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  1. Do you see many whales or other wildlife from the ship while sailing ? Or do we need to book an excursion to see anything ?
  2. Is there any cruise lines that have free cruising for children with each paid adult ? I would like to take my Daughter and her husband and 2 children on a cruise with us. but unless I can find one that kids sale free. I could never do it 🙂
  3. You are right.. lol but for me it is 5 weeks off to do a week cruise in Europe...
  4. Is there any word of the travel ban from USA / Canada being lifted any time ? I want to make a reservation for a river cruise from Paris Fall 2021.. But don't know if I should or not...
  5. Hand feeding the fish while snorkeling..
  6. I was on the Romantic Danube cruise at Oct. 2019.. and we didn't do the Illumination cruise.. AMA has stopped it .. But there are private boats that still do it ..if you want to see it ..
  7. Make sure you have a Kase Krainer from the stand with the green rabbit on top.. and make sure you have it in the roll.. we even spent a few hours at the casino .. you need to show picture id to play.. I won 150 Euros there 🙂
  8. I just flew from Budapest to NYC ( well Newark ) and I had about 3 lbs of paprika in my check bag.. and had no problem at all . along with wine.. 🙂 Also they have a paprika paste.. they serve it with most dishes .. but I had it with goulash.. you put a spoonful on top and it melts .. but be careful. it comes in mild, med, and very hot 🙂
  9. Thanks but we are back from the cruise... and everything was great . used euros, brought back both powdered and paste Paprika in my check bag with no problems. I used my atm at 2 stops. and it was not to bad. we are planning another river cruise but on the Rhine this time.. well in a few years 🙂 now we have a ocean cruise on Dec 1st from New York City to the S. Caribbean and back .. but no flights involved.. so just buy what we want ..
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