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  1. Hi Keith, I think that holding the waiter might be frowned upon! 😁😁😁 Ricki
  2. In addition to all the other great ideas already mentioned, we bring: Folding boxes for storage of cameras, batteries, etc. ( these fit under the desk, and keep them safe in rough seas) Birthday and anniversary cards—someone always has a special occasion, and note cards for thank you notes. Extra pens. Candy for the crew on Valentine’s Day Folding mesh hamper with handles ( this fits easily in the closet and makes toting your clothes to the laundry easy) Shopping bags for shoes. They help keep the bottom of the closet organized. Magnetic hooks Pants h
  3. It is no wonder you are a master photographer, Kathy! Incredible photo! Ricki
  4. Thank you for posting this, Anne. It is a great tribute to Ken, and gives insight into Ken's long and illustrious career before his days at Crystal. Ricki
  5. A beautiful and deserved tribute to Ken and Lynne from Rabbi Morrie. Ken was a popular and valuable member of the Crystal Family and enhanced the experience of so many onboard, but I remember him mostly for his warmth, kindness and sense of humor. May he Rest In Peace, and may Lynne and his family find comfort. Ricki
  6. We have also sailed with Commodore Rynd, and have the utmost respect for him. Thank you for sharing his perspective, Keith. Ricki
  7. I sincerely apologize for posting it after you already did. Definitely, you get all the credit! Ricki
  8. We have international calling through our provider, T-Mobile. However, we have been told that we might have limited ability to connect to a network in Brazil. Apparently, this depends upon your type of phone. I have an Apple 11 and my husband has a Google Pixel 3A. questions: Hsve you been able to use your cellphone in Brazil to make snd receive calls, and receive data? Has anyone bought a "pay as you go” phone to use there? Any help is appreciated. Ricki
  9. If you can not take the yellow fever vaccine, in addition to the waiver letter from your doctor, you need to contact the embassy of the countries requiring it. This is from the CDC website: If you cannot get the vaccine for medical reasons, but require proof of yellow fever vaccination for travel, your doctor can give you a waiver letter if he considers the risk acceptably low. If you plan to use a waiver, you should also contact the embassy of the countries you plan to visit for more information. Good luck. Ricki
  10. We did the 2018 WC on the QE, and, although we have done many crossings on the QM2, we loved the intimacy of the QE. It just my opinion, but I think the QE ( and, since they are so similar, the QV) is a much prettier ship. Ricki
  11. We have never done a 7 day cruise on, but have been on longer cruises that did have several segments. The best part about it is seeing luggage out in the hall and being grateful you are not among the guests disembarking! Ricki
  12. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Ricki
  13. We did not have items missing from our suitcase, but we did have a missing suitcase. We returned to Brooklyn on the QM2 in August, and, as Diamond, had early departure tags on our luggage. Someone took our tag and replaced it with another color on one of the bags, so that we had to search the entire luggage area and hundreds of bags, looking for our missing bag. Fortunately, we didn’t have a plane to catch. It made me seriously consider buying luggage that isn’t black or grey! Ricki
  14. Thank you, Noxequifans! I appreciate the suggestion! Ricki
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