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  1. Elaine5715

    First Time Cruiser - A few questions

    Correct. The first Elegant Night is the second night (first Sea Day) and the second will be in the Fun Times (daily schedule) which will be left in your stateroom the night before. While the dress code is rarely and barely enforced in the MDR, it almost always in the signature dining places,
  2. Elaine5715

    MDR Table request

    It isn't the proper way to contact John. The proper way is to meet with the Maitre at 1 pm on embark day to make table requests. Not only does John drop the ball or if he isn't on FB that day, he also can't overrule the Maitre should such requests conflict with his dining room. Maitre email addresses are frequently posted here but Maitres are not require to respond to emails.
  3. Elaine5715

    Port Canaveral, post cruise flight question

    Recommendation return flight times from Carnival for MCO is 12:50 pm. If your flight is before 12:50 pm and you miss your flight, your travel insurance will not cover associated costs.
  4. Elaine5715


    Which is answered by the people working the GS Priority desk
  5. Elaine5715

    Table for 8

    Pretty sure tables can be up to 11 people
  6. Elaine5715


    Ocho Rios is docked. There is also some shopping at the port and a small shopping center a block away. The locals are very aggressive.
  7. Elaine5715

    Noro Virus

    Nope but since Disney visitors are sharing airports and their Norovirus with cruisers heading to Florida ports and none of them are quarantining themselves.
  8. Elaine5715

    Noro Virus

    I read Disney vacation boards and people (right now) are asking for advice regarding "stomach flu" that last 24 hours. They are unconcerned about the fact they are contagious and are hellbent on getting back out "because they are on vacation" . These people are crossing paths with cruisers in airports but Disney isn't obligated to report Norovirus. As a matter of fact, many Disney vacationers want to blame food poisoning instead of Noro in hopes of getting some freebies from Disney.
  9. Elaine5715

    Birthday decorations for stateroom?

    Yes, there are rules. Non flammable materials.
  10. Elaine5715

    VIFP Number on Documents

    When Carnival did a update last fall with the Carnival Players Club, many people got issued a second VIFP number by accident.
  11. Elaine5715

    Connecting cabin rooms

    Or above you....Hello Newlyweds!
  12. Elaine5715

    VIFP Number on Documents

    But you might want to bring a past boarding document...
  13. Elaine5715

    VIFP Number on Documents

    You will need to correct it onboard. I had the same issue but fixed it before boarding. For some reason, after 23 cruises, I started getting great offers under a new VIFP number. I took the offer , they honored it but did correct my account.
  14. Elaine5715

    Connecting cabin rooms

    The space between the doors is about an 1/2 inch. There is no way you can stuff and hold pillows in that space. Try it at home by stuffing pillows between your screen and storm doors. And if pillows were a good sound barrier, partners of snorers wouldn't need ear plugs.
  15. Elaine5715


    ^^This^^ or a 5 figure jackpot