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  1. It's a per cabin perk. If you are two in the same cabin and both are Platinum you will receive one set of vouchers addressed to the both of you.
  2. Heineken 0.0 should be available. It has been for the last few years.
  3. Definitely O'Sheehans. They have a few drafts available. On our last cruise they offered draft Heineken, Newcastle Brown and Stella. They also have a wide selection of bottled and canned brews to choose from. They used to have a small breakfast buffet setup also but Im not sure that will survive Covid restrictions. You should still be able to order a bite from the regular menu.
  4. My first thought was the booking order. Since dpepper64 seems to have made the bookings in the correct order but still received a charge, what is one to conclude? I'm glad a call was able to sort this out but it seems the automated system defaults to a charge for the fixed price venues.
  5. Houston is a large spread-out city. You really will not have much time to see things the evening before your cruise. Jet lag will probably reduce your activity level too. You will arrive at IAH which is 90 minutes from Galveston if traffic is flowing. With this in mind I suggest you arrange a car service to take you directly from IAH to Galveston and stay somewhere downtown near the cruise ship terminal like the Tremont. My thinking is that you will arrive early afternoon when most of the flights from Europe land. It will take at least an hour or more to deplane, clear immigration, retrieve luggage and move through customs. Figure another two hours to get to Galveston and it will be very late afternoon to early evening and I suspect you will be tired. If you do have some energy you can enjoy a stroll along the strand in Old Galveston, enjoy a fine meal at your hotel or dine at a local establishment. The Tremont is adjacent to the cruise ship terminals. When you wake in the morning you will see your ship just out your window if you are facing that direction. For more suggestions you should visit the Gulf Coast Departure board. Have a wonderful cruise. We are considering the previous sailing from New York.
  6. Hi Notts, Our first NCL cruise was on the Gem in 2009. We were on deck 8 in an inside but we had occasion to peak into the obstructed OV cabins across the corridor from us. We have since sailed on sister ships Jade and Pearl and we really like this class of ship. I am sure you are aware that the obstruction is the life boat that will be directly outside your window. I am at a loss to understand what you mean by "I believe some windows have been completely obscured". I am ignorant of any changes in this regard. My suggestion is to try to book one of the sideways cabins near the midship stairwell. I believe they are numbered 8090,8092,8094, 8590,8592,8594. The nice thing about these cabins is that you will have two windows instead of just one providing more light and possibly more view angled between lifeboats. This is also a very convenient location, close to stairs and elevators midship.
  7. Regulation of the frontiers of the United States is the exclusive purview of the federal government.
  8. The USA is sending precursors for the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine to India. Since this vaccine isn't approved in the USA and is unlikely to receive emergency use waivers due to supplies of other vaccines meeting current capacity, this seems like the right thing to do. The USA has millions of doses of the OX-AZ vaccine itself in storage. I know some of this has also been released recently but the USA has no reason to stockpile this vaccine. Our neighbors to the north who have approved this vaccine can use these doses now.
  9. Since no ships are sailing everything is a thing of the past. I hope they make a return in the future. I wish they were offered at breakfast as the buffet is our regular stop.
  10. The surprise is that appx 400 million in cash was received for new cruises. Cruising from USA ports is in limbo. When it will restart is as obscure as it was several months ago.
  11. The company is desperate and fighting for survival. Denying refunds is a short term financial lifesaver for the company. That said it should be a longterm death sentence for the company. I don't blame anyone for ignoring this company when treated so poorly.
  12. The drinks package was extended to everyone in cabin earlier this year so everyone is charged for those gratuities. Last time I checked dining was still only first two so there should be only two gratuity charges for dining. Remember the gratuity charge for drinks is much more than for dining so you should se a small difference between first two and third on the detail page.
  13. My numbers came from Johns Hopkins but this illustrates one of the many frustrations about this virus. New numbers seem to be reported in batches. This is especially true though more understandable with testing numbers. The greater frustration for me comes from the lack of consistency as to what constitutes a Covid death. Every jurisdiction seems to use a different definition.
  14. New York State has been hit the hardest but 74% is way way off. As of June 27th: Total USA deaths = 126924 Total NY State deaths = 24830 (24830/126924)x100=19.56%
  15. We were in 11120 on Jade a few years back and had no issues.
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