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  1. Okay, thanks! So what I gather from your info is to stay in the downtown area - see the sights, have dinner and deal with the airport (international) in the morning. So some quick help with hotel - easy location - something nice - it will kind of be a drop and run, sleep and go- LOL! One that I am considering is Hotel Blu Vancouver. Pricing on some of the others are quite high as we are looking for 1 nite in early July.
  2. Hi, we will be getting off our ship early am and have an 8:45am flight the following morning. Here are my questions: Stay near the port (downtown) area and drop off our luggage at the hotel - Spend the day sightseeing etc, have dinner downtown area and figure out the best way to the airport in the morning? Other option - drop off our luggage at a storage place - pick it up after a day of sightseeing and maybe dinner and reserve a hotel near the airport? Would appreciate any thoughts or helpful hints.
  3. Just noticed this story regarding a strike at the port in San Juan - at the end of the story it does mention Windstar Pride. Anyone have any information or updates?? https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2018/12/articles/passenger-rights/dock-workers-strike-san-juan-disrupts-celebrity-summit-jewel-seas/?fbclid=IwAR3jJFriIuGYPds7ZbpFXiDBok0Mr2xUVxnlrklyVu2wy-ds9ZiESdOq4LY#
  4. Thank you Mariano44! Now stop counting and go and enjoy your cruise! :hearteyes::hearteyes:
  5. Hi Marinaro44 - hope you have a great cruise - when you have a chance will you get back to us and let us know if cabin 126 & 127 on the Pride both have walk-in showers and 2 sinks. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the info - checked and we will save around $600 on a New Year's cruise! Thanks for the reminder to check the summer sale. :hearteyes:
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