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  1. Future credit credit is only applied to cruise fare. Sometimes it can be turned into OBC
  2. Yes, you carry two cards. Whether they have the capacity or not, I don't know. What they have is an audience that simple is best and guests won't be arguing about the access card being used to charge their account
  3. Always. They don't care who sleeps with who or who has access to whose room. Just be sure everyone is present
  4. You don't ever "formally"swap rooms on board. You just get extra cards to open doors. It isn't a specific scenario. It comes up daily when cruises are operating as people try to get around CHEERS rules.
  5. Horizon has a spa pool just not the fancy Thalassotherapy one
  6. Havana exterior area is no longer open to guests after 5 pm
  7. While is a just a cruise requirement, as a high school student she may have an opportunity for some type of overseas study. I know since myself and all of my friends, none of us had passports as kids , we never ever considered applying for anything that involved out of country travel. I now wonder if we had had passports, I bet we would have at least applied.
  8. The school ID must be picture and from public school. It is cruise requirement
  9. Did you get FCC-Future Cruise Credit or OBC-Onboard Credit? OBC can only be used onboard and since your cruise is always paid in full before sailing, OBC can't be used towards towards cruise fare
  10. There is no reason to space out occupied cabins and plenty of reasons to keep them together for cabin stewards. Muster station assignments are likely the top priority.
  11. This is only done when it benefits the sailing. It is never done because Carnival has picked out a few favorites to offer a great deal. When you get an upsell call, it is always because they need your cabin or they are taking it out of service. Last minute surprise free upgrades are because your assigned cabin is out of service. When Carninal needs your already selected cabin like to put minor children next to parents, you get a call. If your cabin category is in high demand for a higher resell price, you get a call. When a group is looking for a block of cabins, you get a upsell call. If you selected one side of a connecting cabin and someone wants both, you get a call.
  12. There are sufficient booking now. 60% of cancelled cruisers immediately rebooked,
  13. Being in an industry that frequently comments on proposed Federal legislation, it is shocking how many times the tide is turned on emotional testimony vs facts.
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