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  1. Since no ships are sailing everything is a thing of the past. I hope they make a return in the future. I wish they were offered at breakfast as the buffet is our regular stop.
  2. The surprise is that appx 400 million in cash was received for new cruises. Cruising from USA ports is in limbo. When it will restart is as obscure as it was several months ago.
  3. The company is desperate and fighting for survival. Denying refunds is a short term financial lifesaver for the company. That said it should be a longterm death sentence for the company. I don't blame anyone for ignoring this company when treated so poorly.
  4. The drinks package was extended to everyone in cabin earlier this year so everyone is charged for those gratuities. Last time I checked dining was still only first two so there should be only two gratuity charges for dining. Remember the gratuity charge for drinks is much more than for dining so you should se a small difference between first two and third on the detail page.
  5. My numbers came from Johns Hopkins but this illustrates one of the many frustrations about this virus. New numbers seem to be reported in batches. This is especially true though more understandable with testing numbers. The greater frustration for me comes from the lack of consistency as to what constitutes a Covid death. Every jurisdiction seems to use a different definition.
  6. New York State has been hit the hardest but 74% is way way off. As of June 27th: Total USA deaths = 126924 Total NY State deaths = 24830 (24830/126924)x100=19.56%
  7. We were in 11120 on Jade a few years back and had no issues.
  8. We have sailed in mini-suites (now called club balcony) on Gem, Jade and Pearl. We always were very careful in cabin selection. These cabins are all located on deck 11, but deck 12 is fraught with noisy areas from the pools to the buffet galley to the fitness center. I'd be very uncomfortable tossing the dice on which cabin I received. If you think noise from above will not inconvenience you go for it, otherwise pass.
  9. The repairs on the pier at Harvest Caye were completed late last year. When we were there in January on the Breakaway we docked. An Oceania ship called the same day and they tendered directly to the ferry pier on Harvest Caye.
  10. Belize City has always been a tender port. Perhaps you stopped at Harvest Caye in the past? Harvest Caye can berth one ship so if you are the second ship you could tender here also. Roatan has two cruise ship docks, Mahogany Bay has berths for two ships and is owned/controlled by Carnival. Coxen Hole added a second pier last January so it can berth two ships also. If NCL calls on Coxen hole when. two other ships are there, you tender. This seems to me to be possible but very unusual. Cozumel has three cruise ship piers that can handle between them 8 large cruise ships. If your ship is number 9 then you tender. This does happen but again very rarely. Hopefully you will not have to tender in either Roatan or Cozumel but it is possible.
  11. It was the plan. If you want to sail from the west coast to Hawaii and end your cruise there you must sail from Canada or Mexico. There have been roundtrip itineraries from the USA west coast but those involve nine or ten sea days.
  12. The nearest departure port they could change to is Ensenada Mexico. That would be a very long bus ride from Vancouver. 😃 I agree with the others that this cruise will likely be cancelled, probably in late July if past announcements are any indication. I only mention Ensenada because they do have time to make that change and assist with passenger travel bookings. We sailed to Hawaii from Ensenada in 2008. We checked in at the pier in San Diego. The ship sailed empty to Ensenada and the passengers were bussed down to board the ship.
  13. If G7 nations are conducting trials on humans for a Covid 19 vaccine, I think that would be public knowledge.
  14. I can't fault seaman11 for taste.
  15. This is just way to funny. 🤣
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