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  1. Hi All Just read on facebook that P&O Cruises will launch the Summer 2022 Brochure this November Cruisefan2012
  2. IMSYDNEYAUS Thank you - Much appreciated I should have done this cruise on Dawn Princess about 3-4 years ago but had to cancel - Gutted was NOT the word THRAK I should have been sailing from Southampton to Norway, Iceland, Ireland on P&O Aurora in August 2020 but cancelled due to this fecking virus !! Cruisefan2012
  3. IMSYDNEYAUS Thank you !! I`m saving up for this trip now - Friends are saying its once in a lifetime, but I dont believe in once in a lifetime Cruisefan2012
  4. I read on this forum on my mobile phone the Princess Cruises Australia 2021/2022 brochure release launch Now I`m on my laptop days later, I cant find it Could somebody kindly please link to this thread the Australia 21/22 links I want to do Sydney New Zealand in 2023 / 2024 for my pending 40th............. I would like to compare prices from what I`ve seen for 2021 ( prior to this new launch ) Thank you in Advance
  5. Thinking outloud... Would LOVE to do a Sydney & New Zealand cruise in November December 2023 / Early 2024 for my impending 40th.... Would also LOVE to sail from Vancouver to Alaska again ideally in Late 2023 - I sailed previously in May 2018 When are these itineraries likely to be released........ Would LOVE to do a WORLD TOUR ( not world cruise ) and cover both cruises in ( the future ) in the same trip ( thinking outloud...)
  6. When I`m in Southampton, I use www.cruisetimetables.com to see which ship is in at the time. I found Mayflower Park a good spot but as somebody else said, your view of Ocean Terminal & the QEII Terminal is obscured from there. I did find - purely by accident - that if you walk to the pier by where the Red Jet Terminal ( Isle of Wight ferries ) is there is a car park there and a couple of benches at the far end, Great views of Ocean Terminal (The main P&O departure terminal) and the QEII Terminal and you can look back at City Cruise Terminal and Mayflower Cruise Terminals. Hope that helps Cruisefan2012
  7. I`ve had my refund !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I`m happy now as I was starting to feel forgotten about by P&O.... Can draw a line under it now and await the new brochure to see if a same or similiar itinerary comes up for Summer 2022...
  8. Grapau27 Thank you, I hope so too, One less thing to worry about and one less refund to receive !! Cruisefan2012
  9. Just rang P&O about pricing up a 2021 cruise I have my eye on Mentioned my 2020 cruise and how I`m patiently awaiting a refund, Young lady l I spoke to could NOT have been more helpful, she has spoken to a manager and they agreed to escalate my refund, she has emailed their finance department, I should receive it this week or next - Happy days !! Be happier when its refunded to me obviously but happy at the moment none the less All my plans prior to this cruise have been cancelled and refunded just not the cruise as of yet...
  10. Emailed the two ladies from P&O whose works email address appeared earlier in this thread... One reply - pretty generic email.......... Second lady, known to help people and forum members to obtain their refunds...... Nada !! If they want my future business they will have to refund me for this cruise first
  11. I met Tom O`Connor in a lift on Arcadia in 20009 I didnt go to his first show but dinner companions did and said he was fantastic Went to his last show on our 10 day cruise and it was standing room only, He was FANTASTIC and SO funny, He never let the Cruise Director get a word in edge ways for an hour
  12. No Pager Thank you I hope she replies to me tomorrow, We can at least get the ball rolling........ Apologies to everybody else for repeating the request for the email address... Its understandably frustrating !! I`m pleased that people are NOW getting refunds
  13. I didnt get ANY emails from Paul Ludlow, infact I dont get any emails, phone calls, brochures or ANYTHING from P&O !! I find out most of my P&O info either on Cruise Critic or on facebook
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