will take place before Spring, but will settle for being able to just cruise safely by then.
  10. Does anyone know if there are plans in the near future (hopefully before May!) to convert Journey's casino area into the den, similar to Pursuit? I really enjoyed the area on my last cruise - a much better use of space. Thanks.
  11. Bonnie, do you know of any plans by Azamara to extend the expiration dates of complimentary nights that would normally expire this October?
  12. SunnyNy


    I agree, Nespresso is expensive and I, like you, look forward to it. It seems unfair to remove it from the package and not replace it with something, or lower the package price on that particular ship.
  13. SunnyNy


    Can anyone tell me if Nespresso in now offered on Pursuit? It's one of the reasons I had planned to purchase a beverage package. Thanks.
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