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  1. Just wanted to say you are doing a great review. Enjoy following.
  2. I am not Longstraw. If you are within three days they will not automatically upgrade you, it is possible, but nothing is guaranteed, that if you call the mariner society before your cruise they might upgrade you to the next level before the cruise. Otherwise the upgrade will be done after the cruise, provided you are not on a B2B, where if you reach your next level on the first segment guest relations on the ship can elevate you to the next level for the following segments,
  3. So excited for you all. Hope you all have a great crossing. Bon Voyage.
  4. The Dutch Cafe used to bring these great almond cookies out at 3:00 pm. I don’t know if they still do after Covid. They would be in a glass cookie jar on the right side of the counter as you were facing the counter.
  5. Thanks for posting, Will be following. Bon Voyage
  6. New ship, very exciting. Hope it is a smooth crossing for you all. Bon Voyage. I will be following you next year around the same time on the crossing.
  7. Happy 40th Birthday. Hope you have a great cruise. Will be following. Hopefully you will be embarking soon. I think the weather will be nice for sail away. Bon Voyage
  8. Awesome review, thanks to all who are posting. Love hearing about your adventures and the photos.
  9. Thanks for the updates, hopefully all the stresses to travel overseas and the hard day yesterday have all washed away and your in cruising mode.
  10. I follow Seth on the other site and if my memory is correct they limit the participants to this “shore excursion” to 50 people.
  11. Used to be 25% off first night speciality. Was good a good deal for one and two star Mariners to try speciality dinner. Actually thinking about our last two cruises in 2019 did not have that. Had it on the tables I think in the Lido, that first day they advertised it.
  12. Bon Voyage. Thanks for posting, have followed your reports in the past.
  13. Have a great trip. Hope your brother will have a good time cruising. M
  14. Always followed your world cruise blogs, will follow this one. Hope you have a great cruise.
  15. Hi GrandmaOhio, If Covid testing is still required next year in June 2022 there is testing at Vancouver YVR airport. https://covid-medical.ca/yvr-rapid-testing/ Open 7 days per week, 5:00am - 7:30pm. You can pre book online. Results is less than an hour. Hope we are all cruising by June of next year.
  16. @AKJonesy and @HAL4NOW love the selection of pictures you posted, thanks for posting.
  17. Thanks for posting. Happy to hear you will be finally onboard from all your past couple of days stresses. Hope you have a great cruise. Looking forward to any reports you are able to post.
  18. Hi, just a suggestion perhaps checked the balances of the gift cards. You can checked them online. Maybe one of them still has the $500.00 on it.
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