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  1. I took this as a hypothetical. I responded to the hypothetical.
  2. The USA faces a challenge similar to Italy, Spain, France and the UK. Parts of the USA like California, Texas and Florida are facing numbers similar to Germany. We all have a very long way to go.
  3. South Korea is 20% the size of the USA. Germany is a better comparison that did extremely well. Germany is a federated republic with substantial powers devolved to the Landis, the states. The federal government provided guidance and resources to the states and managed the external borders. The system is quite similar to the USA. If you combine numbers fro California, Texas and Florida you get a population slightly larger than Germany and numbers slightly better than Germany. Germany is the EU's largest state so I think the comparison is apt. The virus had different effect on different regions for reasons the are clear and unclear at this time. Lessons need to be learned.
  4. Eventually there will be a reckoning which will answer what was the best strategy. In the mean time we should keep in mind that the USA rates of infection and death are not dissimilar to the rates in Italy, Spain, France and the UK. New Zealand has the advantage of a small population in a remote location consisting of two very large islands. They did the sensible thing and closed their borders. Korea and Taiwan dealt with this virus exceptionally well. I think they present a model to be studied and absorbed. They learned from their experience with SARS and bird flu in the last few years. The USA and our European neighbors are learning those lessons now. Let's take that to heart.
  5. If you are in a high risk group you shouldn't consider a cruise until a vaccine is developed. I think cruise lines will deal with this by requiring passengers to sign a liability waiver informing them of the risks of covid 19, the mitigation techniques the line is using and the passenger is ultimately responsible for the decision to cruise and the risks and costs that may come with that decision. If a person passes an antibody test and can prove immunity, why should such a person be required to wear a mask?
  6. Bahamas Paradise is a hybrid which is more ferry service than cruise line. The fact that Grand Bahama Island is open to hosting tourism soon is a very good sign that short cruises to the Bahamas may restart this year.
  7. I know you can book onboard. If space is available on the next cruise I don't see any reason why they wouldn't allow you to book it. What I don't understand is why you want to do this. If you know you want to book b2b2b and know when you want to go and are happy with the current offerings why not book now? CN certs are fully transferable. You should have no issue buying for of them for $125 each which is what you will pay onboard.
  8. As far as Blue water and cruising goes, change the language from distant foreign port to foreign port and most of this problem goes away. As I understand it and I know you will correct me if I'm wrong....this provision is a relic of the original Jones act passed after the Civil War. The idea was to protect the US merchant fleet operating at home from foreign competition. That may have been prudent at that time. The distant part (meaning South America) was an intentional loophole to allow foreign ships to carry passengers and cargo between the east coast and the west coast. At that time there wasn't anything close to the domestic capacity needed to meet demand as California grew. What we really need are sunset requirement for all laws forcing them to be reviewed and updated or at least voted on again, perhaps every ten years. Our failure to do so is making our country less efficient and less competitive slowly over time.
  9. Earlier in this thread I suggested we allow foreign flagged vessels to operate where no domestic provider operates. I think that is a very good place to start. Since this all will need to be done through waivers we can set rational guidelines that protect workers' rights while providing needed services which otherwise would go unfulfilled. These ideas should apply to both the PVSA and Jones act. The specifics will require debate and give and take. The one size fits all does not work well. The domestic build requirement should go without regard to the above. We do not require aircraft, trains, cars, trucks, bicycles etc. to be domestically made. Sensitive military equipment whether ships planes or tanks are built under national security laws. That should not change though specific regulations should be periodically reviewed for efficacy.
  10. It was quite funny watching that pack of media reporters, photographers and sound men chasing after Cummings; no social distancing, few masks. I guess the UK has three sets of laws, one for Cummings, one for the press and one for the rest.
  11. All G20 nations have laws similar to the USA's PVSA. Does any other G20 nation define a compliant vessel as meeting all four of the following: 1) Domestically Built 2) Domestically Owned 3) Predominantly Domestically Crewed 4) Domestically Flagged Other than the USA, none that I am aware of. I think we can amend the PVSA to make blue water voyages more rational without damaging dinner cruises and water taxis. I think we can allow the operators of dinner cruises and water taxis to purchase ships made in the USA or abroad without risking the health or safety of their passengers. You imply that the PVSA is a Jenga tower that will collapse if just one block is moved. I do not believe that to be true.
  12. I agree it's bad form on the part of NCL and seems to me it should be easier to avoid. Unfortunately the customer bares the risk because the customer agrees to pay all fines associated with a violation when they agree to NCL's contract of carriage. NCL is responsible to not provide such cruises but the penalty ultimately falls on the passenger.
  13. The PVSA doesn't concern itself with the booking arrangements made by the shipping company. It concerns itself with where the passenger first embarks the ship and where the passenger permanently disembarks the ship. The reason for this is to avoid creating loopholes which the shipping company could use to circumvent the law.
  14. I really would like to see an ICU bed being wheeled into any cabin that isn't directly open to a stairwell. There isn't any way to turn 90 degrees in those narrow hallways.
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