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  1. How many joules did they say matters? Plug-in protectors (hundreds or thousand joules) are near zero joules - ineffective. Joules only matter when that associated number is considered. Effective protection is where hundreds of thousands of joules are harmlessly 'absorbed'. What is the protector parameter that answers that question? Ineffective protectors are rated in joule. Effective 'whole house' protectors are rated in thousands of amps - not joules. Then hundreds of thousands of joules harmlessly dissipate outside and safely in earth. Both devices called protectors. The effective one quantified by a different specification number. How many joules does a UPS claim to absorb? Hundreds. Many times less than a tiny joule power strip. Then they can claim that UPS does 100% protection. Scams are that easily promoted when one does not always demand the numbers. A tiny joule number on any plug-in protector indicates a possible (but rare) fire threat. Cruise ships take that threat (created by near zero joules) more seriously.
  2. Demonstrated is why plug-in protectors cause fires. Its protector part must never fail catastrophically. It may only degrade. Described is a catastrophic failure traceable to a number in its specifications - joules. What happens when a hundred or thousand joule protector tries to 'block' or 'absorb' hundreds of thousands of joules? Either a 1 amp thermal fuse disconnects protector parts as fast as possible. Or, if too slow, then a protector part fails catastrophically - causes a fire. Meanwhile, that surge remains connected to the appliance (which has better protection internally). Effective protectors answer this question. Where do hundreds of thousands of joules harmlessly dissipate? Those degrade; do not fail catastrophically. Hundreds or thousand joules? Electronics routinely convert a surge that tiny into rock stable, low DC voltages to safely power semiconductors. Why would anyone spend so much money on a protector that is inferior to what is already inside appliances? How many never read those numbers? How many joules does it claim to absorb? Any protector that fails means ineffective protection exists or existed. Catastrophic failure is why some protectors create fires (in ships or homes).
  3. That protector in a home creates the same fire hazard. A power strip with a UL 1363 listing has no protector parts - is safe. One with a UL 1449 is the type that so often results in fires. Ships simply take the threat far more seriously. Details provided here
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