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  1. A lot of them are here on the West Coast, lots staying on Vancouver Island and the mainland.
  2. Canada will be back opening it’s ports in due time. Can’t see ports open for 2021 Alaska season though, hoping of course I am mistaken. Can’t see land boarder Between U.S. and Canada opening until a vaccine is out and things have improved on both sides of the boarder.
  3. I called PacBlue in May requesting a Pro-rated refund as my policy did not expire until end of this October and I got the refund. My sons policy (different company) automatically extended his policy for six months free without him asking).
  4. Hi Bennybear, Hoping you can advise who in Canada is offering Covid coverage. I just called a Pacific Blue Cross, we usually get travel medical insurance through them, I was advised that there policies do not cover for Covid. I want to book for Fall 2021 but I would like to know that there is a possibility for coverage before I book. Thanks, Mary
  5. I know exactly how you feel, we were supposed to leave Vancouver as well tomorrow on the Westerdam for a 37 night cruise. Last fall we did the same cruise you were going tomorrow on but we were on the Star Princess Vancouver to L.A. and return 10 days. I am pretty close to booking something on Princess for late 2021; hoping that it will be safe to travel by then and cruise ports will be open. Stay safe everyone.
  6. If I lived in the Canadian Maritimes I wouldn’t even want other Canadians from other provinces to visit. They are doing awesome. I live in B.C. we were doing awesome, got bad, and now slowly getting better but nowhere as good as Maritimes.
  7. Hi Bubba Can the PVP just move you to the Grand and transfer the deposit. Maybe they can offer you some OBC ahead of time as Sun is sold. Congrats on your upcoming 25th Anniversary.
  8. Good Morning, here it is anyways was just curious on what we have posted here for your area just to compare. All CDN dollars 15 day Indonesia RT Perth Sea Princess Dec. 23 1755.00 + 385 taxes 13 day NZ RT Melbourne Sapphire Dec. 20. 2067 + 370 taxes 12 day Fiji RT Sydney Regal Dec. 28. 2067 + 237 13 day NZ RT Sydney Majestic Dec 23. 2237 + 368 14 day NZ RT Brisbane Sun Dec. 28 2456 + 444
  9. Low possibility for 2021 maybe 2022 is a safer bet.
  10. Okay let’s say the CDC says cruising can go ahead. Great news, oh one thing, where are these cruise ships supposed to go, no other country will allow them to dock. Cruising will come back when the world agrees it is safe to do so. The CDC is agreeing with the common sentiment of the world.
  11. My credit card company initially denied, they said I had to wait 90 days once that time passed I had to submit cancellation email and the statement indicating final payment. I just said. Look I have been a customer with said credit card company 30 years, never requested a chargeback. I would take the cruise, but cruise line cancelled, anyhow they did do a chargeback, gave the cruise line 45 days to respond, they never did so I received the release of the funds. Maybe try again with credit card company and speak with a supervisor, have all your documentation ready when you call. Good luck. I know it is a hard time for the cruise line, but it is also hard on all of us. You spent money on that cruise and you deserve to get that back. The cruise line is not endearing us right now to them, having some people fight to get their back. I love cruising and hope to again in the future, but right now I needed the money back and I got it.
  12. We were to get half in cash, half in FCC, I called and asked about receiving all back in cash and they said no. I then did a credit card dispute, two of the reasons being, I paid them with cash, they cancelled the cruise, I want it all back in cash, and also who knows when cruising is going to resume. Hopefully you have all your emails and paperwork and credit card statement showing when you paid for the cruise. Anyhow I was successful, the credit card company did a chargeback dispute, the cruise line had 45 days to respond, they never did, after 45 days the credit card company released the credit back to my account. I did this before the FCC showed up in my account.
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