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  1. If you are ever short of time, you can get the Stanley Park walk cut in half, just past Lumberman’s Arch, where you can get your fish and chips, there is a road going up the middle of the park called Pipeline Road, take Pipeline you will pass the Stanley Park Train on the left and just past that the Rose Garden on your right then you end up at the entrance to the park on Georgia Street.
  2. Female - running shoes for the plane, flip flops for hot days, dress shoes for Gala, if extra long cruise, (for me 21days or longer=long, as we both work full time) I have a flashy pair of sandals as a second pair for Gala.
  3. Hi, I would call TA and have them negotiate upon your behalf, pretty sure you want get a price reduction, but you may get a much better cabin and if your lucky some OBC. Good luck, please let us know what happens.
  4. 3:00pm Dutch Cafe brings out almond cookies, with almond paste inside, very awesome is you like almond. Billboard on board 4:00pm happy hour has food in the warming trays, like dumplings and egg rolls and various other stuff. New York Deli has Rueben sandwiches along with other items, ask for extra meat. Has a pay Gelato place, very awesome, but can get free ice cream in the lido at lunch. Great ship. We booked inside we were on deck 11 or something like that if you have booked inside just be prepared that the cabins are small... Even I think they are small, I would still sail again with her. Please kindly come back after your cruise and provide an update as to what you thought about the ship. Just curious, I am betting that you will love it.
  5. Hi, I just checked Bolt Bus, Vancouver to Seattle $23.00CDN. I’m all out of vacation time, my usual cruises are 21-36 days, other wise I would do this cruise, spend the day and night pre-cruise in Seattle, love Seattle, then sail home.
  6. Thanks Crystalspin, So glad you referenced “accessible” we have been using the term wheelchair accessible where I live for over 20 years.
  7. Beautiful flowers what a wonderful surprise. We have never received flowers at random, good for you.
  8. Yes I agree, Princess taking action, even small steps is great. I think of all those gross styrofoam cups I would see at the coffee bar. I live in Vancouver our city is trying to go green, we haven’t used styrofoam cups in years, plastic straws are banned, plastic bags are next. We recycle, have green bins etc. Some people have commented they think Princes is doing this to save money, sometimes it costs more to go green, I know biodegradable cups cost more than styrofoam. Be the change you want in the world. Every small step helps. Did you ever stop to think that each step towards going green is not about the bottom line, you do it because it’s the right thing to do. Those individual cereal boxes, out, hey I think even the individual tea bags should be out and just have a box of tea.
  9. Hi, The booking name should be the same name as appears in the passport. You can call HAL any can they can sort that out for you. No idea regarding drinks package.
  10. Wow, looks like some great ports. Have a great cruise everyone. Bon Voyage.
  11. Hi, We bring Clorox wipes as well to wipe down cabin as soon as we arrive. When we are on a cruise 21 days or less we get away with a carryon each and a personal item each, a backpack. When we are on longer than 21 days we do a second suitcase which is a checkin size. I think it is really smart of you to bring a change of clothes in your carry on and of course any medications. We even go one step further, my husbands carry on has one set of clothes for me , and in mine I have one set of clothes for hubby. You are making good decisions as to packing. Good to be prepared. Have a great cruise 😀
  12. I think you might mean book with a refundable deposit.😃
  13. I love the Koningsdam, love the newness of the ship, Dutch Cafe, has Tamarind, New York Deli, however for Alaska I wouldn’t take it, because does not have proper promenade deck viewing, as it is obstructed by the lifeboats. When we go to Alaska, of course we spend time on the bow, but it can get very chilly and windy out on the bow, so then we spend time on the promenade deck going from side to side, as it offers some protection from wind and rain, we like being outside in the elements in Alaska. Some people like to view from Crows Nest so lack of viewing from promenade deck would not matter. Just my opinion and I love the ship. If you like to stay inside go for it. If you like to be outside I’d say forget about it.
  14. Hi Jon, Don’t think so. It’s like the mariner discount doesn’t apply to the discounted dining packages. Would be great if it did. We always like to going to the Pinnacle one night each cruise too. Mary
  15. Yes we experienced the same thing we were on Westerdam for 28 days Far East, the back of the lido where they usually have the salad station was a dedicated Asian station for evenings. Nice variations, of course hit and miss with regards to taste as per usual cruise food.
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