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  1. The Virgin Voyages ships are truly ugly looking ships... No amount of money would get me on one of those ships....... I`m a huge fan of Britannia and think that she is a very good looking ship - Well Britannia and the Princess Cruises "Royal Class" fleet....
  2. Might just be me, but I`ve tried twice to book a cruise for September 2023 and both times payment has failed. I`ve just been paid and there is MORE then enough money to cover the deposit, I`ve got the website open and my banking app on my phone and no payments been taken...... Might just be because its 1am in the UK and the system is on a go-slow........ Will try again in the morning Just wondered if it was was just me OR is Princess having issues globally....... Anyone else having problems? Cruisefan2012
  3. When do the itineraries start to appear on the website? I want to sail on Sapphire Princess from Vancouver to California in September 2023 I know Elites cruisers can book from Tuesday (so 2 days time... ) and us mere mortals can book from Wednesday, its just so exciting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to see the exact itinerary - so I can copy it down and start to get excited to go to Canada (2nd time) and sail on Princess Cruises (this cruise will be my 2nd with Princess) and first time to California (Previously sailed from Vancouver to Alaska on Star Princess in May 2018) Cruisefan2012
  4. Coral, A thousand thank you`s xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Got the info I wanted !!!!!!!!!! Little me from a small town in England is heading to Canada & California !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cruisefan2012
  5. Fab!! I will be at work so will welcome the posts I'm especially interested in Vancouver to California cruises
  6. Where on youtube will this webinar be available to view? I'm in the UK
  7. I wasnt able to go sadly, I had planned a busy year of travelling but unfortnately had to cancel I know from this thread that Arcadia wasnt able to dock in Norway on either port, Did Arcadia get to dock into Reykjavik? I would have been extremely disappointed if Arcadia had not been able to dock in Reykjavik.......For me it would have been the TOTAL highlight of the whole cruise !! I saw that she docked in Belfast
  8. I`m aware of the history of Belfast, I`ve heard stories - Still love the place as a tourist now I`m glad Arcadia was able to dock in Reykjavik, I`ve heard stories that it ( like any port ) is down to the weather and whether or not the captain deems it safe or not I would have been truly gutted to have missed Reykjavik
  9. I was a baby in the 80s haha as a tourist from 2008 onwards its a great place, so much to see and do, titanic belfast, giants causeway, shopping, theatre, music comedy - and of course the great people !!
  10. I was never bothered for Norway, been there 3x before with P&O Iceland was the reason I booked this itinerary in the first place, a whole NEW country for me !! I booked it on day 1 and cancelled months ago, long story Belfast is lovely, I`ve been there a fair few times in the past, to the point of it being like "going home " when I go as ive been so often
  11. No emails regarding changes My point was that it was the 13-14th July for Reykjavik Hope you parents are having a great time despite all the chopping and changes
  12. I was originally booked on this cruise, booked the day it went on sale Reykjavik was originally the 13th July and 14th July ............
  13. I should have been on that cruise too It was very funny, I was in Wales at the zipline thing.. Got all suited up, harness on, goggles as i wear glasses,... i can feel my phone ringing in my pocket and i cant get to it...was P&O ringing to tell me the cruise was cancelled Still never made it on to Aurora yet Got OBC from that cruise being cancelled on my next cruise which was on Britannia in 2015
  14. I should be on this cruise too, Circumstances means I'm not... Original itinerary was... Southampton...2 days at sea...Skjolden...Alesund...day at sea...Akureryri...Isafjordur...2 days in Reykjavik...2 days at sea...Belfast...day at sea...Southampton Maybe next time, on Britannia 🤞
  15. Hi... sorry to be "that guy" but ALL I`m seeing is Crown Princess sailing Seattle to Alaska roundtrips and then Vancouver to Alaska roundtrips ......... I would like to sail on a similiar itinerary to the 22nd September 2022 cruise on Crown Princess from Vancouver to California......... I have been to Alaska in 2018 on Star Princess and it was an amazing holiday... this time I want to visit beautiful Vancouver and down to "the golden state"........ Cruisefan2012 x
  16. Vancouver California 2023...... Anyone?.......
  17. Thank you !! Anyone know when Vancouver California 2023 goes on sale?!.............
  18. Hi All Does anyone know when Vancouver California round trip cruises for about September / October 2023 go on sale?. I`ve had 2 different dates from Princess UK that have both come and gone to no avail... I was due to sail on Crown Princess in September 2022 but owing to a change of plans, I wont be travelling to Canada / America now so want to do the same / similiar cruise in 2023. I`m getting frustrated waiting for details to be released and hope someone on here will know or could at least give me some hope before I pull my hair out. I will be happy with any ship as long as its not Crown Princess... Thank you Cruisefan2012
  19. Do you know when Summer 2023 Vancouver California round trip cruises go on sale with Princess? Thank you Cruisefan2012 x
  20. Any idea if there will be a Vancouver to California round trip cruise similiar to the 22nd September 2022 cruise from Vancouver to California in 2023? Also which ship? and more importantly what dates and when is the "announcement" due? got a tonne of Princess Cruises, British Airways snd WestJet credit to use up I was booked on the 22/09 Vancouver to California cruise on Crown Princess, Long story short I cancelled my cruise & entire holiday...I'd be truly pi££ed to get on Crown and miss ports especially as I will be coming from the UK
  21. I`m waiting for them aswell Was meant to go this year but had a wobble and cant go....... got loads of credit from BA, WestJet and Princess Cruises to use up
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