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  1. Who are you tipping? If it's a crew member in cash- it would depend on where the ports are. If in Europe, cash tips to me would be in Euros so they can be used without the cost of exchanging the money. In the US, totally in U$ for the same reason. And I would not tip someone in Spain US$ any more than I would tip someone in Florida Euros. But more for the US tipping since exchanging Euros is a PITA here.
  2. No bikes. In theory, you can run the road- it's not very long, though. None of the other paths, I would judge as runable- just too rough. Post renovations, I do hope that the middle road that accesses the real end of the island is open- with that, you may get a mile. While we almost always go for a run in Nassau, we never have on Coco Cay.
  3. You know, it's just a professional opinion. It could be wrong. And neither would be lying to you- just telling you incomplete information. That's how developing science works. As an engineer, I state wrong opinions all the time, just like I challenge wrong opinions all the time. Doctors are no different. It takes a lot of time and data to turn theories into rules.
  4. Ok then have her explain why a mask is a bad thing. Relative to the filtering that it does. Ignoring the false sense of security- since they are supposed to be in addition to keeping apart. And noting that for the vast majority of people, you would only wear them every once in a while when you go out shopping. The scientist in me has a tough time when a filter is counter productive tool to reducing the spread of a virus. It's certainly better than doing nothing.
  5. When I go back to work, I'll get a new mask every single day. And it will be a requirement. Why is rebreathing your own air not healthy??? I don't understand that. It's already coming from you- can't get any worse than it is. You are not going to get a new virus from yourself. People sleep through the night wearing a mask to help them keep breathing- I don't hear about massive amounts of deaths from that. It may smell bad because of bad breath, but it's not any more harmful. If you already sick, you should not be out in public anyway. And if you have a personal cloth one, you can clean it, too. All things considered, it's still a net benefit to avoid spreading a virus. I understand why you would not cruise, but I don't understand being asked to do something so minor to wear a mask when you are in public such a bad thing. Right now, I wear one maybe 30 min a week. When I eventually go back to work- it will be 9 hours/day. But balancing the pros and cons, adding more value to social distancing just helps eliminate the spread, and eventually that will eliminate the virus.
  6. Even if you don't think masks help, whats the harm of using them in the context of the other personal distancing measures we do? Masks do filter stuff, and if you need 1000 virus particles to get sick and the mask reduces that by 50%, how is that not helpful? Why is perfection required to be effective? Wearing a mask is better than doing nothing, and it's not hard (unless you don't have access to one). People are not being asked to storm a beach under gunfire. They are being asked to stay apart and add a mask. Is that really that hard?
  7. Thing is, whether we like it or not, the cruise industry will be held to a MUCH higher standard than everyone else. Open offices and tight quarters at work are far more risky in terms of spread, but there's far more news about cruises being super dangerous. So to get back going again, they will either have to wait a very long time or implement some very drastic measures, or even both. Otherwise the risk to them as an industry would not be sustainable. Just look at the noro coverage- when we all know the risk of other places are far more real and significant. This isn't really about the doubters, it's about the ones who really believe it, and weighing the risks of getting on a cruise ship. If risks are not addressed, or just blown off by other passengers, not enough people will be cruising anytime soon. You can think of it as hysteria all you want- but the deaths are real, especially compared to all other viruses and diseases going around. Full hospitals are real, in a manner that I don't ever recall in any other outbreak. I have no idea how any of that can be considered fake. They are just numbers.
