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  1. Not only is there a nice variety of sizes and shapes of models, there is quite a range of age and experience amongst the designers. I look forward to a most interesting season.
  2. I don’t know your personal style, but if there’s space, you might consider a pair of capris, shorts or a skort. We had 80 degree temperatures in Fairbanks in June on one of our trips! Alaska is an amazing place - enjoy!
  3. Date of Cruise: January 27, 2019 Ship: Edge Cabin #: 11211 Deck #: 11 Cabin Category: S1 Cabin Location: Just aft of Aft elevators Bed Position: Facing the sea Balcony Type: Standard Balcony/Window Size: Moderate sized balcony; the entire wall was window/sliding door Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: Unobstructed Balcony Overhang?: Magic Carpet Issues?: Not applicable Noise Issues?: Very quiet Wind Issues?: It was quite windy for much of the sailing, nothing specific to this room Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: None Suite Details: Sky Suite 1; configured with king bed, rather than twin beds Advantages/Problems/Comments: Husband really liked the (controversial) rocking chair; storage was more than adequate; bathroom very nice (Celebrity has added a shower curtain, which helps, but does not entirely solve, the water on the floor issue), good location near stairs/elevators Would You Book It Again?: In a heartbeat! Photos or Photo Links:
  4. Marilyn, you have been a fantastic source of information! We sailed after you disembarked; I would have enjoyed meeting you and extending my appreciation in person. We found the Edge to be extraordinary, and look forward to sailing aboard her again. Thank you for sharing!
  5. Vtcruising, you are a star! A bright, shining star! Thank you for sharing so much great information (and delightful photos). We board on Sunday and I am more than eager. Hope our cabin crawl goes well, too. Enjoy!
  6. Should be quite interesting. Having everyday options in Luminae, rather than requesting in advance, sounds better. The rocker being removed... what does that leave for seating? Anything reasonably comfortable? While a shower curtain may solve the problem, I wonder how aesthetically pleasing it will be. Regardless of any changes, I fully intend to enjoy a wonderful cruise!
  7. Vtcruising, you are amazing! Thank you for all of the terrific photos!
  8. This thread is absolutely amazing! Looking forward to Cabin 11211. I haven’t noticed mention of it or any of its neighbors, though I admit I may have missed some of the posts. We haven’t been away from far aft in a while, so am eager and curious about this. (Always eager for a cruise!😊)
  9. Thank you for your response. If I don’t need waterproof hikers, great! We are accustomed to Michigan winters, so cooler weather isn’t problematic.
  10. Already thinking about our Iceland cruise in June. Might someone share advice about appropriate clothing, please? Are waterproof hiking boots indicated? Rain pants? Thank you, and safe travels for all!
  11. Also, are you dealing with changes in time zones? And for some of us just the excitement of being on holiday can disturb our sleep patterns (not to mention out of the ordinary food and drink😉).
  12. How old is the young lady? Perhaps a small tote in lieu of a basket. Coloring book and colored pencils, gum, sunscreen, lip balm, flip flops, a journal, perhaps? Her age and interests would certainly be factors in your choices, as would your destination.
  13. Their brochure states that gratuities are NOT expected.
  14. Our only experience is with Uniworld. We have had the good fortune to experience two wonderful cruises with them, the first from Amsterdam to Budapest, and last year one from Paris to Normandy (and almost back to Paris - flooding interfered). Both trips were wonderful - the food was very good, the staff was most helpful, our fellow passengers were interesting and provided excellent company. This summer we will again be traveling with Uniworld - Basel to Amsterdam. Obviously we have been very pleased with our experiences. The staff has proved to be exceptional at handling the inevitable "issues" that occur when traveling at Mother Nature's mercy.
  15. Still wear them on occasion with dresses or skirts. When it is freezing out, bare legs just seem "wrong," and colored tights don't "work" with everything. However, if you can tolerate the chill, I have no problem with your bare legs. Be comfortable!
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