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  1. I think to really upset people, I'll wear a lanyard for the sepass card, and then another with my phone. And wear the band.
  2. Seeing what is behind him, that's Deck 6 aft of the Royal Esplanade- that's the shape on the Anthem. Looks pretty awesome on the new ship- have to plan a cruise on her.
  3. Yes, Royal is at the PanAm pier- and nothing is close enough to walk, so you may as well stay someplace nice- like the beach or Old San Juan (depending on what you would like to do). IIRC, there are two hotels near the convention center- the Sheraton and something else. Never stayed at either, since we would rather be someplace else.
  4. Most of the time it's open- but the bow end of the ship is a stair climb up and back down. In bad weather, it's closed off. But normally it's open. For me, I hate running on a treadmill- even on solid ground, my head gets messed up. So we just run on the track... Or I get on a bike.
  5. It's a flaw that has it's basis in the constraint that all cabins have to be able to be slid into place as a container. I'm sure cruise ship designers would be happy to make sure tubs are at floor height- but getting proper design for the plumbing makes that impossible for most of the cabins. Thankfully, that has been dealt with via the handful of accessible cabins. So if you can swing one of those, get it. If not, the only thing I can think about is adding a non-slip mat to the tub AND having some kind of step stool in the bathroom. Which is not all that convenien
  6. Glad you brought that up- we got one for some travelling companions who had bad legs. The access was perfect for them. At some point, one may need a letter from a doctor explaining why the cabin class was needed. But if it's needed, don't fool around with balance. Having stayed in various suites over the years, getting in and out with a bad leg in any moving oceans would be a bad thing.
  7. pre-empting your most updated video I just watched- Chris- what's the time lag from the day that you film to the day you post? I forgot when that news came out. It will be interesting to see how this develops, that's for sure. Also- the black stuff on your balcony is probably soot. Which is odd given how new the ship is and that it does have some emissions control devices. But we've had that happen a few times on ships- very dependent on the wind conditions carrying the soot just right to our balcony. Stateroom attendant was told, and they cleaned it up really well. So perh
  8. Isn't 11AM the normal early cut off time for normal disembarkation? Seems like the one you can choose for a time range to get off. With a suite departure- I fully agree that you will have no problems. Well, assuming you are flying out of FLL and not MIA (LOL...). Backtracking time- 11am departure to 9-9:30 at the airport to 8:30-9am outside for a taxi pick up to 7:30-8:15 or so exit off the ship. I'm sure that's possible.
  9. Have to correct this- apparently pan dulce is only available in some bakeries. Pan de aqua and pan sobao are the two- and the crusty one is pan de aqua. And it's really hard to put down once you start eating a warm loaf.
  10. Heck of a drive from Vieques to San Juan- since Vieques is an island south of Culebra.... 🙂
  11. Pan de agua or Pan dulce (it's not sweet). Fill with a real avocado (one grown in Puerto Rico), and it's pretty darned amazing.
  12. One of the best things about sailing late is to see the light of San Juan as you depart. It's a great thing to see. BTW, one thing not posted, yet- if you do normal dining, the dining times are 30 min late for the first night. That being said, you do first seating, it should be early enough to see the sail away from an outside viewpoint.
  13. Sorry I'm late to the party. First time I heard about the resort- I had heard about Freeport, but putting the two together was an interesting combination. Oh, well. Seems like a nice topic instead of arguing about masks, vaccines, cancelation, isolation, etc. Guess not.
  14. A more fun topic while we are not sailing... Chris Wong posted this video today, pulling info he found So if this is true, it's quite interesting. Especially if they want to keep cruising out of the Bahamas. The description is pretty much any one of the larger ships, except for direct contact with land (and excursions). We are not resort kind of people, but it's a place I would be interested in trying once- especially if it's run like a cruise- not having to pay for everything, perhaps a premium on some stuff. The other interesting
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