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  1. Thanks for the fleet report. Love both escargot and asparagus. While starting our vegetable garden this year found out asparagus comes back every year like rhubarb does. Bought asparagus roots and planted them. Won’t be ready for harvesting until two years though. Hoping by May 24th, 2022 I can just go to the garden to get some for asparagus day.
  2. I would do a cruise to Alaska without port stops if it went to Glacier Bay. We have been to Alaska three times already would like to go just for the scenery. One time we went, the captain took us on the inside of the inside channel, was wonderful. Would want that again. We do generally like longer cruises with ports we haven’t been to but this would get our cruising fix. Plus we wouldn’t have to fly as we live 15 minutes from Vancouver Port. My guess is though that Vancouver Port will stay closed until the end of the year and soonest reopen if it does even then for the start of the 2021 season in April 2021. We are preparing for second wave expected around September. Our provincial health ministers are very proactive and our federal counterparts are also that way too. The federal government is in charge of the ports but they listen too and follow the science.
  3. Thank you very much for posting, just found your review today. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it and seeing your wonderful pictures. We were on Koningsdam for 21 days Fall 2017, also had a cabin on deck 11, not being sure if we would like it, and we ended up loving being up there too.
  4. Hi, We have started plants from seeds for the first time. So this is a 100 per cent improvement in our plant growing. We have beefsteak and cheery tomatoes, long English and marketmore cucumbers, and peppers, salad stuff, and other stuff. We are having fantastic weather this weekend so I put the plants on the back deck table to get more sun. We are in for a week of dull rainy weather on Wednesday so I will have to bring it all in the house again. We are from Vancouver and can usually plant outdoors after May Long Weekend.
  5. We were 4065. BB King staff like someone else has mentioned are in those rooms. They were not noisy or party goers at all. If I didn’t see them going in or out of the cabins, I would had had no idea they were there.
  6. When a dispute is put in the merchant, (your TA) is charged a chargeback fee from the credit card company. In Canada it is $35.00 against the merchant. Always better as a courtesy to let the TA do their job. If TA goes bankrupt then all bets would be off and a chargeback request to the credit card company would be in order.
  7. Hi OP, That sounds like a fantastic cruise and good timing. Early congratulations on your upcoming 50th Wedding Anniversary. I am so hopeful we will all be back cruising in 2021 if not earlier.
  8. We would have been with you two we were supposed to be on Maasdam tomorrow as well. We booked that cruise last September I am having such withdrawal.
  9. I am from Vancouver, B.C. We get status updates on a mostly daily basis from our provincial chief medical officer as well as our prime minister. We in Canada are taking this seriously. The virus is coming up to two million worldwide, it was just one million a week ago. We are just in the beginning stages of the growth potential. There is no way Canada will reopen their ports beginning July 1st, public safety is the number one concern. I think that the people who think that they are cruising this year are either not following the news or are not receiving accurate information from either their leaders and or the news they are receiving is not accurate. The only way this is going to stop is with a vaccine and once their is a vaccine available we should all have to prove we have had the vaccine before we are allowed on a ship.
  10. This doesn’t sound like a Vacation to me at all. Not going until a vaccine is available.
  11. We just booked for September 2021. Hoping by then we have a vaccine and countries will reopen their ports once again.
  12. Rich, thanks for the report. Roast chicken for us for dinner. Happy Easter everyone.
  13. It is not just up to the CDC or when the US Government no longer deems Covid19 a public health hazard. It is when the world decides, we can’t cruise until countries decides to open their ports. Where are we going to cruise to, with all the ports closed. Our Prime Minister just came out and said the social distancing measures we are taking are the new normal until we get a vaccine for Covid19. A vaccine is a minimum of six months more likely a year to 18 months away. There will be no cruising until that time, once a vaccine is out and everybody in the world has had the vaccine that is when cruising will start.
  14. Hi Dave, such a hit or miss weather wise, we did this itinerary in the Fall 2018, had a very pleasant crossing, most days ocean was as smooth as ice. We recommended this trip to coworkers who went Fall 2019 and that is when the hurricane hit going towards Japan, they missed two ports, were in the middle of a hurricane, the ship changed direction to come up behind the storm. Anyhow same trip two different years, two different outcomes. The two coworkers still loved the cruise, despite the weather. Hope we are back to cruising in the fall of 2020. Hope you have a great cruise. The Japanese people are lovely and very hospitable, we had a wonderful time.
  15. So glad you had a great cruise. If you are up to it would love to hear more of it. It is a great distraction for all of us and we can be taken mentally to a simpler time.
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