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  1. Have you tried other stores? I never buy soda in Walmart. I find prices are usually higher than other stores. Interesting Coca-Cola fact: Coca-Cola was invented in 1885 by John Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia, who concocted the original formula in his backyard. Pemberton’s recipe contained cocaine—in the form of an extract of the coca leaf, which inspired the “Coca” part of the beverage’s name. The “Cola” in the name comes from the kola nut, which contains caffeine, another stimulant. At the time of Coca-Cola’s invention, cocaine was legal and a common ingredient in medicines. It was thought not to be harmful in small doses. Caffeine was removed in 1929.
  2. Debbie, thank you so much. I appreciate it very much. I could not agree more!! I DIDN'T SEE THAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if not on the shelves, ask the store manager if he can start stocking your favorite soda. I kept badgering the store manager near me to stock caffeine free diet Pepsi and now I see a few cartons each time I shop. I haven't found it elsewhere.
  3. I wonder what her reaction would be to that snake 20+ years from now.
  4. I'll forgive you that picture since my eyes are drawn to your sweet granddaughter who is fearless and NOT WHAT SHE HAS AROUND HER SHOULDERS!
  5. So sorry for your niece/godchild and family. Having lost family members in the Holocaust, or Shoah as some call it, I don't know what the "other side" is?? Do we now have to hear responses from the other side regarding 911? I agree about us living in an idiotic state. I, however, would use a stronger word than idiotic.
  6. I debated mentioning the following but this thread does make it easy to open up. She's adopted since she was just a few days old AND she really does have Jack's good looks and my brain, sometimes!. Good guess on Dani's part! When she was little, a toddler, she loved to hear the story of when we brought her home from out of state on a plane. She was 5 days old on her first plane ride! She also loves when I tell her not only did I carry her in my heart before she was born but that a part of her will always remain there. Our car service driver was told we would be coming back with an infant and to bring us home in style, he picked us up in a very long white stretch limo. Like true rock stars. Oh the looks we got! I have friends that don't know she's adopted. It isn't a secret, just never came up in any discussion. I debated awhile until I decided to click Submit Reply to this post........................ NO NO NO SNAKE PICTURES!!!🥺😨😱. Lake pictures, beach pictures, grandkids pictures, food porn picture, YES. Hope your granddaughter feels better soon. Hope her throat isn't too painful. Don't show her the snake picture, she might scream and hurt her throat! Thank you so much!
  7. Thank you! When I once told her she looks just like a princess, she exclaimed "grandma I AM a princess". I told my daughter to watch out, the (pre)teen years will be here before she knows it. Then the "fun" begins. 😏
  8. I finally found a picture of my daughter and SIL's Charger. One of my favorites because of the beautiful young lady standing next to it. 😁
  9. @dani negreanuDani, my granddaughter shares your birthday as well as St. Patrick's Day. Although not Irish, my daughter and son in law couldn't resist. Taken 8 1/2 years ago.😍 She slept through her debut. Sorry for the large size. I was lucky to be able to copy it in here at all.
  10. Good luck with Toby's appointment. There was some good advice posted in here I can't believe what your family has to go through to get one MRI appointment. I never once had to take a sonogram before an MRI was approved. Maybe insurance approval changed? My last MRI was approx. 4 years ago. Not sure what the issue is with them switching appointment dates back and forth. I sincerely hope it all works out very soon for Mallory.
  11. @jagsfanMimi, who has a lot of life yet to live. Mimi, keep holding that thought. Healing prayers for full recovery and strength are coming your way.
  12. Yes, totally different and unlike anything I have done or even read. Oh this was amazing, in part, because Crystal and Nate totally immersed themselves in the Greek culture of wherever they visited. This wasn't just a 6 hour cruise stop. Taking us along on their journey was truly remarkable. I will never forget those pictures. One more striking than the next. When settled back home, hope Crystal will have time for a recap and that both she and Nate have an easy re-entry into the real world. Again, best wishes for Crystal's mom.
  13. Thank you, Lenny and I expect great news regarding Maya. Hopefully, by tomorrow you will know when her MRI will be rescheduled. I hope by now Toby was able to get some pain relief.
  14. Thank you, Dani. I learned a new word today. I love when that happens. Luckily I have a iive-in interpreter! Yes, too coincidental not to be the cleaning. Thank you so much.
  15. Maryann, if it's allergy related it will be the first time. I never ever had allergy issues. I still think it was the result of the ear cleaning I had. She tasted olives today!! She was on steroids not long ago. She's in touch with her doctor so hopefully there will be an end to her lack of taste/smell. Thank you! That ear ache took me back to my childhood when I had ear aches all the time. Glad this one is finally getting better.
  16. @Lionesss Oh my Sue, that is quite a saga. Glad it all worked out well. You really do have a way with words. A good way!
  17. Wonderful cruise plans. And it sounds like you had a special memory making 50th Anniversary! I never do well with self checkout. I always encounter an issue and have to call the clerk over. BTW, my sister's covid test came back NEGATIVE. Yea!! My earache is now a slight dull ache I can live with until it's gone.
  18. AND nightmare! Jack just translated. Good luck to her, starting a new, delicious venture. And almost 35.000 posts 😲 I'm too used to the Kroger's I go to. I hate going into a new store and having to hunt down items I need, They aren't all built the same way. I went to the large Super Kroger like super Walmart on Josey near 121. Too huge for us. We couldn't find anything without hiking up and down all the aisles.
  19. Thank you so much for the book recommendation. I put a kindle hold at my library. Amazing array of tempting candy. How do you decide? And those cones. Oh my! Sensational, stupendous, magnificent travel blog! Have safe travels home and best wishes for your mom's health. Good luck to you and Nate on your move to Florida!
  20. Help wanted signs here too. The Kroger I frequent only has one checkout line that is not self service. Reminds me of "Saturday Night Fever". Maryann, you mentioned Sheepshead Bay in a previous post. I remember it as a beautiful area near Manhattan Beach. Coming from apartments in busy, bustling lower Manhattan, my friend and I would pick out our favorite houses on our walks from the subway to the beach. I remember going on a date to a club, Pip's, to hear Jose Feliciano. I remember it being next to Lundy's Seafood. So nice to share memories, not just mine, but everyone else's in here.
  21. I got my license when I moved to the 'burbs when I was 26. When Jack was away on business, I had to drive myself into Manhattan, about a 40 min. drive, when my mom was in the hospital. Very harrowing for me; crazy NYC cabs, buses, pedestrians, cars, etc., etc., etc. I did it twice and then took up my friend's kind offer to drive me until Jack got back. LBJ is not a pleasant drive. Always encounter traffic. Scary for that to have been your first introduction to Dallas driving. It would be for me, anyway. Can you tell I "love" driving???🙄
  22. Ear is better but still a bit painful. My sister still has no sense of smell or taste and is waiting to get her covid test result. Thanks for asking!
  23. I have stated this before on CC. I loved growing up in Lower Manhattan. When I was young (really young) my dad would take me on cultural trips every Sunday; Statue of Liberty, U.N., museums, etc. Loved all the museums. Loved Central Park. No need for a car. The NYC subway/bus system was at our fingertips. I think that's what cemented the special closeness I always had with my dad. Funny, my sister never came with us and only wanted to stay home with mom. Having said that, I evacuated "the city" for the suburbs when I was married. Go figure. BTW, earache is not as bad today!
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