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  1. I wasn't comparing interiors (4A) and oceanviews (6A). You can't do better than a 4J as an interior... in my opinion. But the cruise line considered a 4K is a upgrade When it comes to comparables, there are no A,B,C etc, It will be simply interior, Ocean View, Balcony and suite. If you are in one , category, they can move you at will to any cabin in that category. But if there is nothing left in your booked category, they will put you where they chose, maybe upgrade, may be not. If you don't like it, they will tell you to take the guarantee at the next port.
  2. What you think is comparable it unlikely to be the same as the ship You could be moved from a 4J to a 4B, both are interiors. Another interior cabin comparable could move you from deck 1 to deck 2 (which they consider a upgrade) and now under the galley. You could be moved from midship balcony on Lido to aft balcony, still balcony.
  3. They don't have to move you to something comparable. They just have to put you in a cabin. They are most likely going to move you to something they think is comparable and they may sweeten the pot but according to the contract, they don't
  4. You can see prices on Carnival website
  5. That was someone who booked on a ship not finished yet
  6. Because they can according to the cruise contract, any reason, any ship.
  7. It is stateroom location that matters most and no, there isn't any compensation. What you consider an upgrade or downgrade is probably not the same as Carnival.
  8. They can bump you for any reason at any time. It is all in your cruise contract. They most definitely will move you if you have less than the occupancy and they need the room.
  9. So , they were or weren't linked? If people leave the auto grats in place, ATD are okay and are better than the assigned dining crew who have the same folks all cruise just to find out they pulled the auto grats on the last day.
  10. This is correct. Carnival doesn't split it up for you.
  11. I have had some fascinating tablemates including one family whose patriarch was a retired rear admiral. II always bring a book and should the tablemates not be a conversant mix, I read. There are numerous posts on these boards who swear/brag that they would never sail solo. Then again, they may be the same people who are uncomfortable dining alone in a restaurant at home. I think it is the epitome vacation for introverts and ambiverts. There are always people willing to engage in casual conversation and you can engage or not. Your introvert sense will tingle when the barnacles come near.
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