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  1. We went in the mid to late 90's and really enjoyed it. Although, at that time, I was really in the process of learning Puerto Rican food- so that view may be skewed. But my wife took me there- and she's from Ponce. Well known location. The hard part to go back is there are SO many other places to try. So I don't know when we will be back.
  2. Funny thing about that- more than once (many times more than once, actually) I've ordered something other than JD fully knowing that they should charge me for it during the Happy Hour. But I've gotten it as part of the D Happy Hour. Far more often than not, this happens. Pretty sweet. I suspect that a shot of JD may be the same price so they don't really care. So if you are at a bar, and are prepared to pay for it, it's worth asking for it during the happy hour. You may never know.
  3. "Best" is tough- as the mofongo we've had in Old San Juan is pretty similar. And they are all really good. Riaces and Barrichina are both popular tourist restaurants who both have food that I think is really good. I'm not sure if El Jibarito is open that late. And there are a bunch of places on Calle Reciento Sur next to Riaces that you can try, too- they will all have someone curbside trying to get you to try them. A classic that recently has re-opened, which used to be REALLY good is La Mallorquina. We've not been back since it's re-opened, though.
  4. Yes, they will all be in English- as they come from Fox, CBS, NBC, or ESPN from the mainland. Of those channels, the only one that even has a local broadcaster is CBS- but it just shows exactly the same as the 48 states.
  5. There are a number of shops in Phillipsburg that has Blantons- with international releases that we can't get in the states. And since you get there after the ship's shop opens, you can price check before buying. One of these days, we we have a direct flight back home, I plan on getting a bottle or two from one of those shops. Just not sure which one, and what.
  6. Eh, I would not really say they cater to wine people- I'm an older wine person, and the selection of really good wines isn't there. It's ok, but not anything more than the selection of whiskey relative to the rest of the selections we all love and cherish. And what I like about liquor- they can afford to get one bottle that they can charge $20/shot and just let it sit in the one bar that they would serve it at- unlike wine that would go bad, especially after opening. So maybe we should all suggest it on the surveys post cruise. I'm a neat drinker, too- and would really like it if they could get some better glasses than the heavy duty tumblers where a shot barely covers the bottom. We should all remember to mention that after our next cruise. They do have some very high end cognacs, afterall. It's not as if this whiskey movement is going away anytime soon. (and are any of you magnificent bastards, or wannabes? 🙂 )
  7. The highest shelf bourbon I've seen on board was Bookers, Basil Hayden, and Four Roses (not the single barrel). I've also seen some Bullet and Buffalo Trace for something slightly different that the cheaper ones. I once saw a Blanton's bottle, but it was not the single barrel, too. Funny how you can get some good Buffalo Trace products in the store, but not in the bars (I know, different subcontractors run them). Once REALLY nice thing about drinking it by itself- it's considerably cheaper than a mixed drink. Just wish they had better glasses.... But I can deal with it. And I do wish they would get someplace with really good whiskey and glasses- that stuff lasts forever, and you can charge a lot for it. Can't help on the Scotch- more of a bourbon drinker.
  8. Dressing up will never go away- there will always be someone who wants to. But if you don't, that's just fine. Don't spend any time worrying about and just do what you want.
  9. On this deck, there are a bunch of cabins that are behind the shops, so they are quiet. On top of that, the hall is a dead end, so very little traffic. Love that area.
  10. Hockey, maybe. Just had lunch with the team... wait, wrong board for this post subject. 😀
  11. Just pointing out that RCI will rely on ESPN until later in the season. Until then, you get one afternoon game and whatever the abc prime time game is, and that is it. Sadly for B1G fans, that means more sec and acc than not. Ugh.
  12. FWIW, OSU is on Fox today, so even if they were showing the game, it's unlikely that the ESPN channels would have it this early in the season. It won't be until there's a real rivalry game that it wont matter.
  13. Yea, every NYE cruise has been that way. Also, the one Christmas cruise- formal night was Christmas Eve. And since you brought up dining, there is a special menu in the MDR, and it's free. Each time has been a really nice meal in the MDR.
  14. In this case, I assume you mean we are "in the same ship, so to speak".... 😉
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