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  1. Seeing the numbers for Japan makes me wonder how Japan thinks the delayed 2020 summer Olympics can still be held for this summer.
  2. That’s great coverage hoping you can advise what company you use.
  3. I hope and pray all cruise ship passengers are required to be vaccinated before sailing. Having that requirement will filter out all the knot heads who don’t believe in either vaccines or masks and they won’t be allowed on the ship and we won’t have to interact with any of them. It would be a great filter.
  4. I have three cruises booked, Grand South America, Grand World 2023, and An 18 day Hawaii all booked without any FCC as we elected for cash refunds. I would book more but no more money. Those trips above are a pretty penny and we pay about 30 % higher in Canada. Pent up demand, absolutely.
  5. Sadly the spring breakers down in Florida once they return to school, will spread the disease further through the country.
  6. Almond cookies come out at 3:00 pm
  7. Will absolutely wear a mask, in fact from now on, even if not required, in the future will wear one for all air flights, embarkation onto all ships and even while attending evening shows in show lounge. In my opinion wearing masks until COVID reaches very low numbers is a no brainer. We all want to cruise, we also have to think about the citizens of countries we are hoping to visit, to protect them.
  8. Hi Kiwi, thanks for answering. What location did you go to, what was the excursion name.
  9. This day next year hopefully will be cruising on Amazon River.
  10. Hi Kiwi, I found this old thread loved the pictures. Are they from a day trip with the cruise ship. Where did you go on the Port Elizabeth day. elephant Island or Addo? Thanks, Mary
  11. We think we will masks on airplanes from now on, all the time, even if not required. Wear them in the cruise terminal while checking in, and even in the show lounge, so many times we have sat by people who are coughing.
  12. Hi Jacqui I guess I will be the first poster to Christen 2023. It is only about 740 days away but who’s counting. Lidodeckmain. January 3rd, 2023. Zaandam Grand World Voyage Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale 1st ever Grand World Voyage Thanks Mary On a side note I see the Grand South America is leaving Fort Lauderdale same day in 2023. I suspect we will see lots of luggage in Port Everglades that day. 😊
  13. You should have taken the wrappers off first.
  14. Yes, there is a shuttle goes to Walmart which is about a block and a half to Ala Moana Mall. From there we usually walk the 40 minutes to Waikiki Beach.
  15. We were brought up RC and today for us in known as the 12th day of Christmas, (just like the song). The Wise Men appeared today. We know this day as Epiphany. We will be bringing our Christmas decorations down this weekend.
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