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  1. I'm afraid I can't tell you much about the dance classes, but there were certainly many enrichment activities each sea day. You will not be bored. We were in a balcony, and were fortunate to have free laundry--the best possible perk, IMO!! The WC also gives one the opportunity to forge and solidify new friendships (including Safarigal!) with guests from all over the world. Fortunately, many of these same friends will be doing the QV this January around South America, so we will have a reunion. The shoreside dinner was held at the Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong, and was a lovely event. We shared it with the QM2, who was also in Hong Kong. The pre-dinner cocktails (open bar for cocktails and during dinner, plus wine served at the table.) included Chinese fortune tellers, calligraphy artists, and many other entertainers in beautiful costumes. The dinner was elegant with addtional entertainment including acrobats, muscians, etc. It was really a special evening! Selfishly, one of the benefits of the WC is seeing the luggage out in hallway for those on segments, and realizing one had many more weeks onboard. Ricki
  2. Although I was pleased to see Crystal ( and Keith) mentioned, I thought this article just skimmed the delights and benefits of doing a World Cruise. Perhaps more useful information might have encouraged people to book one. We have been fortunate to do two WC's so far, and the questions that we are always asked have to do with how we cope with being away so long, managing mail, and other practical questions and considerations. Ricki
  3. We were in Flåm last year. My advice to those on this itinerary change: “Don't be disappointed, you are not missing anything significant. “ We felt it was very touristy, and the train ride felt contrived. I think you will enjoy the new itinerary, and the scenery will be much better. Ricki
  4. On the QM2 and on the QE, almond, soy, rice and several other examples of non-dairy “milk” was available in Britannia Club, Britannia and in Kings Court. Sorry, I never requested lactose-free ice cream ( but I definitely will in future!) Ricki
  5. Count us among those who enjoyed the experience. The casual atmosphere was a nice change and the pace was just right when dining with a group of friends. Lots of time for conversation and laughs. I don’t eat red meat, but found plenty to enjoy: chicken, prawns and excellent ceviche. David, who is definitely a carnivore, thought the meat selections were tender and not over cooked. He especially liked the lamb chops. For those of you who dislike buffets (and I’m not a fan), the buffet was really a small part of the meal experience. I'm looking forward to returning on our next cruise! Ricki
  6. The future cruise just needs to be booked within 12 months of cancellation. Ricki
  7. The Future Cruise Credit expires unless a cruise is booked within 12 months. Ricki
  8. We arrived on time in Red Hook this morning—the delay yesterday did not impact our arrival. Ricki
  9. Yes, we did Roy, thank you for your good wishes. We're happy to be back onboard this beautiful ship! It’s been fun seeing crew and other guests we know. Ricki
  10. Captain Simon Love is our captain. Evidently, this is his second time at the helm of the QE. Ricki
  11. Does anyone know? Thank you! Ricki
  12. We're so glad that you both enjoyed this cruise! It’s a fabulous itinerary! Feel better soon! Ricki
  13. I just checked with Crystal this morning. My clients, who are doing Barca to Lisbon and Lisbon to FLL, have no change to their PH fare, unfortunately. Ricki
  14. Thank you Roy, Nancy and Terry! Most helpful! l knew that Roy had collected these images, but didn’t know how to access them. Ricki
  15. Has anyone ever sailed in this cabin? How obstructed is the view? Thanks! Ricki
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