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  1. If points expire over time, then the only people in the DL would be people who could afford to cruise at a rate to maintain points. Is that not obvious? Which means that a bare requirement is an annual income high enough to maintain points. You may be ok with a lounge with people like you with means and that's it. But I'd rather hang out with a wider group of people than that. From the people who have taken 20 years to reach diamond to the ones who have made Pinnacle in a year. The variety of things talked about would be a whole lot more interesting.
  2. If YOU want to start cruising, and risk getting infected and then a chance of dying, go for it. Just means that it will be even longer until we go cruising. And probably more expensive to do it, as many who work on a ship may think twice about doing it. Pair that with the extra actions to even be on a ship to minimize the risk, expenses will surely go up. I've got plenty of other things to do than risking my life by cruising with people who think that herd immunity is a good idea.
  3. So only the people with the means to travel at your rate are the only ones who should keep their cruising status. Seems to me that the ability to get and keep points should spread evenly across all groups of people, not just the ones who have the means and time to travel on a ship. I'd rather have a crowded lounge with a wide spread of people vs. a spacious lounge with just people with means and time.
  4. It’s interesting and disappointing reading threads like this. It does explain why Noro and Influenza will always be a problem on cruises, and why we will wait out Covid. Denial. It’s not a river in Egypt, people. good luck, Royal, many of your customers will not be cruising for a long time.
  5. I’d love to see this end ASAP and get back to cruising. But until then, we will keep our money to ourselves. The big question is how long? If we nailed this thing down right away, we might be on our epic anniversary trip right now. But we didn’t and it just goes on. Open too quickly, and this just keeps going on, and vacation industries will not get a large chunk of their customers for a very long time- how long can they survive with people taking your advice to just stay home? I very much hope this is the right time for Florida to open up, but based on recent history and whatnot...... can’t say I exactly trust the governor.
  6. Most of who died were preventable. Like car crashes or cancer prevention. Other countries have been demonstrating that for months. So just accepting a brand new way to die, which is now the 3rd largest death on the US, is exactly like not trying to reduce cancer or car or smoking deaths.
  7. Good luck. We’ll stay home. Spend all of that vacation money here and not with Florida or the Cruise lines. I wonder how long things can last while so many people won’t participate.
  8. The RV appeal depends on what you want from a cruise. If you are looking for all inclusive or anything close to that, it’s less than appealing to RV. If it’s more about easily moving around and having the journey as a key part, it is. Can’t see live shows, have to do my own food and drinks, have to clean myself. But you keep waking up in different places, most places have clear views of the sky, and seeing your home in a different light is a good thing. RVing would never replace cruising for us. Just an alternative.
  9. Miss cruising, for sure. Should be in Europe now for a trip and cruise and miss it a lot. But we are finding alternatives that will extend into the future at the same time, like towing a small RV around the Great Lakes. Having water so close is a lot like having a balcony.
  10. that's because it's been said so many times that it's meaningless to call things fake news or a hoax anymore. That's been, sadly, normalized.
  11. IMHO, businesses should have been stronger in demanding a strong and consistent response to all of this. The vacation industry sat back and did pretty much nothing but worry about themselves. Even now, they do that- resorts, parks, and cruise lines are only focused on dealing with just their customers in person. None seem to realize that everyone has to cross some part of this country to get to their *thing*. Yea, I'm sure there are a lot of people who are willing to go to Universal, Royal Caribbean, or some beach resort. But the real problem isn't them- it's the REST of the customers. Ignoring the time period of sub 100% capacity requirements, when the time comes where they can be 100%, does the entire crowd trust the system enough to go on a cruise? I know we are not. We can wait this out and find other options that have significantly less risk to use and people around us. I know people will just say "stay at home, then"- and that's exactly the problem. How long can cruises go on with a significant amount of their customers just staying home? We cruise for OUR entertainment, not for some profits for management or shareholders. While it would suck if cruise lines went under, well... sucks for them. They could have easily used their influence to get this over a lot quicker. They didn't. And now they face the music.
  12. Since the ship leaves late, you will have time to explore Old San Juan- so even if you arrive late the night before, it's still worth staying there to walk around. All of the hotels will hold your luggage between check out time and when you want to head to the port. The only reason I would not stay there is if you wanted a beach resort- which there are plenty between the airport and Old San Juan. While the Convention Center area is nice, there's really not much around there. Also, while there are some great recommendations for hotels, there are also some nice AirBnB's to stay at in Old San Juan.
  13. For that very common flippant response, there's a very clear massive economic impact if we go that path. What that suggests is that things should just open up and force companies to operate regardless of what is going on. Ok, companies can make a choice, fine. But right now, at least 50% of the US population is trying to be careful about getting and spreading this virus. Which means that if cruises open up, the first problem is that they will be facing only 50% demand for their product. Forgive me for thinking that these business models that require +90% occupancy will not survive long running at 50%. Same goes for any other business- if you notice that a company isn't following health guidelines by their choice, it's the individual's choice to not go to them, too- again- how many hardware stores or restaurants or furniture stores can survive on 50%, especially when there are options out there for alternatives. We are all in this together, and to pretend that you can force businesses to lose money while half of this population "stays in your home for a few years and wait it out" is a fallacy. For sure, until Florida get's their act together, we will heed that suggestions and the cruise lines will miss out on our money. And it equally sucks that other areas are having problems, because we should be travelling there to help others- but we can't without risking THEIR lives when we visit.
  14. I'm not sad at all. The Monarch was our first cruise, and we were lucky to be on her last cruise for Royal Caribbean- and while it's a disappointment that we can't sail her ever again, if not for her, we would not be part of the cruising community. I celebrate the fact that she was the start of so many good memories. It helps that we got over the sadness of not sailing her anymore when we were on her last RCI cruise. Looking at it from an economic standpoint- modern ships are far more profitable to the industry- which keeps the ships moving, and over time, we get better service, nice rooms, and lower rates.
  15. Since you are asking, put a hold on corporate welfare and give it directly to citizens for once. We should have been doing it just like the EU in terms of taking care of our citizens, but too many worry that the richest country in the world can't afford it. Coulda, shoulda, woulda, but we didn't and now we just have to deal with it. Long term economic BS is going to be a lot worse than the longer short term relief would have ever been. The fact that we focused on money more than heath.... well.. I don't see that ending well for the economy. In the end, we can debate this response all we want- but a significant part of the tourism population will not be travelling in general, and cruise ships still have not been able to show a realistic way to deal with the situation. Which means an even smaller population will be willing to travel. The longer this goes on, the more tourism around the world will suffer.
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