  8. Well, when was the last time an outbreak of any of the other microbes you are worried about filled up hospitals and killed so many people? People are worried about COVID19 because of the increased risk of death relative to everything else. That's kind of the point. It's also showing to be far more virulent than other viruses- it passes quickly to a lot of people. Not sure why people constantly downplay the difference between COVID19 and all the other viruses out there- makes no sense. Yes, there's a risk, but it's not nearly the same risk. Not even close to the same risk- even if the risk of dying is really small overall- it's much worse than all other active viruses and diseases out there. The risk of dying of pneumonia is also hugely up- like 4-5x the normal rate- and the only change in the world is COVID. If it makes you feel better to down play it, go for it. But that's not going to help the cruise business who have had passengers and crew die from this. When was the last time there were noro deaths? As for the masks, I do agree about the false sense of security. Still, even if they were 50% effective, that reduces your nominal exposure by 50%- which makes social distancing even more effective. I see no problem wearing one, if it takes a month or so off the time that we have to deal with this virus. That's one of the key things- the more aggressive we deal with this, the faster we will get through it. At some point, the odds of spreading the disease will allow the virus to just run out on it's own. But we have to get those odds much farther down. So masks can be a very effective tool to allow some opening of the economy and keep the spread down.
  9. One quick question- what's the cheapest flight destination for you? Miami/FLL (different airports), New York, or Houston? I, too, would lean primarily to an Oasis class ship, and their B2Bs, and then second the Freedom classes- first the ones with amenities you family would want more than others (slides, shows, etc...). Then down to the Voyager class ships- they have some of the cool stuff, but not all. That being said, the Oasis and Allure prices had come down a lot in the last couple of years- not sure if that will maintain post shutdown or not. But they will likely be some of the most important ships to start up- per passenger, they are among the cheapest to operate; and with high passenger counts, the profits because of that are high. If there's any lingering slow down on ships, these will certainly be the ones starting the fastest.
  10. It's been less than a month since this post, and we've crushed the normal death rate of one entire year of influenza in less than 3 months of COVID19. So death rates per year are currently 4x influenza. With far fewer people coming down with it and a LOT of effort that we don't do for Influenza. Not only that, pneumonia is about 3-4x normal rate, so for places that are not reporting COVID19 deaths, it's hard to hide pneumonia deaths. Keep downplaying it. There's no harm in it.
  11. Pray that they stay away from cruising. Not only will it save the rest of us money, it will save us stress having not to be forced to listen to them ***** about stuff on the cruise. Good riddance. There's no point in trying to convince someone that they are wrong when they are 100% sure they are right, in spite of evidence that their experience isn't what is happening everywhere. Especially when they show any form of nastiness in their response to people who want to have empathy to both sides- as all they will bring on the ship is the same negativity and wonder if the person next to them paid a lower fare or not. Let them go away, and stay there.
  12. Keep saying it!!! Less people = less cost for the rest of us. BTW, two weeks delay for maybe a couple hundred dollar ticket vs. a couple thousand dollar fare isn't exactly the same thing. But don't let that stop you from not cruising!!! Your opinion will save people money, and that's a good thing. One more thing, bankruptcy doesn't hurt the cruise line, other than reputation. What it hurts are the people they own money too- suppliers, share holders, and people who loan them money. The goal of going to court is to lower the burden of fees and costs to stay alive.
  13. More of this, please. So that the rest of us who want to still cruise can have cheaper rates. I'm totally fine if you don't want to factor in the economic stress of running a large company with zero income at all. And then hold that against them forever. That will save me money in the long run along with getting better cabins. Go for it!!
  14. I bet if you did the math, the actual fuel costs for taking a ship across the ocean is less than the same per-capita vs airplanes. A few years go, we did a back of the napkin estimate for the Harmony, and if it did wide open speed for the entire cruise, the per-person fuel economy was in the ~60mpg range. So at actual speeds it would be well above that. And that's just counting for paying passengers. To me, the big reason that there's not much demand for this product, though, is air travel. Instead of taking a week to cross, it's 6-8 hours. So there's not nearly enough demand to make it cost worthy, even if it ends up being less expensive per person to move them from A to B, and you can charge more for the better experience.
  15. I think it's better than it was before. With the water park, there are less people at the beaches. And now there is actually more beach space than before, too. It will take some time for the new tress to fully develop, but they are there, too. Food service is a lot better than it was- so many more choices than before, and the new stuff tastes better than before. And while a lot will worry about the sound- when on the beach, we could never hear the water park. Ever. Extra bonus- no waiting for tenders, going in either direction.
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