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  1. They can require a form signed by a medical person to verify. This form does not required disclosure of the nature of the illness or disability, just that the stated accommodation is needed
  2. Neither of those ships were scheduled to dock in Florida and the Florida Governor had a legitimate concern that all of the crew and non US guests would proceed directly to the Florida hospital system and their cost of care placed on Florida. Most of those guests were not US and the US does/did have the ability to denied entry to non US Citizens. Even in the original response by the Governor, he did say "except for Florida residents" but that was usually dropped by the media to continue their narrative of "cruise ship bad". The Feds control the border not the state anyways.
  3. They were held inside the country. US Citizens were permitted to enter the US, not refused entry and forced to remain on a cruise ship
  4. Elevator inside takes you to Serenity Deck
  5. What 7000 people? Does it matter if one yacht with a two people and a crew of 5 pull in with one infected person? Also that without tourist dollars brought into ports, more people will die of poverty related issues than COVID
  6. Ships aren't going to make port calls if cruisers aren't welcome. Other ports will welcome cruisers with open arms
  7. No cruise passengers means no port taxes. There are islands that want port taxes
  8. I have a friend in one of the largest hospital systems...their COVID occupancy rate is very low. Then again. it is people with COVID, not just COVID.
  9. I don't spend more than a few minutes within arms length of fellow cruisers. I spend at least 3 hours on a plane within an arms length of strangers. Are viruses less likely to spread knowing the purpose of my travel? The latest data suggest the spread is due to inside room, extended contact with an infected person who is not containing their droplets
  10. Neither are airplanes and they are flying
  11. Yeah, it looks like you can't see the ocean
  12. It isn't a vacation, it is the destruction of an industry which is currently losing 110 million dollars and 800 US jobs every day. The infections on the Diamond Princess was exacerbated by lack of knowledge. However 712 positive cases with 9 eventual deaths out of 3711 people on board as compared to numerous nursing homes (where the disease was brought into them) where dozens in each died. Three cruise ships out of hundreds at sea is a blip. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6912e3.htm
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