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  1. Pete, your blogs are exceptional. The detail is so very informative and helpful. Wishing you and Judy a wonderful world cruise.
  2. Recent Westerdam roll calls I.e. November 2023 report $60.00USD
  3. I purchase pop during happy hour for the room. Sometimes I purchase six cans at a time.
  4. Rich, do you know who the entertainment host will be for the grand? Also do you know who the cruise director will be?
  5. Yes, quite the deal. For us if we drink we only purchase during happy hour and not every day Our bar bill for a cruise this length would probably be close to $300.00 for two people. So for us no deal however for people who would like to drink even 2 to 3 drinks per day might be a good deal.
  6. On our Grand Australia, signature beverage package for 94 days is $1,552.98 Per person. Quite the deal for people who like to drink. No deal on Wifi. It is $729.00 if pre purchased before cruise, premium WiFi one device.
  7. Do you have your email confirmation. Doesn't make sense that the charge was less than $16.00. The prepaid amount is determined by HAL. You should be good.
  8. He is now with us on Nieuw Statendam for I believe five weeks, then is able to take a little vacation time.
  9. @Hlitner Elliot Finkel was a guest entertainer on our 2023 Grand South America cruise. He was very much alive at that time. I believe his brother passed away in 2020.
  10. We embarked Copenhagen as well yesterday. Could not believe that sign.
  11. Sure, I was just counting the time I embarked in Vancouver, over 18 times. We always get their early, between 9:30 and 9:45 am. They open security to scan the luggage at 10:00am. We are always through the hoops within a half hour, we do wait to board most times but at least we are sitting and not standing in lines for over an hour or two. We just sit and chat with fellow passengers so times goes by quickly.
  12. We were on the Westerdam Embarking Vancouver on September 30th, 2018. The Norwegian Bliss was in Vancouver that day, over 4,000 capacity and another ship I forget which one. Anyhow they had early check in time for us that day. We actually boarded by the ship by 10:30 am but we were advised that rooms not ready until 11:30am. We could go up to Lido to eat we just waited in the atrium until the MDR opened for lunch. They had anticipated a crazy busy day.
  13. I prepaid for our Grand South America I worked it out to an HAL exchange rate of 1.27 when the going rate was 1.35 so the rate they provided to Canadians was pretty competitive.
  14. @hallasm what is the current situation in Copenhagen safety wise given to what is in the news
  15. Maybe do a dummy booking, log into the HAL site and select your cruise, to see if the price has gone down.
  16. @Blackduck59 sure would love to hear your impression of HAL good or bad when you take your first cruise. Hope you post.
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