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  1. Second seating for the big production shows is usually 9:30 pm. On other nights when they have a comedian, magician etc in the main theater second seating is usually 9:00. We like to arrive thirty minutes early with reservations when seating begins. We have never had a problem getting in and out of a specialty venue in ninety minutes so we just do the math.
  2. Paul Bogle

    Escape hot dog cart

    Only saw the Hot Dog Cart once on Breakaway last month. It was parked by the entrance to Spice H2O during the NFC/AFC championship games. We had dogs and they were good but definitely not Sabretts, and the onions were cooked plain, not like the yummy ones on a NYC street corner.
  3. Paul Bogle

    EZ Cruise Parking - Galveston

    You need a copy of your boarding pass to enter the terminal. I don't recall ever having to show my passport before checking in but it's probably a good idea to have it with you.
  4. Paul Bogle

    Included phone calls

    I meant no offense, I'm sorry if I caused any. Have a wonderful holiday.
  5. Paul Bogle

    Left Behind in Nassau!

    Hopefully the ship got their documents out of their cabin safe and left them with the port agent. If not the USA embassy is only a few blocks from the Nassau pier.
  6. Paul Bogle

    Included phone calls

    Calls made from the ship are satellite calls. Whether made to the terminal from the ship docked next to it, made at sea or made in a distant port they all go through the same satellite system. I have never heard anyone draw a distinction about "international calling" from a ship before. It didn't seem unreasonable to me to wonder if I was missing something.
  7. Paul Bogle

    Tender at Belize City

    In Belize City cruise ships anchor about five miles out in the bay. The tender boats used are high speed but it still takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the tender pier. You will need to leave the tender pier secure area to meet up with your private excursion vendor but he should provide you with specific details. You will need a tender number to board a tender. The ship will give instructions on how/where to obtain numbers. Last month on the Breakaway this could be done through the NCL app or the in-cabin interactive tv. Guests with excursions booked through NCL and guests in suites or with Latitudes status gold or above have priority boarding tenders before those with independently booked excursions so it is best to pay attention to announcements and get as low a number as possible. Chances are your ship will be on eastern time and Belize will be one hour behind on central time. You do not need to concern yourself with local time. You need to be critically aware of ship time so you return on time. Private excursion vendors are aware of the time differences. You do not need to concern yourself with this, just follow there instructions and stay on ship time. The Freestyle Dailies will tell you what time the last tender will leave the tender pier for the ship. If you are in line you will not be left behind. If you are late you very likely will be left behind. The only thing that will save you is if a ship sponsored tour is running late. The ship will wait for guests on ship tours but not guest on their own. Do not be late. Bring the Freestyle Dailies with you. It has the port agent's phone number on it as well as the time to be back at the tender pier. Bring a watch or a travel alarm to keep ship time. Do not rely on your phone as it might change to local time if it isn't in airplane mode or gets switched out of airplane mode accidentally.
  8. Paul Bogle

    Getaway Specialty Dining Questions

    In the specialty restaurants your children can eat off the MDR children's menu for free or order off the specialty menu for the prevailing fee. This can be the fixed price at Teppanyaki and Moderno or the a'la carte price at the others. You can buy a dining package for your kids if you like. If they will order from the venue menu each time it will be cheaper with a package. All cruises on all lines list itineraries as x number of days when they actually mean nights. If a nine day cruise qualifies for a four meal package that is what you should get. You can check by logging into MyNCL and looking up your reservation.
  9. Paul Bogle

    Included phone calls

    Perhaps I'm missing something but what other kind of call can one make from a cruise ship sailing internationally?
  10. Paul Bogle

    Query on NCL Deck Plans

    That's hard to answer without knowing your cabin number and which elevator bank you are exiting.
  11. Paul Bogle

    New to NCL: few questions and advice

    You can bring on wine but must pay $15/bottle corkage fee. No other beverages are allowed to be brought on at embarkation.
  12. Paul Bogle

    Mobile Onboard App

    NCL used to have two apps, one for use onboard and one for use when not cruising. They are now combined. If you download the app you will be asked to log in using your NCL.com username and password. Once logged in you are on a mobile version of the NCL website. Once you board a ship and log into the ship wifi you will start seeing the onboard functionality. Some people have claimed they could access the ship wifi from the terminal while waiting to board. I have not been able to do this. If for some reason you are not getting the onboard functionality while on the ship you may need to reboot your phone. This happened to me on the Breakaway last month on embarkation day. Rebooting the phone cleared this and the app worked flawlessly for the rest of the cruise.
  13. Paul Bogle

    Mobile Onboard App

    You can review your onboard account. Make and review dining and show reservations. See scheduled onboard activities. We found the app to be very convenient. You need to put your phone in airplane mode then turn on wifi and connect to the ship's network. It is free to do this with the app.
  14. Paul Bogle

    Norwegian Gem Minisuites - yay or nay?

    You missed the best part; the balcony in Jewel class mini-suites are 50% larger than regular balcony cabins. This reason alone makes them a personal favorite.
  15. Paul Bogle

    Spice H2O

    It's adult only during the day, open to everyone at night.