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  1. It is a FB post from the crew employment agency in Bali
  2. Cold water wash won't pass health code. You don't want someone's skid marks on your skivvies.
  3. That is exactly how it should be. I did not take my siblings with me thru the Platinum line since they weren't
  4. I also love the priority boarding perk on ships as much as I do on planes.
  5. Have you been in public? Cloth masks are useless. If your glasses fog, your mask is not on right. Paper masks need to be changed every few hours. Once you touch the facial part of your mask with your non sterile hand, it is contaminated. Masks over beards are useless unless the full beard is inside the mask. Masks placed on non sterile surfaces, dangled on a chain are contaminated. Cloth masks should be washed in a machine daily. I have seen some more filthy than my floor wipe. There is a reason medical professionals are fitted with masks in the OR and they are one use only.
  6. Correct. Same questions I was asked before my Mammo and before my vax. I have have mammograms postponed due to lymph node involvement with an infection.
  7. Not exactly. Most ports now require anyone requiring physical assistance to board at their boarding time, no special early boarding anymore. So if the other family members have the same boarding time, yes.
  8. Since 98% of people do not wear masks properly, they might as well be maskless
  9. There is no logical reason to say a small minority infected the majority. Wasn't the majority self segregated from this minority? The small minority could only have infected themselves. Many of us have continued to work in our places of businesses without the luxury of working in your own bubbles. None of my fellow "essentials" have gotten the virus but we have keep the world running.
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