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  1. All the CDs we have cruised with on Carnival have been great. You must be talking about Matt. We cruised with him before he moved to the Vista. We thought he was amazing and there couldn't be anyone better. Then we cruised with Dr. E on Carnival Magic who was trained by Matt. He was unbelievably good. Before the shows started and he would get up to speak we were hoping they would cancel the show and just let Dr. E continue. He would start the morning off with his good morning song which just set the day off right! I have never met anyone with so much energy before. We also cruised with Princess, had a great cruise but couldn't even tell you if they had a cruise director. I guess I'll find out what the CD on the Navigator is like next month.
  2. When I did my Navigator check in for March 15th last month it didn't have that option available. I will have to check and see if it is there now.
  3. I am so tempted to print it off and highlight it then leave it on chairs (while making it look official).... Then watch their faces when they return!
  4. I've had mixed experiences. One good, one bareable the last exceptionally frustrating. The good we were off early with a FTTF and got a rental car no problem. Only one Carnvial ship debarking at the time. The bareable two Carnvial ships were debarking at the same time. We had a suite so we were off early and out of the terminal quickly. However the rental car shuttles was chaos! Took for ever and there was no designated spot for any company. However we made it to Disney's Blizard beach by 10:15am. So not too bad. The last one was February 2018. ONLY ONE CUSTOMS AGENT! We were in a suite had number 2 tags and didn't debark until 10:30. The customs officer was put in secondary and there was a (yes only one) police officer checking passports for all the passengers. However getting our rental car was much easier. We were heading to Disney to use up our minigolf admissions and didn't get there until 1:30. So it is hit or miss and I was happy to have late evening flights back to Toronto on each occasion.
  5. Actually up to 12 17oz containers of non-alcholic beverages are allowed per stateroom. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/food-drink-onboard-policy
  6. Where would early flights fit in? I'm cruising out of Tampa with an 11:45am return. I could take the Canrival shuttle if I wanted but if self assist goes before anyone and suites before early transfers then I may just self assist and cab it to the airport. The last cruise I was on only 1 customs agent showed up. Our number was 2 with a suite and we didn't debark until almost 10.
  7. Can you select the port arrival time and then go back in and do the rest of the check in? I need to coordinate with my group to ensure we all get into the same arrival time since we will all arrive together.
  8. Does the refreshment package include milkshakes?
  9. I have flown to US on Air Canada, Air Transat and Westjet. Always done customs in Toronto then landed as domestic in the US.
  10. Has anyone done the bottemless galley brunch? What type of food was on the menu? How long did it take?
  11. I know there aren't any now but wondering if there will be after the dry dock. Heard they might be getting them!
  12. There are a couple of things I would love to know: 1. Did they add the coke freestyle machines and if so do they have caffeine free diet coke? 2. Which nights are the formal nights for dinner?
  13. Me too! We're going on the 15th to ABC. I'd love to get a sneak peak!
  14. I'm going to get a few pineapple magnets for the next time I cruise and I have "noisy" neighbours! Maybe if people ask to join in they'll keep the noise down a bit. :'):'):')
  15. We are doing ABC+Labadee on a 9-night cruise on the Navigator of the Seas in March. This will be our first on Royal. I have only cruised Princess and Carnival so far.
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